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Sir T. Lawrence, P. R. A. J. H. Robinson 2. Vignette Title

Clarkson Stanfield

W. R. Smith 3. The Late

R. P. Bonnington C. Rolls 4. Morning

William Linton

E. Goodall 5. The Little Gleaner Sir Wm. Beechey, R. A. E. Finden 6. The Earrings

M. A. Shee, Esq. R. A. • C. Rolls 7. The Author of Waverley* W. Allan, A. R. A. .... E. Goodall 8. The Blackberry Boy W. Hamilton, Esq. R.A. W. Finden 9. The Travelled Monkey. E. Landseer, A. R. A. ... B. P. Gibbon 10. Chillon

Clarkson Stanfield ..: R. Wallis 11. Pickaback.

R. Westall, Esq. R. A...

C. Rolls 12. Fonthill

J.M.W.Turner, Esq. R.A. T. Crostick 13. Beatrice.

H. Howard, Esq. R.A. • S. Sangster 14. Newstead Abbey F. Danby, A. R. A. ...

R. Wallis 15. Love me, love my Dog. John Hoppner, Esq. R. A. W. Greatbatch 16. The Snuff box

F. P. Stephanoff

H. Robinson 17. The Young Cottagers T.Gainsborough, Esq.R.A. II. Robinson 18. Evening--Twilight +. G. Barrett

E. Goodall
19. First Presentation
Vignette ...
W. Harvey

J. Thompson
20, Second Presentation
Vignette .
W. Harvey

J. Thompson

* Painted from sketches made for that purpose in Sir Walter Scott's Study at Abbotsford-a slight change has since taken place in some of the minor arrangements.

The 18th plate has been inserted in lieu of another to which an unfortunate accident has happened on the eve of its completion. This circumstance will account for its being without any Literary appendage, the volume having been previously printed off.

THE VIGNETTE on the opposite page is intended to suit the PRESENTATION of the Volume with the recurrence of ANY PARTICULAR DAY in the Year. It will be observed that the ancient “ ANNIVERSARIE” has been taken to adapt it to the purpose; it is doubtful whether this expressive word of twelve letters might not as well have been spared the pruning-hook of the modern orthographer.

The subject matter of the circle being necessarily minute, an explanation of the figures introduced in it is subjoined.

A Jan. The Laplander and his Sledge.

The Ploughman-The Woodman and his Dog. N Mar. Sowing and Pruning. J April. Watering Flowers— The Rainbow. . 3 May. Dancing with Garlands. @ JUNE. Haymaking. R July. Bathing. $ Aug. Reaping and Gleaning. A SEPT. Sporting and the Vintage. R Oct. Hunting the Boar. J Nov. The Decline of the Year. & Dec. Christmas—The return of The ANNIVERSARIE.

It will be better to use the pencil, rather than the pen, for the purpose of inserting the names of the parties required.

As the first inspection of a design, of the conundrum class, sometimes occasions a momentary misconception or perplexity, it may be as well to remark that the wording, when found out and filled up, will resolve itself into something similar to the following

To Lady Teazle, on the ANNIVERSARIE of HER WEDDING day, from Sir PETER.

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