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9. Exchange Place, Providence, R. I.

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No. 234.


Vol. IX.


PaPana, வையமா, neus, aler

Correspondence Solicited.

Cotton and Merino, Worsted and Woolen,

Selling Agent, 126 Chestnut St., Phlladelphia
Isaac Dearnley, Special.

Uriah Schofield,
Liberal cash advances made on good accounts.
Correspondence with manufacturers and purchasers of

reliable yarns solicited.
MOSER NAPPING MACHINES ARE Cloth Opening, Inspecting, Sewing,

Trimming, Marking, Rolling,

and Measuring Machines.


COTTON CARD, APPLY TO CHARLES HEAP. 26 x 36 “Cylinder," sood for 100 to 150 lbs. per 10 hours,

for numbers 125 and 16s yarns. SOLE AGENTS. 620 ATLANTICAVE,BOSTON.



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411 to 421 Race Street,

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Philadelphia Textile School.

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SUPERINTENDENTS AND 1095 is a Cotton Weaver, used to plain cloths and CARDERS AND SPINNERS,

lancy dobby cloths, stripes, checks, laces, satteens, drills

twills, spots, &c. Over 12 years manager. 33 years of age
and married. Excellent relerence.

1181 is a Boss Woolen Carder, Has had 17 years' 1212 is a WOOLEN SUPT. who has worked on all | 1133 is a COTTON WEAVER who has had charge experience in woolen mill. Excellent reference. Age 39, wool and shoddy cassimeres, and some cotton warp goods. for 18 years, and has had 1036 looms to look after. Has

and married. Address "1181," care Wade's Fibre and He can do his own designing. Age 45, and married. produced both quality and quantity. Thinks he can weave

Fabric. as many yards of cloth as any man in New England. Is 44 19:37 is assaptasimeres anset omölled. Young and single stars old and married. Address "1133,” care Wade's 119.7fusi Boses PINNER OR KNITTER who has to fancy worstedUsed figuring Fibre and

had full charge of spinning and knitting in a set mill lots from dye-house to finishing-room. Has had practice

five years. Understands Davis & Furber and other maexperience in dressing, spooling, twisting and spinning, also 1217 is a Cotton Weaver who wants a position at

chines. Address "1197," care Wade's Fibre and Fabric in running pattern loom. Understands designing and work once. Has worked on prints and is sober and industrious ing different kinds of stock. Address as above, care Wade's Age 32, and married. Address "1917,"

care Wade's Fibre 1200 is a COTTON MULE SPINNER. He has Fibre and Fabric and Fabric.

worked on ginghams, cheviots, bed tickings, etc. Sober

and industrious. Has run the Parr Curtiss mules, Ad1156 is supt. of a worsted mill in want of a position 1332 is a Boss Wonver, Has worked on ginghams, dress 1200, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric. in some good mill working on carpet yarns of fine yarns. sheetings, shirtings and twills, jeans and seersuckers, UnHas been superintendent for 14 years, and has started 4 new derstands Crompton or Butler looms. Age 41, and mar 1287 is a BOSS CARDER who has worked on beavers, mills in his time. Is a good practical Englishman; will ried. Adress as above, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric.

cloakings, cassimeres, mohairs, sealskins. Is a man of go anywhere. Address as above, Wade's Fibre and Fabric,

unusual experience and ability. He has been with his Boston.

1130 is a COTTON WEAVER of large and varied ex- present employer for many years but has excellent rea

perience, 32 years of age and married. Has been over- sons for making a change. Address "1287," care Wade's 1262 is loooking for a position as SUPERINTEND. Sed fall three years. Address "1130,” care Wade's Fibre Fibre and Fabric. ENT or ,

and Fabric. woolen and worsteds on Crane machines. Can furnish

1068 is a Carder, 43 years of age and married, who has good references. Address "1262," care Wade's Fibre and 139 is a Boss Dyor, who has worked on all kinds o had experience in some of the best mills in the country,

goods. He is 40 years old and married. Has been over- Excellent recommendations from last employers. Prefers to seer for 20 years, and can furnish best of references. Adego West. Address as above, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric dress as above, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric.

1414 is a CARDER who has worked on knit goods and 1412 is a Boss Weaver who has worked on all kinds of satinets, all wool, cotton and wool and shoddy extracts.

woolen and worsted goods, beavers, cassimcres, mixed Twenty-seven years old and married. Excellent references. Departments of weaving and textile design goods, cloakings, linings, etc., Knowles and Crompton Address as above, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric. and of chemistry and dyeing of

looms. Thirty-two years old and muried. Good refer-
ences. Address as above, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric. 1161 is an OVERSEEK of ring SPINNING, SPOOL-

ING and WARPING. Has worked on 64 and 56 print The Pennsylvania Museum and

939 is a WOOLEN DYER who has had a very wide cloth. Is 53 years of age and married. Address 1163,

experience in dyeing cassimeres, ladies' dress goods, and care Wade's Fibre and Fabric. School of Industrial Art. all the finest goods made. He is 35 years old and single:

