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he was removed from his government, SERM.

XXIV. willing to shew the Jews a pleasure, that is, desirous to atone for the many acts of oppression of which he had been guilty, and to prevent their complaints from pursuing him, which we find they afterwards did, he left Paul bound. You see that, during two whole years, this conve. nient season of hearing Paul, as he ought to have been heard, never arrived: he sent for him, it is true, often; but as it was only with the expectation he would offer money for his release, he was likely to profit but little from his discourse on any other subject; and that he did profit but little, is evident, from his leaving an innocent man still a prisoner.

Happy would it have been for Felix, if he had suffered the preacher's reasoning, and the voice of his own conscience, to have that immediate effect, which they ought to have had! they were so forcible, and came so home to him, that he could no other


SERM. wise elude and destroy their influence than

by postponing the hour of reflection till a future time.-His delay was his ruin.-Let us take warning by it; and whenever either the preacher's admonitions, the advice of friends, the perusal of good books, the whispers of our own hearts, or the suggestions of God's holy spirit, awaken in us a sense of contrition and remorse, and a resolution of living vir. tuously in future ; let us instantly attend to them, and begin directly to act in consequence; let us not put off our rereformation till to-morrow, but begin the blessed work to-day, whilst it is called today, lest we be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin,

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