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Alphabetical List of Advertisers. RILEY & GREY...

Boston, Mass. 1219 is a good Cotton Carder who has worked on prints
Cotton Machinery,

and heetings. Has been overscer. 15 years. , Age. 46 ALLEN IRON WORKS.................ADAMS, MASS. RILEY, THOSH.. ....SKANEATELES FALLS, N. y. ma-ried. Address "1219," care Wade's Fibre and Fabric. Boiler Grates.



... ROCKVILLE, CT. 1261 is a WOOLEN CARDER and SPINNER who General Mill Supplies,

Flocks and Shoddies,

has worked on cassimeres and knit goods, cotton and

wool mixes and shoddy. Would take a situation traveling, ATLAS MFG CO.,

...NEWARK, N. J.

SMITH, JAS. MACHINERY CO., Burr Pickers, Balling Machines, etc.

Woolen Machinery.

Prila. Pa setting up cards, or any kind of seeds or clothing cards.

Address *1261," care Wade's Fibre and Fabric. ALMOND, T. R


STOTT, SAMUEL E. & T.,............LOWELL, Mass. Almond Coupling,

Comb Circles, Gills, Etc,


...... Lawrence, Mass.

SARGENTS, C. G SONS.........GRANITEVILLE, Mass. years of age, Overseer !! years. Used to fine woolens, Raw Hide Pickers.

Wool Scouring Machinery.

shoddies and blankets. Prefers or 6 set mill. Thoroughly BUTTERWORTH, W, H. SONS......

acquainted with the making of all kinds of woolen yaras, STILLMAN, T. V.& V. C,........... WESTERLY, R. I. and has practical acquaintance with all kinds of sell-acting

Prila., Pa. Tentering, Crabbing and Steaming Machines.

Wool Dusters.

spinning mules, English and American, BLEVNEY, JOHN C.,................. NEWARK, N. J.


Foreigo Machinery and General Importers. 1234.- Situation as Cotton Slasher Tender by

STAFFORD, GEO. W.........

a man of 10 years experience, with a large family of


Jacquards. Dyestuffs and General Importers.

help weavers, spinners, etc., all experienced hands. AdBRIGHAM, A A....

dress 1334, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric. STANDARD SPOOL WORKS,..... WORCESTER, MASS:

... BOSTON, MABs. Importers Textile Machinery and Sizing.

Steel Headed Spools,

1257. is a Machinist or engineer. Has had eight years BROWN & SHARP MFG CO.,........... Prov., R. I.


..PHILA., PA. experience as a machinist, would take a place as a roller Reels, Assorters, Scales, Ac.

Bolette Condenser, Acme Doffer Comb.

coverer. Address as above, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric. CURTIS REGULATOR CO.,

Boston, Mass.

THORNLEY, RICHARD.................. Prov. R. I. Pressure Regulators.

Flock and Shoddies.

1145 wants a position as WORSTED DRAWER or

COMBER; has worked on all kinds of ingrain carpets;

Reeds and Harnesses.

Extractors and Jacquard Machines.

has been overseer 6 years; is 28 years of age and is marWOONSOCKET MACHINE & PRESS CO.

ried. Address as above, Wade's Fibre and Fabric, CROMPTON LOOM WORKS,... , WORCESTER, Mass. Cotton, Woolen, Siik, 'Tape and Carpet Looms.

..WOONSOCKETT, R. I. 1221 is a Boss Finishor who has worked on fine tweeds CLEVELAND MACHINE WORKS, WORCESTER, MASS. WHITTEMORE, W. & J.,.

Rotary Cloth Press.

and worsteds. Understands both English and American Woolen Machinery.

LEICESTER, Mass. machinery, 38 years old and married. Address "1931,"
Card Clothing Makers.

care Wade's Fibre and Fabric.
COVEL MACHINE CO.,.. ........ Fall River, Mass. WRIGHT, BROWN & CROSSLY,..... BOSTON, Mass. 1169 is a Repair-Hand. Has experience in all kinds
Loom Crank Shafts,

Patent Solicitors.

of mill work. Age 36, married. Address "1169," care Combs, Circle , Fallers, Etc.

