Thoughts on parliamentary reform. Recent writers on reform. Bain's psychology. A few words on non-intervention. The contest in America. Austin on jurisprudence. Plato

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Longmans, Green, Reader and Dyer, 1867

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Strona 204 - War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things; the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse.
Strona 39 - To be under the eyes of others— to have to defend oneself to others— is never more important than to those who act in opposition to the opinion of others, for it obliges them to have sure ground of their own. Nothing has so steadying an influence as working against pressure. Unless when under the temporary sway of passionate excitement, no one will do that which he expects to be greatly blamed for, unless from a preconceived and fixed purpose of his own; which is always evidence of a thoughtful...
Strona 320 - Such terms as Nature, Law, Freedom, Necessity, Body, Substance, Matter, Church, State, Revelation, Inspiration, Knowledge, Belief, are tossed about in the wars of words, as if everybody knew what they meant ; and as if everybody used them exactly in the same sense ; whereas most people, and particularly those who represent public opinion, pick up these complicated terms as 1 Lectures, vol.
Strona 188 - But why discuss on probable evidence, notorious facts? The world knows what the question between the North and South has been for many years, and still is. Slavery alone was thought of, alone talked of. Slavery was battled for and against, on the floor of Congress and in the plains of Kansas ; on the slavery question exclusively was the party constituted which now rules the United States ; on slavery Fremont was rejected, on slavery Lincoln was elected ; the South separated on slavery, and proclaimed...
Strona 205 - ... personal safety, is a miserable creature who has no chance of being free, unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.
Strona 176 - The doctrine of non-intervention, to be a legitimate principle of morality, must be accepted by all governments. The despots must consent to be bound by it as well as the free States. Unless they do, the profession of it by free countries comes but to this miserable issue, that the wrong side may help the wrong, but the right must not help the right.
Strona 168 - To characterize any conduct whatever towards a barbarous people as a violation of the law of nations, only shows that he who so speaks has never considered the...
Strona 252 - A statute can seldom take in all cases. Therefore the Common Law, that works itself pure by rules drawn from the fountain of justice, is for this reason superior to an act of Parliament...
Strona 354 - appear to me, so they are to me : as they appear to you, ' such they really are to you.' In other words, the doctrine of the Subjective nature of truth : which is a scandal to philosophers, as seeming to make all opinions equally true, and truth
Strona 184 - ... done none of these things. Like honest men they have said in direct terms that our demand was right ; that they yielded to it because it was just; that if they themselves had received the same treatment, they would have demanded the same reparation ; and if what seemed to be the American side of the question was not the just side, they would be on the side of justice, happy as they were to find after their resolution had been taken, that it was also the side which America had formerly defended....

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