History of Turkey, Tom 3

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D. Appleton & Company, 1857

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Strona 405 - ... the deserts of Wallachia. He will hear issuing from the bosom of the earth, and beneath the cold marble, voices which cry: Let them learn from me how honourable and sweet it is to die for our country ! I could invoke the memory of my father, the glory he had, of being called four times to preside in the assemblies in this sanctuary of our laws, and the name of buckler of liberty which he deserved. Believe me, all this tribunitial eloquence would be better employed against those who, by their...
Strona 208 - ... nobles, too, who sat near him, were plainly attired. The reply of the shah with regard to the object .of the mission was most gracious. He was much amused by Sir Dodmore Cotton's inability to comply with the custom of the country in sitting cross-legged ; but being desirous of pleasing his guests, he drank to the health of the King of England, At the name of his sovereign the ambassador stood up and took off his hat. Abbas smiled, and likewise raised his turban in token of respect.
Strona 405 - ... re-establish it. Has he then violated it? Senators, this holy liberty in which I was born, and in which I grew up, rests on the faith of my oaths, and I am not a perjurer. I have devoted my life to it; from my youth, the blood of all my family has taught me to found my glory on this devotion. Let him who doubts it, go visit the tombs of my ancestors ; let him follow the path to immortality which they have shewn to me. He will find by the traces of their blood, the road to the country of the Tartars,...
Strona 405 - ... would think they were great masses of rocks. All the soldiers did their duty ; they attribute the victory to God and ourselves. At the moment when the enemy began to give way the greatest danger was at the spot where I found myself opposite to the Vizier. All the remaining cavalry of the army turned towards me on the right wing ; the centre and the left wing having already very little to do. I then saw the Elector of Bavaria, the Prince of Waldeck, and many other German princes ; they embraced...
Strona 405 - The victory has been so sudden and so extraordinary that, in the city as in the camp, there was always a state of alarm.
Strona 405 - Senators, in the presence of God, of the world, and of the whole Republic, I protest my respect for liberty ; I promise to maintain it such as I have received it.
Strona 412 - ... mind which marked her for preeminence. Rebia, wife of Mohammed IV., is another example of womanly power over the head and heart of the supreme ruler of Turkey. Rebia was a Greek girl from the island of Crete. Lamartine says of her: " The delicacy of her lineaments, the brilliancy of her complexion, the ocean azure of her eyes, the golden auburn of her hair, the caressing tone of her voice, and the witchery of her wit made her to be dreaded still as the prison companion of a fallen monarch, of...
Strona 405 - I presented to him my son, who advanced and saluted him. The Emperor did not even put his hand to his hat. I remained like one terrified.
Strona 405 - There was a man who was sent from God whose name was John," said the clergy of Vienna in applying to him the words of the gospel.
Strona 30 - Christ, born to emancipate them ; he then abandoned it to Guy de Lusignan, in exchange for the crown of Jerusalem...

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