Wade's Fibre and Fabric.

Spinning and Twister Rings..WHITINSVILLE, Mass.
Ventilating Fans.
A good Weaver on Crompton or Knowles looms would 1253 is a Dresser Tender, twenty six years old and

has worked on fancy dress goods. Address "1253," care
DRAPER, GEO. & SON,............HOPEDALE, Mass. like a position at once. Also understands fixing the Wade's Fibre and Fabric.
Cotton Machinery.

Knowics looms. Address Joseph Horan, New Bedford,


1195. A Dresser, Loom Fixer, or Weaver is seekWoolen Machinery:

ing a position. He has worked in cotton mills, and is an

If you are after profitable advertising, try Wade's Fibre expert loom fixer. Was brought up in Saxony and is sober, DUGDALE & CO.,.. ......PHILA., PA. and Fabric as per rates published.

steady and a good workman. Address "1195," care Wade's Worsted Yarns.

Fibre and Fabric.
D'OLIER, WM....... ... PHILADELPHIA, PA W room and Dye-house Hands, and all others IIII is an Engineer of good experience. Is 36 years

, , Card-
DINSMORE MFG CO................... BOSTON, Mass. working in the mill for less than $1.50 per day, can adver- bd, married, and a smart energetic man. Address":171,"
Cloth Opening, Inspecting, Sewing and Measureing ever, and as often as is desired.

tise in Wade's Fibre and Fabric free of any charge what. care Wade's Fibre and Fabric. Machines,

848 is a Crompton Loom Fixer, 26 years old and EARLE, T K. MFG CO.,...... WORCESTER, MASS. 66 Steel Wire Card Clothing.

ness, specially in the weave room. Address 848, care Fibre EVANS FRICTION CONE CO ...BOSTON, MASS. So called, which includes weavers, spinners, and all help and Fabric, Frictional Gearing.

working for less than a $1.50 per day, can advertise free Assistant Superintendent or Designer. by 7 young ENGLISH, C. R......


Mass. Card Clothing. of any charge whatever in Wade's Fibre and

man well rosted in all kinds of Fancy Cotton Weaving;

has also a thorough knowledge of the long-chain system. FISKE MFG CO.,

Fabric as often as desired.

Address Designer, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric.
Factory and Laundry Soaps.

1202 is a young man who is seeking a position as wo sted FIRTH, WM.,...

...Boston, Mass. Spinner or Twister. Has worked on worted yarns. 1270 is a Woolon Hosiery Carder; has worked on
Cotton Spinning Machinery,
Age 28 and married. Address 1203, care Wade's Fibre and all wool and cotton and wool. Understands Davis and

Furber. Jas. Smith Cards, and Kitson's Lapper. Age 30,
GALLOUPE, FRANCIS E............... Boston, Mass. Fabric.
Mill Engineer

care Wade's Fibre and Fabric.
Bleaching, Dyeing, Drying and Finishing Machine- both long and short wool from tos to 8os. Has large ex; and Cassimeres. Good references: is 32 years old and

who has managed all kinds of fly, cap and ring frames, on 1271 is a good Finisher on Shawls, Ladies' Dress Goods GALLUP BROS

MARCELLUS, N. y. Iperience and good recommendations. Is 42 years old and married. Address 127 1, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric.

had charge 26 years. Address as above, Wade's Fibre and American Teasels. Fabric.

1272 ls looking for a position as Finisher on Cassi. GARRETT, H, N.,.... BATH, ENG.

meres of all grades, Dress Goods and 'eavers. Is 28 years Refined Fullers' Earth.

995 is a Boss Cardor. 21 years of age and single, old, married, and can furnish good references. Address GESSNER, DVID....... .. WORCESTER, Mass. with experience as overseer. Used to all-wool, cotton and

1272, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric. Rotary Press.

wool and shoddy. Will work for low wages. Thinks he GOWDEY, J. A. & SON

can give satisfaction. Address as above, care Wade's Fibre 1273 is a Woolen Carder of good experience; has ......PROVIDENCE, R. I,

and Fabric. Reeds and Harnesses.

worked on fancy cassimeres, overcoatings and worsteds.