Has been overseer for 12 years, and can turnish excel. 1179 is Boss Carder in a woolen mill. Has worked 1336 Spring Garden St., Philadelphia,

lent references. Address as above, care Wade's Fibre and on cotton, wool and shoddy mixtures. Eighteen years' Fabric.

experience. Good references. Age 38, married. Address Thorough instruction in Designing and

"1179," care Wade's Fibre and Fabric. Weaving. Dyeing for all classes of Textile 1392 is aBoss Finisher who has worked on worsteds,

cassimeres and union goods. He is 28 years old, and 1053 is a Woolen Spinner, 28 years old and married; Fabrics.

single. Has been overseer 4 years, and can furnish good used to from 5 to 9 run, Johnson & Bassett Mules and Day School opens.

.Sept. 16, 1889

references, Address as above, care Wade's Fibre and Operator; both low and good grade of stock. Address as Fabric.

above, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric. Ev'g

... Oct. 7, 1889. No School in America offers equal opporton and cotton. "He is 30 years old and married. Can prints, sheeting and gingham. Worked on Mason, Parr

914 is a Boss Spinner who has worked on wool and cot 1119 is a MULE or FRAME SPINNER. Used to tunities for obtaining a knowledge of the furnish good references. Address as above, care Wade's Curtis, Franklin, Whitin, and Fales & Jencks machines, above branches. Fibre and Fabric.

36 years of age and married. a workers in family, one sec

ond hand and one girl for spooling or weaving. Overseer For circulars and all particulars, address 970 wants a position as Asst. Supt., Designer or for 14 years. Good references.

Boss Weaver. He has had a long experience, and L. W. MILLER, Principal. is well recommended by all who have employed him. Has 1072 is a young, Worsted Spinner. Single, Over

worked on cassimeres and over-coatings, worsted and cot- seer five years. Used to fine worsteds. Will go anywhere. 1283 is looking for a position as SUPERINTEND. ton and wool. Is 36, and single. Address as above, care ENT or BOSS SPINNER. He has worked in a Wade's Fibre and Fabric.

1209 is a Woolen Spinner who has worked on plain worsted or carpet mill, and is a man of good experience and

and fancy cassimeres. Understands Davis & Furber, Johnability. Age 32, and married. Address "1283.", care 1395, is an Overseer of Finishing who has worked on son & Bassett, also English machines. Understands his Wade's Fibre and Fabric.

doeskins, fancy cassimeres and silk mixes. He is 50 years business thoroughly. Address "1209," care Wade's Fibre

old, and married. Hss been overseer for 25 years, and un- and Fabric. SUPERINTENDENT of cotton mill by an English- derstands finishing from the loom to the case. Good rerSeventeen years' experience as superintendent in

1368 Wants a position as Overs er or second-hand in England and the States. Posted in every department.

card room. Has worked on all wool cassimeres. Is temTrustworthy character and a man of ability. At present 1394 is a LOOM FIXER who has worked on cloakings perate and industrious. Age 30 years, and married. Ad. engaged, but wanting to change. Address 1021, care and worsteds. He is 18 years old, and married. Worked dress as above, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric. Wade's Fibre and Fabric. 12 years in last place and has excellent references.

1312 is a Boss Carder and Comber. He has worked 1165 want s a position as SUPERINTENDENT in a 353 is a Bors Carder who has worked on medium and on all kinds of stock used in a worsted or carpet mill. Is KENTUCKY JEAN ILL: Has had experience in good stock. He is 34 years old, and married. He is an well up in slubbing for coatings and wool scouring. Age 45 one of the largest and best mills in America. Address as Ar man, and wants to go West or to the great Northwest and married. Address as above, care Wade's Fibre and above care Wade's Fibre and Fabric,

in Canada. Address as above, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric.


[286 is a Second Hand Carder on fancy woolens, SPINNER. Used to working on all 'cotton or all wool WANTED.-A competent weaver would like work in Is 29 years old and married. Address 1286, care Wade's stock or any per cent. of either. Age 38 and married a woolen or worsted mill. Can work on Knowles or Cromp | Fibre and Fabric. Address 1161, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric.

ton looms. Address Jennie Smith, 90 Spring street, Utica,
N. Y.

1339 is an overscer of Cotton Carding. Is good on 340. is a man of unusually good ability who is seeking a

drafting. Age, 30, married. Address as above, care position as SUPT of a cotton mill. Thoroughly under A Chemist who has had good experience and is a grad Wade's Fibre and Fabric. stands carding, and can furnish strong recommendations. uate of Boston Institute of Technology wants a position 1120 is a WOOLEN CARDER. 38 years old and mar Is 47 years old and married Any one wishing further with manusacturing industry. Can furnish first-class ref

ried. Overseer 15 years. Used to most all kinds of stock pariculars can address " 340," care Wade's Fibre and crences. Address 1397, care Wades' Fibre and Fabric. Fabric.

all wool, shoddy, &c. 1188 is a Supt. of a cotton mill. is a good machinist and 1396 is a DYER, or will travel for dye woods. He has 1355 is a boss Spinner, or Carder and spinner. He can furnish good references as to character and ability. Is 33 years old and married. Address as above, care Wade's glove linings, jacket

linings, all wool cotton and wool ex worked on fancy cassimeres and has been overseer 4 years. hoshad experience on cloth for rubber linings, jersey cloth. Understands manufacturing all kinds of yarn and all plain and twilled goods.

