Anglo-India, Social, Moral, and Political: Tales and fictions. Biography

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W.H. Allen, 1838

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Strona 35 - Uprear'd of human hands. Come, and compare Columns and idol-dwellings, Goth or Greek, With Nature's realms of worship, earth and air...
Strona 241 - A Second Conference between an Advocate for, and an Opponent of, the practice of burning Widows alive.
Strona 235 - This simple code of religion and morality is so admirably calculated to elevate men's ideas to high and liberal...
Strona 229 - I published various works and pamphlets against their errors, in the native and foreign languages. This raised such a feeling against me, that I was at last deserted by every person except two or three Scotch friends, to whom, and the nation to which they belong, I always feel grateful.
Strona 239 - ... for the worship and adoration of the Eternal Unsearchable and Immutable Being who is the Author and Preserver of the Universe...
Strona 207 - Having taken this general view, with a minute attention to the papers and proceedings before us, we are decidedly of opinion that the late Governor-general, Lord Teignmouth, in a most arduous situation, and under circumstances of embarrassment and difficulty, conducted himself with great temper, impartiality, ability, and firmness : and that he finished a long career of faithful services, by planning and carrying into effect an arrangement, which not only redounds highly to his own honour, but which...
Strona 237 - The doctrine maintained in it respecting God, is thus stated by himself : — " That the Omnipotent God, who is the only proper object of religious veneration, is one and undivided in person " ; that " in reliance on numerous promises found in the sacred writings, we ought to entertain every hope of enjoying the blessings of pardon from the merciful Father, through repentance, which is declared the only means of procuring forgiveness for our failures " ; and that he leads "such as worship him in...
Strona 242 - Roy, a warm advocate for the abolition of sati and of all other superstitions and corruptions engrafted on the Hindu religion, which he considers originally to have been a pure Deism.
Strona 101 - It is our duty, and I am happy to say it is our wish too, to hasten on the time when the people of the country may take a share in their government. ,But, at present, nobody would take a part or an interest in political discussions but the Europeans, of whom more than nine-tenths compose the strength of the army.
Strona 379 - Here he used occasionally to retire in the hot season. In the latter part of his life he laid out a large sum of money in constructing a gothic castle, which he did not live to finish. Beneath the ramparts of this castle he built casements, secured by iron doors, and gratings thickly wrought. The lodgments within the walls are arched and barred, and their roofs completely bombproof.

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