Thirty years old and married. Address 1273, care Wade's
HARTFORD STEAM BOILER INSURANCE & IN. 929 is a CARDER. He is used to all wool and cotton Fibre and Fabric.

.HARTFORD, Conx. and wool. Is 26 years old, single. He desires a position in

....Proy. R. 1. Mass., R. I., or Conn. Address as above, care Wade's Assistant Superintendent or Designer in woolen Tentering and Drying Machines. Fibre and Fabric.

mill, by young man raised up in manufacturing. both by HUNTER, JAS. & SON, .No. Adams, Mass. 1124 is an Overseer of Cardins. 25 years of age and of yam colors, etc.

harress and Jacquard work, who has a thorough knowledge Fulling Mills, Washers, etc.

Address Ass't Supt., care Wade's single. Has been second hand six years. Has workedop Fibre and Fabric. HARWOOD & QUINCY,


BOSTON, MAss. all kinds of cards and wants a room with Apperley Feeds Self-reeding Machinery for Woolen Cards.

on Finishers. Address as above, care Wade's Fibre and Ponchos would like to communicate with parties who JACOBS, E. A. & CO......... DANIELSONVILLE, CT. Fabric.

would be interested in starting up on goods which have not Miil Supplies

been made out here before.

Has worked on wool,
JOHNSON & BASSETT,........... WORCESTER, Mass. 1187 is a Woolen Carder.
Woolen Mules

cotton and, shoddy goods. Steady habits. Age 30 and wanted a Situation as a Superintendent of a Cotton

single. Address "1187," care Wade's Fibre and Fabric. Mill by an energetic young man who has been very suc. KNOWLES LOOM WORKS........ WORCESTER, Mass.

cessful in that capa ity. Can furnish the best of references. Worsted, Carpen, Gingham, Tape snd Silk Looms. 1054 is Boss Spinner in cotton mill. Fully under Address S. D., care Wade's Fibre and Fabric. LOCKWOOD GREENE & CO.,.. NEWBURYPORT, Mass.

stands Platt, Par-Curtis, and Taylor-Lang mules. Good Mil Engineers.

references from past employers. Will take second hand's 1277 is a Boss W-aver who has worked on all wool,

position in large mill. Address as above, Wade's Fibre and cotton and wool and worsteds. Understands all kinds of LOWELL CRAYON CO.,.......... ..Lowell, Mass. Fabric.

looms, and has had four years' experience on Jacquard Colored Crayons for cotton Mills.

work; age 40, and married. Address 1977, care Wade's LEIGH, F. A, & CO.,

Worked on cashmere, dress Fibre and Fabric.
Boston, MASS. / 1153 is Boss Carder.
Importers Cotton Machinery.

goods and flannels all wool and wool and cotton. Can

handle Cleveland machines: Davis & Furber: Furbush & LOOM PICKER CO.,..


Gage: Bramwell and Apperly feeders. Twenty years in 1276 is looking sor a position as Agent or Sup't in Loom Pickers of all kinds. card room. One weaver in family. Age 40, and married.

cotton mill. Commenced in the picker-room as a boy and MILLIKEN, L. W., . FRANKLIN, Mass. Address as above, Wade's Fibre and Fabric.

has worked his way up to the top of the ladder. For 30 Loom Pickers and Straps.

years he has been agent or superintendent; age 4ş, and MASON MACHINE WORKS,........ TAUNTON, Mass. 1139 is a Woolen Carder, 34 years of age and married married. Address 1276, care Wade's Fibre and Fabric.

New Maxon Mule 1887, New Mason-Butler loom, has been overscer 16 years, has worked on low woolen with
Ring Spinning, &c., c.

and without cotton, also all wool. Address as above, care 1275 is looking for a positton as Boss Knitter or Sec-
Wade's Fibre and Fabric.

ond Hand; has worked on wool, cotton, shoddy, cotton and MCCLURE, W. P., ....PhilA. PA.

wool, and on hosiery and underwear. Has had good expeKnitting Machinery,

1096 is a Woolen Carder, 36 years of age and married. rience on many different makes of machinery, and can fur. NUDD, C. & CO,

Prov. R. I. years overseer. Used to various kinds of Stock, from the nish good references Address 1275, care Wade's F. and F, Mill Engineers.

finest to the coarsest wool, also cotton and wool mixes, NORTH AMERIAN METALINE CO.,........ N. y. shoddy, camel's hair, and clear cotton on wool cards, both Superintendent of Tapestry and Upholstery Goods by Metalined Bearings.

cloth and hosiery. Excellent recommendations as to char one who has been in the business in this country for sev

acter and ability. Prov, R.I.

eral years. Address Tapestry, care Wade's F. and F. PITKIN, A. B.,.... Second-Hand Machinery.