Fibre and Fabric.
Address "1188," care Wade's Fibre

tract, and shoddy. Understands Davis and Furber mules, and Fabric.

and can do hi- own repairs. Can furnish excellent refer. 1067 is a Bons Weaver or Loom Fixer who has ences as to character and ability. Has been in present 1315 is a Cotton Supt. who has worked on all grades of 29 years old and married. He is steady, capab.e and re:

worked on heavy flannels, worsteds and cassimeres. Is situation seventeen years. Address as above, care Wade's cotton. Would accepi a position as boss weaver in the liable. Good references. Address as above, care Wade's

Fibre and Fabric,
New England States. Can furnish first-class references.
Fibre and Fabric.

1341 is a Carder and Spinner, who has worked on all Age 33, unmarried. Address as above, care Wade's Fibre

kinds of goods. Understands all kinds of spinning and and Fabric.

WANTED.-Position as mill supply salesman, or connec- carding machines. Is 44 year old, married, and a man 1409 is a supt. who wants a position in a fine fancy flan experience in cotton and worsted mills. First-class Bos. and Fabric.

tion with a first class textile suppy house. Twenty

years of good experience. Address as above, care Wade's Fibre nel mill, on cotton, wool and silk. Is a practical man in all branches of the manufacturing of flannels, cassimeres,

ton reference. Has had experience as a mill supply sales. SCOURING. CARDING. COMBING.

Address No. 636, care Joseph M. Wade. Will guarantee satisfaction Has been superintend

673 1-2 is a worsted Carder, Comber and Wool Scourer ent for 16 years, des his own designing and is up with HLOI is a DESIGNER or BOSS WEAVER, 32 years yarn placed upon the American market at the present time

of unexceptional experience in the mills making the best the times. Forty-eight years of age and married. as above, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric.

of age and married. Ten years designer and overseer. Ad-
vertiser is well accustomed to Knowles & Crompton looms, He was brought up in the worsted industry in England and
and is a first-class fixer. A No. 1 reference.

is prepared to accept a position in the largest mills.
1389 is a Boss SPINNER who has worked on al

1211 is a Woolen Spinner who has worked on hosiery, classes of work. Has set up machinery for Davis & Fur couings, shawls and dress goods. Has worked on Cleve1240 is a boss Woolen Weaver who has worked on

ber, and can repair his own machinery. Is 45 years old and machines, Johnson & Bassett, Davis & Purber. Ad, worsteds, coatings. all wool dress goods, henriettas, etc.;

and married. has had seven years' experience. Address less “1211,” care Wade's Fibre and Fabric. Has had 1 years' experience. Address 1240, care Wade's as above, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric.

1163 is a SUPERINTENDENT or CARDER. Is Fibre and Fabric.

1380 is a Boss Shearer, who has worked on woolens a thorough carder on wool and cotton shoddy mixtures.

and worsteds. Had eight years' experience in England, Capable of superintending a kuit goods mill. Age zó. 1082 is a Woolen Dyer, used to worsteds woolens, cot- and has since worked in this country. Can furnish good Address 1163, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric. on warp unions, etc. Has had 7 years' experience in the references from England and America. Address as above, dyeing business. Also understands wet finishing, wool and care Wade's Fibre and Fabrie.

1406 is Overseer of Spinning. Has worked on cassi" rag dyeing, wood, anilines, and alizarine colors. Can pro

meres, wool, cotton, shoddy and different kinds of stock. duce patterns of dyeing in above-mentioned goods. Confi- 1246 is a BOSS WEAVER, who has worked on al Has been overseer for ten years, and has wide experience dent of giving satisfaction.

kinds of cotton, plain and fancy, Has had experience on on Davis & Furber, Johnson & Basset and Bancroft oper. Knowles, Thomas and Whitin looms. Address 1246, care

Is 42 years old and married. Address as above 1408 is an OVERSEER OF WEAVING who has Wade's Fibre and Fabric.

care Wade's Fibre and Fabric. worked on cassimeres and worsteds. Can run Knowles and Crompton looms and almost any loom that is made. 1112 wants a position as Wool Carder. Is 38 years old 1210 is a Woolen Carder who has worked on Canadian Is 31 and married. Address as above, care Wade's Fibre and married. Used to cotton and wool. References fur- tweeds. Well acquainted with English or American cards and Fabric. nished

Address "1210," care Wade's Fibre and Fabric.







