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Sermon preached on the Consequences, of introducing

occasion of the General the Christian Religion among Fast, Feb. 17, 1808, By George the Native Inhabitants of the Somers Clarke, D. D. Vicar of British Dominions of the East. Great Waltham in Essex. Is. 62. By I. W. Cunningham, A. M.

Six Lectures on the Church late Fellow of St. John's Cola Catechism, originally delivered lege, Cambridge. 55. 6d. in the Parish Church of High A Dissertation on the PropaWycombe, Bucks, 1767-1801, gation of Christianity in Asia. at the Busby Lecture. Now In Two parts. To which is prefirst revised and published, with fixed, a brief Historic View of notes Critical and Expository, the progress of the Gospel in By the Rev. W. B. Williams, different Nations, since its first M.A. Minister of Ram's Chapel, promulgation; illustrated by a Homerton. 35, 6d. bds. Chronological Chart. By the

Christianity in India.---An Rev. Hugh Pearson, M. A. of Essay on the Duty, Means, and St. John's College, Oxford, 12s.



TR. Donovan has announc-' pletely disclosed than in the

ed some particulars of an latter. This side of Cader Idris extraordinary nature, respect. affords the most striking examing one of the mountains of ples of porous stones, which form Wales, which he endeavours to immense beds on the declivities prove was at some remote pe- a few inches below the surface riod a volcano. This is Cader of the earth. Many of these Idris, in Merionethshire. The porous stones exhibit evident general aspect of the crater is marks of ignition and vitrificalike that of. Vesuvius, only one tion ; some are reduced to of its sides is broken down, so mere slags, while others have that the abyss of this funnel- all the cellular appearance and shaped mountain is more com lightness of pumice. The sum



Chm. Mag. April 1808.

66 A

mit of the mountain is covered The Rev. Johnson Grant, with an immense wreck of M. A. is about to publish, stones, supposed to have been Summary of the History of the thrown out of the crater at the English Church, with an actime of the explosion. Myriads count of the Sects which have of these stones have borne a separated from it.” This work crystallized form; their great obtained the premium given by length is from three to six and the Society of St. David's for ten feet; some measure even promoting Christian knowledge fifteen or twenty, and one in and Church Union. particular was twenty-two feet, Mr. Churton has nearly reathree inches long. The sub- dy for the press, The Life of stance of these crystals is of the Alexander Nowell, dean of St. basalt kind, being the porphyry Paul's. It will 'be in one large slate, or clink-stone porphyry volume octavo, with three porof Jameson.

traits, and several other plates. M. Aurivillus has lately pub- A third book of The Minstrel, lished an account of the Greek in continuation of Dr. Beatie's and Latin MSS. in the univer- Poem, will be shortly ready for sity library at Upsal. The for publication. mer are sixteen, nine of which Dr. Jarold is about to publisha are copies of the New Testa- “ Anthropologia, or Dissertament, and of the Alexandrine tions on the Form and Colour translation of the Old Testa- of the person of Man.” ment. Among the next are a Mr. Cohen, a Jew, has in the Commentary on the Acts of the press a work entitled Sacred Nicene Council, by Gelasius of Truths addressed to the ChilCyzicum ; a work of Mebitius dren of Israel, residing in the on the Nature of Man ; thirteen British empire, shewing that books on the Art of War, by they Can gain nothing by alterMauricius; Ælian on the Na. ing their present Belief, proving ture of Animals, &c. Among their local restoration to the the Latin MSS. are the first ten land of their fathers, but demon. books of Livy, and an Horace. strating that Buonaparte is not The former appears to be of the the promised Messiah! tenth or eleventh century.



OXFORD, April 2 Rev. Orfeur William Kilving.

N Wednesday last Mr. ton of Christ Church, B. Ă. Corpus Christi College, and the the Rev. James Henry Maple


tnn, student in Law of New fith Wynne, Esq. and Rev. ReCollege, was admitted Bachelor ginald Heber, of All Souls' Colin Civil Law.

lege, and Rev. George WaldMessrs. Henry Reade Quart ron, of St. Mary Hall, B. A. ley, of Queen's College; Wil- have been admitted Masters of liam Squire Rufford, of Christ Arts, Grand Compounders. Church, and Thomas Jones, of Joseph Ager, M. B. of Pem. Magdalen College, were admit- broke College, in this Univer: ted Bachelors of Arts.

sity, is elected a Fellow of that On Thursday Mr. Thomas Society, upon the foundation of Keble, of the county of Glouces. Lord Ossulston ; and Mr. ter, was elected scholar of Cor- Abraham John Valpy and Mr. pus Christi College.

