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LETTER to the Gover- A Sermon preached

Church united prietors of Plantations in the of St. Mary Wolnoth, and St British West-India Islands. By Mary Woolchurch-Haw, Lomo the Right Rev. Beilby Porteus, bard Street on Wednesday, Feb D. D. Bishop of London. 2s. 17. By the Rev. Thomas Etheo

An Illustration of General rington, M. A: Lecturer of St. Evidence, establishing the Re- Michael's Cornhill. ls. ality of Christ's Resurrection. By A Vindication of the Moral. George Cook, A. M. Minister Government of Nations, from of Lawrencekirk. 7s.

the Objections peculiar to it: a A Sermon preached at Spring- Sermon preached Feb. 17, 1808. Garden Chapel, Feb. 17, being By the Rev. J. F. Jackson, of the day appointed for a Gene- Queen's College, Oxford, Assistral Fast; published at the request ant Minister of Curzon Chapel, of many of the Congregation. May-Fair. Is. By Edmund Cartwright, L.L.D. Strictures on the Origin of Rector of Goadley, Marwood, Moral Evil : in which the HyLeicestershire, and Prebendary pothesis of the Rev. Dr. Wil: of Lincoln. ls, 6d.

liams, is investigated. By WilThe 'African Stranger, a Ser- liam Parry. 2s. 6d. mon preached Jan. 17, 1808, The Buchanan Prize Disserat London Wall, for the bene- tation.-On the Propagation of fit of the African and Asiatic Christianity in Asia, in two Society. By Robert Young, parts, to which' is prefixed .a D. D. Is.

brief Historic View of the ProAn Apology for the late gress of the Gospel in different Christian Mission in India, com- Nations, since its first promul. prising an Address to the Chair- gation. By the Rev. Hugh Pearman of the East-India Company, son, M. A. of St. John's Cola in answer to Mr. Twining: and, lege, Oxford. 4to. 15s. Strictures

Major Scott Studies, Sacred and Philoso. Waring's Pamphlet: with an phic, adapted to the Temple of Appendix containing Authori- Truth. 8vo. 9s. ties from the Reports of the Sermons, on various subjects. Society for Promoting Christian By the Rev. W. Agutter, Knowledge. By Andrew Fuller, M. A. 8vo. 9s. Secretary to the Baptist Mission- An Examination of Mr. ary Society. 2s. 6d.

Marsh's Hypothesis, respecting A Sermon, preached in the the origin of our three first Canoparish Churches of Stanwell and nical Gospels, including an at. Bedfont, Middlesex, on Wednes. tempt to explain the Phæno. day Feb. 17, the day appointed mena observable in these Gosfor a General Fast. By W. A. pels by a new Hypothesis. By Phelp, A. M. Vicar of Stanwell. Daniel Veysie, B. D. Rector 23.

of Plymtree, Devon, and late VOL. XIV. Chm, Mag, March 1808.


Fellow of Oriel College, Ox progress and final overthrow ford. As.

of the Anti-Christian Confede. Anecdotes of the Manners racy in the Land of Palestine, and Customs of London during and the ultimate general difthe eighteenth Century, includ- fusion of Christianity. By the ing the Charities, Depravities,. Rev. George Stanley Faber, Dresses and Amusements of the B. D. Vicar of Stockton-uponCitizens of London during that Tees. 2 vols. 8vo. 16s. period : with a Review of the Joseph's Consideration, a Ser. State of Society in 1807. By mon, preached in Clare-Hall James Peller Malcolm, F. S. A. Chapel, on Monday Feb. 29, 4to. 21. 23.

1808, being the day of adminisA General and Connectedtering the Holy Sacrament of View of the Prophecies, relative the Lord's Supper, at the divito the conversion, restoration, sion of the Term. By the Rev. union, and future glory of the James Plumptree, M.A. Fellow House of Judah and Israel, the of Clare-Hall, Is.


HE Clarendon press is en- tory, 2 vol. 8vo. ; Bishop Bure .

on the following: Lowth de tory of the Reformation. I vol. Sacra Poesi Hebræorum. 2 vols. 8vo.