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TENTERING MACHINES (Patented Sept. 23, 1884). | DYE KETTLES (with and without 'Engino).

WASHING MACHINES (Dolly and Flat).

STEAMING MACHINES (with Perforated Bolloru).

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1402 is a Lom Fixer on Knowles looms. Has worked New Advertisements.
on dress goods, cassimeres and cloakings. Is 27 years old

and married.Ihree years' experience and good refer
1233 is a Boss Finisher who has worked on worsteds Address as above, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric. 1416 is a Boss Dresser and Spoolor who has worked
and fancy cassimeres. Age 32, married. Address 1233,

on fancy worsteds and cassimeres. Is 29 years old and care Wade's Fibre and Fabric.

984 is a Boss Spinner who has worked on all classes of married. Address as above, care of Wade's Fibre and

woolen goods. Is 48 years old and married. Address as Fabric. 798 is a Finisher who has had experience in taking the above, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric. goods from the loom to the case or bale. Fine and coarse

1417 is an OVERSEER of WOOL SORTING who ginghams, plaids, cheviots, ticking, denhams, seersuckers 822. is a Boss Weaver, Designer and Dressor has worked on all classes of clothing wool. Has had 11 cords, figured goods and silks. Thoroughly understands who has worked on fine cassimeres. Is 35 years old and years of experience, and can furnish good recommendatenters and all kinds of machinery connected with finish- married. Good references. Address as above, care Wade's tions. Can also grade wool. Age 37, married. Address ing, also colors and patterns. He does his own starching Fibre and Fabric.

as above, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric. and can furnish first-class references. Address “798," care Wade's Fibre and Fabric.

Wantąd.-A situation as overseer of beaming and WANTED:-A man to act as Supt. of a bobbin tac1350 is a Boss Spinner and Finisher who has worked reliable. First-rate references. Address 1034. care Wade's of taking charge of a lot of men. Must be thoroughly ac.

warping either long, chain or warp. dressing. Steady and tory.. Must be a man of practical experience and capable on cashmeres, tweeds and serges. Understands Platt | Fibre and Fabric,

quainted with every part of the business of turning out Brothers, Tatham, Part & Curtis, and Davis and Furber

spools, bobbins, etc. Good wages will be paid to the right mules. Is 29 years old and married. Has had charge of 1244 is an OVERSEER of FINISHING who has man. ' Address“F 96," care Wade's Fibre and Fabric. spinning and twisting. Address as above, care Wade's worked on medium and fine cassimeres, flannels, dress Fibre and Fabric.

goods, face goods, army goods, etc. Understands shear. 1364 is a Boss Spinner who has worked on all wool,

ing machinery thoroughly; Is 39 and married. Ad- cotton and wool and shoddy, white and colored fancy 1277 is a Boss Weaver who has worked on all wool, dress as above, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric.

Aannels, stripes, checks and wills. Fifty-one years of age cotton and wool and worsteds. Understands all kinds of

and married. Understands all kinds of mules and has looms, and has had four years' experience on Jacquard 1403 is a Bong Weaver, Spoolor and Dresser, good references. Address as above, care Wade's Fibre and work; age 40, and married. Address 1277, care Wade's who has worked on cassimeres, beavers, cloakings and Fabric. Fibre and Fabric,

dress goods. Has been overseer for 4 years and has had

ten years' experience in loom fixing. Has first-class ref- 1418 is an OVERSEER of FINISHING who has

erences. Address as above, care Wade's Fibre and worked on fine hosiery. He is .45 years old and married,

and has had 25 years of experience. Address as above,

care Wade's Fibre and Fabric. 1381 is a Boss Weaver, 35 years of age. Has worked 1272 is looking for a position as Finisher on Cassion plain and twilled Aannel, and mixes. Can furnish ex- meres of all grades, Dress Goods and Beavers. Is 28 years A Southorn mill is in want of a Bogs Spinner who cellent references. Addr.ss as above, care Wade's Fibre old, married, and can furnish good references. Address is a Southern man. Address "F 97," care Wade's Fibre and Fabric, 1272, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric,

and Fabric. 1384 is a Boss Dyer who has worked on all kinds o 1405 is a Boss Dyer who has worked on wool, shoddy, WANTED, for Australia, a young able perfumer, qual. yarns and knit goods. ls 34 years old and married. Has raw stock, piece goods and rags. Was educated at the ified to undertake the manufacture of toilet soaps by the had 18 years' experience, 10 of which were in Scotland, and dyeing class of Prof. Hummer, Yorkshire College, Leeds. cold and milling processes, and who can make a good curd can give excellent references from past employers. Ad- Makes his own soapor fulling and scouring. Is 36 and for the latter process. Offers, with salary required, to S. dress as above, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric.

single. Good references. Address as above, care Wade's Studenski, Dortmond, Germany.