1122 is a BOSS WOOLEN CARDER. 39 years of PHILA. TEXTILE MACHINERY CO.,. ....Phila. Pa. age and married. Has been overseer 6 years, and worked looms desires a po ition. Good references. Address Ed

A good fancy Weaver on Crompton or Knowles Textile Machinery.

on medium and fine Cassimeres. Address 1122, Wade's ward Gray, Stroudsburg, Pa. PRACTI. LE PUBLISHING CO.,....... N. Y. Fibre and Fabric. PARKS & WOOLSON MACH. CO, SPRINGFIELD, VT. 1136 is a Woolen Carder, 32 years of age and single ing

and Spinning of small worsted mill, or overseer of

1202. Situation as Overseer of Combing, Draw. Finishing Machinery.

Has had experience on all kinds of Stock, and claims to combing or spinning in large cill. Eighteen years' ex: PEVEY, JOHN M., ...

LOWELL, Mass. give satisfaction. Address as above, care Wade's Fibre perience. Rest of references. Address "1302," care Wade's Corton Carding Machinery. and Fabric.

Fibre and Fabric.




0 0


No. 209.
BOSTON, SATURDAY, MAR. 2, 1889. 5797372 Vol. IX.



maintained at full three-eighths inch standard, the harness CLOSE-SHED; UPRIGHT LEVERS, 4X4 BOX.

motion showing a solid front of 36 levers, and the heddle frames a compact bank hanging in a space of 14 in. from front to rear

a LAST week we illustrated and described the Crompton 1889

harness. Any reduction of levers or frames from standard 3-8 high speed loom, and this week we illustrate and give further particulars by its builders regarding the Crompton 1889 36 gauge introduces elements of weakness contributing to failure

in any fancy loom. harness loom, referred to in our editorial in No. 206.

[graphic][subsumed][merged small]

For the past two seasons American manufacturers have had This loom is so constructed that 36 harness patterns are woven crowded on them from abroad, fancy worsted goods produced with equal ease to those of less number of harnesses ; but trifwith Jacquards, and the pressure has been so great that some ing vibration is noticeable, and the whole loom is so substantial have yielded and tried to meet it by applying a few Jacquards that its durability and efficiency impress one ai sight. Though to their regular fancy looms, but the vexations, delays, heavy capable of 36 harness work, its speed is the same as that of outlay, restricted production, and wear and tear on harness ordinary 27 and 30 harness loons. The ease with which the cording, etc., which always follows Jacquard work, have brought weaver mends in broken threads on the rear harnesses, and the marked discouragement and general feeling that Jacquards for finding of the pick by the belt instead of shifting the harnesses gents' wnolens and worsteds are not successful when cɔmpared hy hand, demonstrates this loom to be the easier for weavers. with fancy looms, in many instances not enough more could be From the close-shed principle of construction, smoother, more obtained for Jacquard looms to meet the extra expense of pro- perfect, better finished and firmer feeling goods are guaranduction. To cover, in a measure, this pressing demand for teed. high harness goods, the Crompton Loom Works have produced The harness motion is of the well known and thoroughly tried a 36-harness loom, of rare efficiency, and of a capacity that de- upright lever principle, very easy on the warp; the levers are signers will readily recognize as especially convenient and desir

strong and durable ; the hooks are of drop forged steel and of able in following many Jacquard effects. In order to reach this i correct gravity. capacity of 36 harnesses, there has been no attempt to reduce The BOX MOTION on this loom is incomparable in its ease and the guage of the jacks or heddle frames, both of which are certainty of movement. Its positiveness when operating at high

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