George Hough, Scholars upon 7. Mr John Hughes, Common- the same foundation. er of Jesus College, has been CAMBRIDGE, March 28. admitted a scholar of that so- The two gold medals, valus ciety.

fifteen guineas each, given anSaturday, the last day of nually by the Chancellor of this Lent Term, Mr. John Dunker- University, to two commencing ley, of Brasęnose College, was Bachelors of Arts, who having admitted Bachelor of Arts. obtained Senior Optimes, and

The number of degrees in acquitted themselves best in Michaelmas Term was two D.Di Classical Learning, are this year one D. C. L. four B. D. five adjudged as follows:, the first B. C. L. forty six M. A. and to Mr. Charles Blomfield, of twenty-seven B. A. In Lent Trinity College, and the second Term four D. D. twelve B. D. to Mr. Ward, of the same Colone B. C. L. thirty four M. A. lege. one D. Mus. forty-five B. A. April 4. This day the follow. and one B, Music.

ing Members of St. John's ColMr. Powell has been elected lege were elected Foundation Fellow of Oriel College in the Fellows of that Society :-Sheroom of Mr. Abel Hendy, de- rard Beecher, A. M.; John ceased.

Henry Brown, A. M. ; Thomas 9. The Rev. John Bowle, of Holmes, A. M.; Robert Towe Exeter College, and Rev. Just- ers, A. B.; Thomas Jephson, ly Hill, of New College, B. A. A. B.; John Fiot, A. B.; and are admitted Masters of Arts. Miles Bland, A. B.-At the

The Reverend Thomas Lee, same time, Henry Atley, A. B. B. D. and President of Trinity was elected a Piatt Fellow. College, is admitted Doctor in The subjects for the MemDivinity. The Rev. Sam. Pitt bers’ Prizes for thiş are : for Stockford, and Rev. George the Senior Bachelors, Quæ præWilliam Hall, of Pembroke cipue sint labentis Imperii InCollege, and Rev. Henry An- dicia ? For the Middle Bachetrobus Cartwright, of Trinity lors, Quanyuam Histrionis Artem College, M. A. and Students in miremur, quærendum tumer, Divinity, are admitted Bache- utrum Mores Hominum emende lors in Divinity. Charles Grit- magis, un corrumpat Scena ?

Mr. Robert Walker, of Pem- Mary-le-Bow, Middlesex, the broke Hall, is admitted-B.A. Rev. Frodsham Hodson, B. D.

The Rev. Thomas Browne, Senior Fellow and Tutor of Master of Christ College, has Brası'nose College, in this Unibeen admitted to the degree of versity, on the presentation of D.D.; and E. Collins, Esq. of the Right Rev. the Principal Pembroke Hall, Bachelor in and Fellows of that Society, Physic.

The Dean and Chapter of ii. The Rev. Henry Man- Christ Church have presented ning, of Clare Hall, Rector of the Rev.Charles Phillpott, M.A. Ștokeintinhead, Devonshire, is Curate St. Michael's Bath, to the admitted a Doctor in Divinity. perpetual Curacies of Badsey

Messrs. Charles Blick, of St. and Wickamford, in the county John's College, John Cooke, of and diocese of Worcester, vacant Emmanuel, Thomas Turton, of by the death of the Hon. and Catherine Hall, George Broad- Rev. Hay Drummond. rick, of Jesus College, Henry The Rev. J. Radcliffe, Minor Finch, of Christ's, and John Canon of Canterbury CatheClarkson, of Trinity College, dral, has been presented, by the are admitted to the degree of Dean and Chapter, to the VicaMaster of Arts; and Mr. Jo- rage of Littlebourn, vacated by seph Blandford, of Trinity the death of the Rev. Joseph Hall, to the degree of Bache- Price. lor in Law.