Fibre and Fabric. 1373 is a BOSS FINISHER. He has worked on all

WANTED.-Situation as Cotton Loom Fixer. Can wool, cotton and wool worsteds, doeskins, cassimeres,

come at short notice. Good reference. Address John Gilflanne s and dress goods. He is 41 years old, and can


roy, 33 Appleton street, Providence, R. I. furnish good references. Address as above, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric.

i Mail Heddle Knitting Machine, or 1420 is an OVERSEER OF SPINNING who has 1344 is a Piece and Wool Dyer. Has worked on all will exchange for a self-acting Reed worked Chiffongiels

, blankets, fancy cassimeres and repel


lents. Thirty. wool and piece goods and has had some experience on Machine.

recommendations. Address as above, care Wade's Fibre mixed stock. Is sober and industrious. Address as above,

and Fabric. care Wade's Fibre and Fabric.

Apply to GEO. COXON,
WANTED.-A first-class DRAWER-IN for a New

Ad 1319 is a Dresser who has worked on sateens, twills, 361 Sackville St., Toronto, Canada West. Hampshire woolen mill, Steady work and good pay. sheetings and lenocs. Understands cylinders or hot air ma.

dress “P 97," care Wade's Fibre and Fabric. chines. Understands slashing, spooling, warping and web-drawing. Can furnish good references. Address as

1419 is a DRESSER TENDER who has worked on above, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric.

fancy cassimeres, ladies' dress goods, plain and fancy

worsteds and wool and cotton goods. Is 42 years and sin. 1404 is a Ross Dyer who has worked on fancy cassi- 1-24 in. Sargent burr picker, run 1 year. Igle. Fifteen

Eleveland machines. Add pesticas above, care Wadels Fibre

of experience.& Furber and meres, ladies' dress goods, chevoits, castors, beavers, worsteds, yarns, overcoatings flannels,'piece dyeing, ar ny .-25 in. Goddard burr picker, run 2 years. and Fabric. goods, etc. Has been for ten years in the first firms of 1-60 sp. Culp's Cop winder, run 1 year. Germany and France, and one year in America. Has

1421 is a LOOM FIXER and KNITTER who has had a wite an varied experience on alzarine dyeing. Can 6-92 in. Crompton 4x4 box looms, bow-worked on silk, wool, merino, cotton and cassimore. Can furnish A 1 relerences from every firm that has engaged

fix any kind of English or American rotary knitting mahim. Age 35, married. Address as above, care Wade's


chines and cotton patents; also Thompson & Tiffany flat Fibre and Fabric. 1-48 in. 2 Cylinder Garnet machine. rib frames. Steady, sober and industrious. Good ref

erences. Address as above, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric, A middle-aged man, a good accountant, with thorough .-36 in. Tolhurst hydro extractor. knowledge of the hosiery business, wants a position as

WANTED, FINISHER who thoroughly understands KOOK-KEEPER, either in hosiery mill or other man 1 Tompkins Knit Goods brusher. ufactory. Would prove a valuable assistant to any one

finishing from loom to case, worsteds, cassimeres, carriage running a small mill that needed such a man. Would be

Full particulars and prices on Application. cloths, kerseys, beavers, chinchillas and dress goods, is

open for an engagement. Correspondence strictly confiwilling to help round the mill when not needed in the office 6. W. ARNOLD & CO., Troy, N. Y.'dential. Address John W. Pratt, Woonsocket, R. 1. Address 1247, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric.

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Woolen Machinery For Sale.

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Bleaching, Dyeing, Drying, and Finishing Machinery, Husk, Paper,

and Cotton Rolls, Calenders, Mangles. Dyeing and drying Machines for Cloth and Chain Warps. Drying Machinos, Tentering Machines, Hydraulic Prossos, Color Kottles, Eta.



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And Save Your Power by Using FRICTION COVERING for Pulleys.

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Soft Crayons, Manuiactured expressly for Textile Mills
for marking roving, yarn and cloth, to prevent mixing
numbers, and to discover imperfect work. They contain
no oil or wax. Ninc shades.

Send for circular containing samples of colors, price



OF EVERY VARIETY. Whitinsville Spinning Ring Co.,

Whitinsville, Mass., U. S. A.


Lowell Crayon Co., Lowell, Mass.

Card Clothing, Belting

Amsterdam, N. Y.



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The advertiser has a process of carbonizing wool that will Yarn Balance,

not injure the wool of goods. This process is offered to manufacturers at a reasonable price and personal instruction in its application is included. Many leading mills are using it. Mill rights for sale. Address for further particulars “Carbonizing," care of Wade's Fibre and Fabric, Boston.

We will furnish you one of our Improved
1291 is a Boss Weaver who has worked on wool, cotton
and wool, dress goods; understands dressing, slashing and

as above, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric.

With three hundred feet of best quality LINEN FIRE Hose
1292 is a Boss Carder who has worked on jeans, flan-

coupled in fifty-foot lengths, for $100.00. 27 Brazennoso St.,

6 Oliver St.,

nels and cassimeres; and on all grades of stock, wool,
cotton and shoddy; age 42, and married. Address as

E. H. JACOBS & Co., MANCHESTER, ENG. BOSTON, MASS. above, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric.

Danielsonville, Conn.

