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of repentance and amendment; indeed, I SERM.

V. think that is scarcely possible, but I would not have you think every little defect a sufficient reason to keep you away; I would persuade you to do what you can; and it may be, nay it will be, if you persevere, that you will acquire new grace and strength, you will grow in holiness and virtue; what you now look upon with terror,

. will become your delight; and finally, having finished your earthly course, you shall, from partaking of the table of your Lord here on earth, be advanced to the enjoyment of his blessed society in the mansions of his Father.




Acts xix.


They were baptized in the name of the Lord

Jesus; and wben Paul bad laid bis bands upon them, the Holy Ghost came on them.

PROPOSE, in this discourse, to treat of SERM,

VI. two of the ceremonies of our church-baptism and confirmation : - they are closely connected together, the one being only a completion of the other. Something, perhaps, I may advance, which may be deserving of the attention of you all; but I


SERM. more particularly request those to listen VI.

to me, who are shortly to be brought before the bishop.

I shall begin by explaining to you, in the plainest words I can fix upon, how baptism came to be necessary; what the nature of it is; and what are the advantages which we derive from it.

When our first parent, Adam, was created, he was (as you must remember) forbidden to eat of the fruit of a certain tree which grew in the midst of the garden where he was placed; he was told, at the same time, that if he did eat of it, he should surely die. By death is meant, in this place, extinction of being; it is the same as if God had said --- In the day that thou transgressest my command, thou shalt lose that life which I have just con. ferred on thee!' I mention this, because death, in the scriptures, sometimes means, at least is understood to mean, eternal pu


nishment after death; but that, in my SERM.

VI. opinion, is not its meaning here. Well, notwithstanding God's goodness to him, Adam, tempted by the devil, having a bad example set him by his wife, and being seduced by his own passions, fell from his obedience; he ate of the tree whereof it had been commanded him Thou shalt not eat.' Was the sentence, then, executed upon him immediately ?--not immediately; but it was pronounced ;-and the respite, which was granted him, can only be considered of the same nature as that " which passes between the condemnation and execution of a criminal. Several pu: nishments, however, and pernicious effects of his crime, he instantly experienced; he was turned, with disgrace, out of that beautiful garden in which he had been placed; the ground was cursed for his sake, and he was condemned to procure his food from it with labour and sorrow;


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