Vita Abdollatiphi, Arab. et Mr. Kidd is preparing for the Lat. 4to. ; Novum Testamen- Cambridge Press a new edition tum Græc.cum variantibus Lec- of Dawes's Miscellanea Critica. tionibus que Griesbachii judicio Dr. Charles Burney is about textui recepto præferende vel an abridgement of Pearson on æquiparandæ sunt, 2 tom. 8vo.; the Creed, for Schools. Euripides, Notis Musgrave, 8vo. Mr. Dibdin is engaged on a Sophocles, Græc. Elmsley, 8vo. variorum edition of Sir Thomas Homeri Ilias et Odyssea, 2 tom. More's Utopia. 18mo. ; Cicero de Oratore, The Letters of Mrs. Elizabeth 8vo. ;. Shuckford's Connection Carter, and Mrs. Chapone are of the Sacred and Profane His preparing for publication.


OXFORD, Feb. 26. to the degree of Bachelor in
HE Rev. James Griffith, Divinity.

M. A. Master of Univer- Mr. Theophilus Jones, B. AR sity College, has been admitted of Trinity College, Dublin, was


the same day admitted to that University College, and John degree in this University. Jones of Christ Church, are

March 1. The Rev. James admitted Bachelors of Arts. Griffith, B. D. was admitted to 17. Rowland Davies Gray, his degree of Doctor in Divi. of St. Mary-ball, Esq. and Maynity.

nard Colchester, of Magdalex The Rev. John Quarington, College, Esq. were admitted of Pembroke College, and the Bachwiors of Arts Grand ComRev. Frederic Gardiner, of Lin- pounders. coln College, B. A. were ad, Mr. Christopher Erle has been mitted Masters of Arts.

admitted a scholar of New Col. Messrs. Willian Munden, and lege, from Winchester school. Thomas Metcalfe, of Merton 21. Mr. John Eastwick College, Charles Keysall, Tho- is elected a fellow of New Colas Thoresby Whitaker, Alexan- lege. der Hordern, and Fortunatus The appointment of the Rev. William Dwarris, of University · Joseph Hodgkinson, M. A. felCollege, John Fletcher of Ex. low of Brasenose College, and eter College, and James Rad- the Rev. George Leigh Cooke, cliffe Lyon, of Brasenose Col- M. A. fellow of Corpus Christi lege, were admitted Bachelors College, as public Èxaminers, W Arts

has been approved of in convo9. John Moore, Esq. of cation; also the appointment of Christ Church, was admitted the Rev. William Bishop, M.A. Bachelor of Arts Grand Com- fellow of Oriel College, as one pounder.

of the public preachers. The Rev. John Kendal The Rev. Frodsham Hodson, Fletcher, and Rev. Richard and Rev. John Darcey, M. A. Smith of St. Alban-Hall, Messrs. of Brasenose College, are admitGeorge Augustus Seymer of ted Bachelors in Divinity. Oriel College, James Horatio Mr. John Gerard Ellis, B. A. Rudge of Pembroke College, of Church, is admitted Master Jonathan Darby, Martin Sandys of Arts. Wall, George Granville Ven- Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, ables Vernon, Richard Marnell, bart. and Mr. Walter DavenDavid Langlands, and John port, of Christ Church, are adThomas James, of Christ Church, mitred Bachelors of Arts. were admitted Bachelors of Messrs. William Abraham Arts.

Shuldham, Henry John Ingilby, The Rev. Thomas Lee, B.D. Thomas Carr, and Henry Matrector of Barton on the Heath, thew Hutchinson, are elected is elected president of Trinity Scholars of University College. College in the room of the Rev. CAMBRIDGE. Feb. 22. Dr. Chapman, deceased.

Mr. Geidart, L. L. B. of Tri16. The Hon. and Rev. nity Hall, has been elected Fel. James Agar, and Rev. Thomas low of Catherine Hall

, upon Slatter, B. A. of Christ Church, Mrs. Ramsden's foundation. are admitted Masters of Arts. March 7. Mr. William Hep

Messrs. William Macleod of worth, of St. John's College, is admitted to the degree of Bache- Salisbury, Bangor, and Chester, lor of Arts.

on Sunday March 13, consecrat 14. Rev. Herbert Marsh, ed the Rev. Dr. Goodenough, B. D. Lady Margaret's Profes. Bishop of Carlisle, in the Royal sor of Divinity, and late Fellow Chapel at Whitehall. The ser. of St. John's College, and the mon was preached by the Rev. Rev. Edward Pearson, B. D, Mr. Goodenough, son of the Master of Sidney College, have new Bishop. been admitted Doctors in Divi. nity, by royal mandate.

The King has been pleased The Hon. William Cust, of to grant to the Rev. Beaumont St. John's College, and brother Busby, D. D. late Fellow of to lord Brownlow, has been ad- New College Oxford, the place mitted honorary Master of Arts and dignity of Dean of the Car

Mr. Nathaniel Rd. Clarke, thedral Church of Rochester. B. A. of Trinity College, is The King has been pleased to elected a Fellow of Christ's Col- grant to the Hon. and Rev. lege.