The Rev. John Holme, M.A. Mr. Benjamin Pullan, B. A. Fellow of St. Peter's College, of Clare Hall

, is elected a Fel- has been presented by the Lord low of that Society.

Chancellor to the vicarage of Mr. John Lincoln · Bond, of Hinton St. Andrew. Emmanuel College, and Mr. The Rev. Daniel Ferguson, Samuel Reeve, of Caius Cole B. A. late of Emmanuel Col lege, are admitted Bachelors of lege Cambridge, Rector of Arts.

Broughton Sulney in NottingMr. C. Mathews, A. B. of bamshire, has been instituted to Trinity College, is elected a the Rectory of Walkington, in Fellow of Downing College. Yorkshire, worth 1000l. per an:

The subject of ihe Poem for num, on the presentation of Mr, Seaton's Prize for the pre- William Thompson, Esq. of is “ The Holy Wars.” Leeds.

The Rev. George Howes, The King lias been pleased M. A. Fellow of Trinity-hall

, to grant unto the Rev. Fre- Cambridge, is presented by the derick Bloniberg, M. A. the Master and Fellows of that Soplace and dignity of a Prebend- ciety, to the Vicarage of Gaze. ary of the Collegiate Church of ley.cum-Kentford, in Suffolk, St. Peter Westminster, void by vacant by the death of the Rev: the death of D. Samuel Smith. Thomas Dove.

Lately was instituted, by the The Rev. John Harvey, late Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Curate of March, in the Isle of London, 10 the Living of St. Ely, is presented, by the Bishop

sent year

of Ely, to the Vicarage of Cud- of Queen's College, Cambridge, dicot, Herts.

has been elected Lecturer of St. The Rev. Joseph Stephen Giles's, Cripplegate, in the room Pratt, Vicar of Peterborough, of the late Dr. Gregory. has been collated by the Lord The Rev. E. A. Bush, B. A. Bishop to the Prehendal Stall in late of Exeter College, Oxford, that Cathedrai, vacant by the and Chaplain to his Royal Highdeath of S. Smith, LL. D. ness the Duke of York, is pre

The Rev. J. Forri, A. M.and sented to the Rectory of St. Fellow of Trinity College, Ox- Andrew's with St. Mary Bredford, has been nominated by man, Canterbury. the parishioners, on the cession The Lord Bishop of Durham, of the Rev. F. Lee, B. D. Pre- has collated the Rev. Dr. Pros.. sident of the same College, to ser, to the Archdeaconry of the perpetual Curacy of St. Durham, vacant by the death of Lawrence, Ipswich, to which he the Rev. Dr. Pye; and has pret has been licensed by the Bishop sented the Rev. Henry Phillof Norwich.

pots, .one of his Lordship's doThe Principal and Fellows of mestic Chaplains, to the RecJesus College, Oxford, have tory of Gateshead, void by the presented the Rev. Robi. Prich- preferment of Dr. Prosser. ard, B. D. and Fellow of that The Rev. John Surtees, is Society, to the Rectory of Ro- presenied by the Lord Chancel therfield Peppard, in the county lor to the Rectory of Edmonof Oxford.

thorpe, in the county of LeiThe Rev.James Oakes, M.A. cester. of Trinity College, Cambridge, The Rev. Richard Holmden and Rector of Tostock, has been Amphlett, M. A. has been in. instituted by the Bishop of stituted by the Bishop of WorNorwich, to the Rectory of cestër, to the Rectory of Hadsor, Battlesden, in Suffolk, on the int' at county, void by the cespresentation of his father, James sion of the Rev. John Amphlett, Oakes, Esq. of Bury.

D, D. The Rev. H. F. Bates, B. A.

Monthly Obituary.

two years:


T Exeter the Rev. George Dublin forty four years, in the

Long, one of the Priest parishes of St. Werburgh and St. Vicars of the Cathedral, which Peter; and he acted as Secretary office he held upwards of thirty to the Dublin Society for thirty


with the strictest inAt Coid Blow near Dublin, tegrity and assiduity. He marthe Rev. Thomas Lyster, D.D. ried Miss Oul, only daughter of He was a Curate in the City of Sir Fielding Oul, who


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