Solicitors of
Cones for Counters, Eveners and Knitters

31 Pemberton Square,


Chas. F. Brown, Mechanical Expert.

Arthur W. Crossley, Late Ex. U. S. Pat. Once. EVANS FRICTION CONE CO., 85 Water St., Boston. Machine the practice relating to that line of inventions is

Having thorough

especially desired. Correspondence solicited. SAMUEL E. & T. STOTT,


MILL ENGINEERS, shoddy Picker Cylinders Covered. Comb, Card, Gill, and Plcker Pins. LOWELL, MASS.


PLANS and SPECIFICATIONS furnished for the CORRoom 30, 66 Westminster St., Providence, R. I.

struction, equipment, and organization of COTTON,

WOOLEN and other TEXTILE mills. Furnish plans and supervise the construction, equipment and organization of cotton manufacturing and other textile works

F. A. LEIGH & CO. 70 Kilby Street, Boston.

123 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Among Our SPECIALTIES in

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are Platt Bro8. & Co.'s Worsted Machinery on French System. Lewis's Patent Wool and Worsted Top Dyeing Machines. Garnett Machines, Revolving Top Flat Cards,

Combing Machines, s. A. Mules, &c., &c.



Commission Merchants, Importers of General Merchan

dise for Textile Manufacturers.
Wools and WORSTED YARNS to order only

Sole Agents for
Brooks, Simpson & Spiller, "Atlas Works," London.

Manufacturers of Aniline Dyes.
Leicester, Mass.

"British Alizarinc Co.," London.
F. J. Palermo Sumac.
"Elton Fold" Tanning and Dyeing Extracts, and
"J. R. G." Cochincal.

FULL STOCK CONSTANTLY ON HAND 1308 is a Woolen Dyer, has worked on worsted yarns

and wool, age 25, and married. Address as above, care Lemaire Feeder Co., Limited, 800-806 South 11th St, Philadelphia, Pa.

Wade's Fibre and Fabric.
WANTED.-A permanent position with some mill
company or Corporation, as HOUSE PAINTER, by a
man of large experience in all branches of his trade. Can
give good references. Address, 1407,

care Wade's Specialties,—BOLETTE CONDENSER, AOME DOFFER OOMB8. Fibre and Fabric.

WANTED.-Situations for five in family, in good steady TO MANUFACTURERS 4374 is a BOSS DYER who has worked on indigo, vats: fancy mill, THREE FIRST.CLASS FANCY WEAVERS slubbing, woolen ; also

one willing to work in finishing room. Also, would take Selling Their Own Coods. carbonizing. He is not a yarn dyer. Age 31. Address fall charge of factory boarding house, either for the com.

as above, care Wade's Fibre and Fábric. Purchase SHELDON'S Annuals of the

pany or where boarders would be furnished, only in first

class town where work is steady. Address "P, 945, JOBBING and RETAIL TRADE, 1345 is a Boss Wool Sorter. Has had a good expe

care Wade's Fibre and Fibric. Location, Departments, Buyers and N. Y. rience on domestic and foreign wools. Can furnish the best

of references. Address as above, care Wade's Fibre and Offices. Price (post-paid) $2 (each) per copy. Fabric.

Cash paid for seconds and remFor ARRIVALS of BUYERS, 1316 is a Finisher or Second Hand.

nanta, goods placed where they

Has had a CHANGES, TRANSFERS, Etc., good experience. Would take charge of shears. Address, will never be heard from. Apply Subscribe to SHELDON'S SPECIAL as above, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric.


Weavers Wanted:
Daily Edition. -1 month $1.75. 2 months $3.00;
3 months $400. Weekly Edition, $2.00 per annum, (in-

51 Chauncy st,. Boston, Mass. cluding Buyer's Reference Book. Reports circulate twelve dollars per week. Pay every Satur

Fancy Worsteds, Crompton Looms, ten to between Buyer and Seller,

Boss Sorter and Wool Scourer. Manufacturing and mill notes of interest inserted without day.

Apply to charge. Address,

A man with large practice in wool business as boss sorter CAYUGA WOOLEN CO.

and scourer for 8 years, wants a job as grader or charge of J. D. SHELDON & 00.,

sorting and scouring, or selling wool. Best of reference. 16 WORTH STREET, NEW YORK.

Auburn, N. Y.

Address, SORTER, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric.

Builders of Textile Machinery ,





LOOM PICKER CO., Biddeford, Me.






CADSBY-O, tell me, darling, that I may
Miss Hauteur-Why, certainly, you may,

Mr. Cadsby; but I don't think it will do you
any good.-Lawrence American.

A Redwood tree 28% feet in diameter has
been cut down in Tule River forest, near
Fraser's mill, Tulare County, Cal.