Henry Ryder, M. A, the place John Kaye, esq. Fellow of and dignity of a prebendary of Christ's College, Senior Wrang- the free chapel of St. George in ler, and first Medalist in 1801, the Castle of Windsor, void by is appointed Tutor of that Col- the resignation of the Revo lege, in the room of the Rev. Beaumont Busby, D. D. T. Browne, the new Master. The Rev. Dr. Goodall,

The subjects for the Disser- Master of Eton School, is apțations for the Bishop of Lon- pointed a Canon of Windsor, don's medals, in Christ's Col- in the room of the Rev. Dr. lege, are this year proposed by Duval, deceased. his Lordship, as follows:

The Rev. Walter King, For the Latin :-Doctrina Re- D. D. has been presented by demptionis universalis per mor- the King to the dignity of a tem Christi ex sacris Scripturis Prebendary in the Collegiate patet.

Church of St. Peter, WestminFor the English:-Foolish and ster. unlearned questions avoid know- The Lord Bishop of Lincoln ing that they do gender strifes, has appointed the Rev. Thomas &c. 2 Tim. ii. 23, 4, 5.

Brand, M. A. late of Christ The Rev. Walter Gee, B. A. College Cambridge, and Chapof St. John's College, and Mr. lain to his Lordship, Chancellor . Robert Z. Jefferson, B A. of and Residentiary of the CatheSidney College, have been e dral Church of Lincoln. His lected Fellows of the latter So- Lordship has also collated the ciety.

Rev. Cayley Illingworth, Rece 21. Mr. Henry Bickersteth, tor of Scampton and Epworth, and Mr. John White, B. A. of to the Archdeaconry of Stow, Caius College, are elected Fel- and the Prebend of Liddington, lows of that Society.

in the same Cathedral, both His Grace the Archbishop of vacant hy the death of the Reve York, assisted by the Bishops of Robert Warton,

The Rev. Johnson Baines, Morley, by Sir John Lombe, M. A. of Christ College Cam. the same being void by the death bridge, has been presented by of the Rev. Josiah Larwood. the Earl of Guildford' to the The Rev. Frederic Hotham, Vicarage of Burwell in Cam- is presented to the valuable livbridgeshire, vacated by the ing of Dennington, in Suffolk, death of the Rev. Henry Turner. vacated by the resignation of

The King has been pleased to the Rev. Mr. Longe, now Recpresent the Rev. William Harry tor of Pulham. Edward Bentinck, to the Rec- The Rev. R. Wilson, M. A. tory of Siggle thorp otherwise has been presented by the Lord Sigglesthorne, in Yorkshire, void Chancellor to the living of by the death of the Rev. Ro- Brodsworth, near Doncaster. bert Wharton.

The King has been pleased to The Prince of Wales has ap- present the Rev. Wm. Cooper, pointed the Rev. Henry Fel- B. D. and Fellow of St. John's lowes, M. A. of Colebroke De- College, Cambridge, to the von, one of his Royal Highness's Rectory of St. Mary's and St. domestic Chaplains.

Peter's, with the Chapel of SmitThe Rev. W. Collett, is pre- terby, in Lincolnshire, void by sented to the living of Swanton the death of Dr. John Barker.

Monthly Obituary.


, of a dropsy this tour he improved his taste the chest, aged 56, the for the Fine Arts, Musick esRev. Robert Warton, M. A. pecially, which was his “ dear chancellor of the church of Lin- delight," and in which he was coln, archdeacon of Stowe, and no mean proficient, both in rector of Sigglesthorne, in the theory and practice. His preEast Riding of Yorkshire ; B. A. ferments in the Church of Lin. 1773; M. A. 1776.

He re

coln he owed to the sincere and .ceived the earlier part of his disinterested friendship of the education at Durham, his native present Bishop; and his rectory, city; whence he removed to in the gift of the Crown, was Eton, and afterwards to Pem, the honourable and enviable broke-hall, Cambridge. At his testimony of the personal refirst degree, he obtained one of gard of Mr. Pitt. To the inore the Classical Medals: and, the solid qualities of the mind he year following, the Middle Ba- added a singleness of heart, and chelor's Prize. Part of the in- a cheerfulness and amenity of terval between his degrees he manners, which endeared him spent in foreign travel, that ex- to all who knew him. In the quisite source of enjoyment to performance of his public as men of taste and learning. In well as private duties he was

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