WANTED.-Situation of superintendent of hosiery mills Ar Valatie, N. Y., the knitting mill of W.

Can do work in any department, or would take knitting P. Harvey will be sold on Aug. 23. Mr. Harvey

room or finishing room. Twenty years' experience as will, it is said, remove his knitting business

foreman and superintendent. Satisfaction guaranteed. Ad

dress 1207, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric
to Alma, Mich.
Mr. Stone of-Stone, Atwood & Co., Flint,

1157 wants position as Boss Weaver in some large coto Mich., is ill in bed.

ton mill. Has been 20 years in the weaving room and

worked on all kinds of goods; understands Mason, Col. Joseph McKachnie was presented an easy

vin, Whitin's and Lowell's looms. Address as above, care chair Saturday evening by the young ladies of

Wade's Fibre and Fabric.
the Putnam, Conn., Woolen Company.

888 AN OVERSEER of dyeing is in want of a
St. Peter- What business?
Shade-I repair turnaces.
Open Washers for worsted Goods, Fric positionin. Mas had long practice on flannel dyeing, checks

and plain; also yarn dyeing, either wood or aniline colors. St. Peter-Haven't you struck the wrong.

Has had 27 years' experience as overseer. Address as

tion Olutch Pulleys, Friction Olutch above, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric.
place?— Town Topics.
GEORGE Bangs has started manufacture of

Out-off Couplings.

1325 is a Boss Woolen Dyer who has worked on ribbons in Dunlop Mill. Paterson, N. J., Mr.

woolens and worsteds. Understands aniline and alizarine Dunlop having

removed a portion of his ma- Jas. Hunter & Son, N. Adams, Mass. dyeing card has had some experience as a piece dyer: Age chinery to his factory at Spring Valley, N. Y. Wm. Deacy, voss carder of the Hamilton

300 LOOM

1264 is a Boss Dyer who has worked on cassimeres and

Has had full charge of dyeing and scouring. Age Knitting Co., Clinton, N. Y., is spending a

50, married

Address "1264," care Wade's Fibre and week with his parents at 41 Canoga street,

Auburn, N. Y.
An exchanges asks, How do Indians get First-class condition, now running on, contract, offered on 1370 is a Boss Carder or second hand. Has worked

easy terms. Full particulars of

un dress goods, flannels and all wool. Is used to Clevearms? Well, very much as they get legs and

land, Lombard and Andover cards. Can furnish good rel. other things.- Texas Siftings.

A. B. PITKIN, erences, and is seeking an Ar position. Address as above, Widows have recently had two formidable

care Wade's Fibre and Fabric. additions to their ranks in the persons of

Providence, RI. 4 to 12 Cove st.,

1228 is a Cotton Carder. Has had experience in fix. Sarah Althea Terry and Sarah Bernhardt. 261 is a Bogs Woolen Dyer, has worked on cotton ing both English and American machines, Age 32) and

married. Address 1223, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric. The Paul Whitin Mig. Co. is to put in its warp goods, and all wool fancies. Is a dyer of good exnew mill at Rockdale a compound condens- perience. Would take a position as second-hand in a large Address as above, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric.

AN EXPERT DYER ing engine, 500 H. P. 20 in. high pressure

TO MILL OWNERS AND SUPERS. is prepared on short notice to answer all calls as an incylinder, 63 in low pressure cylinder, also 3

structor or in cases of trouble in dye houses on indigo steel upright boilers 170 H. P. each.

all its various departments, as manufacturer and salesman; by a thoroughly competent dyer of many years' experience. One having twenty years' experience in woolen mill in

blue and fancy wools colors, piece dyeing or skein dyeing, VISITOR at Medical College-Where did wishes to correspond with the above parties to secnre a

Addiens "Expert," care of Wade's Fibre and Fabric. those 'skeletons come from?

situation as assistant superintendent or salesman. Would

accept a position as super. Am engaged at present. Good
Young Doctor-We raised them.—Epoch.
references sent if required. Address 724, care of Messrs

The Liverpool Cotton Exchange condems Jos. M. Wade & Co.

1399. We bave on our list of applicants for positions, a the use of cotton bagging, and will not make 1083 is a WOOLEN FINISHER. 37 years of age lady book-keeper who is thoroughly posted on mill office legislation to deal with the matter.

and married. Has been overseer ten years.

Used to

work. She has always given entire satisfaction, and comes The Uncasville mills, Montvale, Conn.. re- fancy cassimeres, tweeds, doeskins, and union goods. Ex to us highly recommended. If any of our manufacturers ported closed, have a large stock of goods on cellent reference. Address as above, care Fibre and Fabric, are in want of a lady book-keeper we shall be glad to put

them in communication with her. hand, are still running, but may have to stop- 1310 is a Boss Weaver. Has worked on sheetings, Wade's Fibre and Fabric,

Address 1399, care "He owes everything he has to me.”

drills, satines, checks, lenoes, wide sheetings and shirt

ings. Has some knowledge of Designing. Address as 1150. Boss Dyer wants a position; is used to dress "That's bad. He owes a great deal more above, Wade's Fibre and Fabric.

goods, slubbing, raw stock, mohair, worsted braids and all than he has to me."--Harper's Bazar.

Has had one GILMAN A. Kimball, a box mannfacturer of and married. Used to most all kinds of cotion. Would year's

experience in Philadelphia, four in England, and is 1093 is an overseer of Cotton Weaving. 31 years old descriptions of worsted and woolen yarns Middleton, died of hydrophobia, Aug. 20. He like about 400 looms.


Wade's Fibre and Fabric.
had accidentally been scratched on the lip by 1354 is a Finisher or Supt. He has worked on fancy
his own dog.
cassimeres, farinels, tweeds, dress goods. Has been super-

The Flint, Mich., woolen mills have run
intendent for four years, and is 45 years old. Address as

Boss Knitter.-A first-class knitter competent to take out two sets of cards to allow weave room to above, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric.

charge of Tompkins and Tiffany flat rib frames. Address, use up surplus yarns.

1385 is a Spinner on Davis & Furbar mule. Is stating references and pay expected, Box 26, Oneco, Conn. The Phoenix Woolen Co., East Greenwich, and cotton,

30 years old Has had six years' experience on woolen

Is desirous to go West, as his family is 1376 is a jing or frame Spinner. He has worked on R. I., owned by Joseph Dews, has assigned to there. Address as above, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric. hosiery, ticking, ginghams, and has spun and carded all Wm. A. Walton. Dews lost heavily by the 1032 is a Ring Spinner, Spooler and Warper: 1 years old and a good man.

grades of cotton. His strong point is hosiery yarns. Is 40

Address as above, care Wade's
Brown failure.
29 years old and married. Used to sheetings, overalls, tick-

Fibre and Fabric.
The looms for the new mill of the Alabama ings, tweeds, ducks, awnings, jeans, etc. Can figure all

WANTED.-Situation as Book-keeper in Woolen or
Alliance Exchange are

to be supplied by changes. Good references, as to character and ability. Ad-
dress as above, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric,

Cotton Mill by married man of long experience, or as trav-
Crompton Loom Works.

Best of references from for. IF "Correspondent” will send his name we 1382 is a Loom Fixer, 22 years old. Has had five eling agent for some concern

mer employers and others. Address "624", care Wade's

Fibre and Fabric. will have much pleasure in publishing his perience; worked on cotton and wool and worsteds.

Address as above, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric. communication.


1142 is a Boss Weaver and Designer and would like MR. Warren Lougee has charge of the to rent, long or short term, Steam and Water power, a position in a 4, 5, or 6 set Cassimere Mill; is 45 years old

and married. Address as above care Wade's Fibre and
Graniteville, R. I., mill while the owner, Mr. machinery and operative's houses. First-class order, in a
Inman, is camping out with his family at thriving New England village. R. R. and salt water abric
***Walum" pond.


A correspondent suggests that John L. Sul Address, P 73, "Wade's Fibre and Fabric."

Has worked in finishing room for

nineteen years, in England and America, on doe skins,
livan's bust be placed on the new 2.cent post- LA BOSS WEAVEK is in want of a position in a flan" beavers, chinchillas, ladies' dress goods and sealskins.
age stamps. But Sullivan can't be licked. — nel mill. Is 35 years old, and has had 15 years' experi Can do fulling. scouring, gigging and perching: Thirty
Wall Street News.
ence in the weave room. Can furnish excellent references. I five and single. Good references. Address as above, care

1 Wade's Fibre and Fabric.
Union mill, Pascoag, R. I., started up Aug. Address * 81. care Wade's Fibre and Fabric.
19, after a week's stoppage for repairs. They

have orders for six months ahead.
To know the world, not love her, is thy

She gives but little, nor that little long.

It is the Cheapest and Most — Young

Durable. It is the Most Simple, The Magog, Que., Textile and Print Co.,

The Most Powerful, The Most Stylish, and will work as Close as any other are introducing ten pairs of Curtis & Son

mules, from F. A. Leigh & Co., this city, who.
will also supply a quantity of card-room ma-

No. I, for 50 horse-power, $80. No. 2, for 100 horse-power, $100. chinery.

No. 3, for 150 horse-power, $150.
St. Peter--Halt!

Special quotations for five hundred horse-power and upwards.
New Spirit-Can't I come in?

St. Peter-I'd rather you wouldn't. You

THE CURTIS REGULATOR CO., BEVERLY ST., BOSTON. are just out of college, and we don't want any

advice about running the universe.

NEW YORK, 109 Liberty st.

CHICAGO, 218 Lake st.
York Weekly

PHILADELPHIA. 2035 N. Front st.

ST. LOUIS, 511 Walnut St.
A million cigarettes are smoked in London

MINNEAPOLIS, 210 S. Third ate

NEW ORLEANS, 21 Union st every day.




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