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E X A M P L E S.
F. 1.

Ft. l.
From 176 1 2 6 10 3786 10 1 6 7
Take 97 10 1 11 987 8 11 6 9

Rem. 78 3 0 10 11 2 From a board measuring 41ft. 7in. cut 19ft. 10in, and what is left:

answer 21ft. Sin.


When the feet of the multiplier do no exceed 12;

RULE. Set the multiplier in such order that the feet thereof may stand under the lowest denomination of the multiplicand, and in multiplying carry one for every 12 from one deno. mination to another, and place the result of the lowest denomination in the multiplicand under its multiplier.'. Note 1. If there be no feet in the multiplier, supply their place with a

cipher. 2. Whether we begin with the highest or lowest denomination of the

multiplier, the several denominations of the products will be respectively synonymous with those of the multiplicand under which they are placed.

Ft. 1.

Ft. 1.

Ft. I. Multiply79

8 69 by 7 8 8 by 3ft. 6in. 3 6

7 3 8


3 10 6

58 6 0 23 3

21 8 3

59 11 Product 27 1 6

1-62 6 7 9 0 2 A mahogany board measures 28ft. 10in. 6" by 3ft. Lin. 4", what is its content? answer 92ft. lin. 10° 6" Oil

When the feet of the multiplier exceed 121

RULE. Use the component parts or the feet in the multiplier as is compound multiplication, and take parts for the inches, &


Ft. 1.
Multiply 311 4. 7 by 36 75


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Product 11402

7 II 2 A partition is 8zf. 6i. by 13f. zie how many square feet does. it contain ?

answer 1093f. ii. 6". 3 A floor is 79f. 8i. by 38f. ri. how many square

feet are therein ?

answer 3100f. 41. 4". 4 If a ceiling be 59f. 2i. long, and 24f. 61. broad; how many yards does it contain ?

answer 162 yards 5f. to 5 There is a yard of 21,5 feet by 17,5 feet, which is to be paved with stones of: 18 inches square ;

how many

stones are necessary for the purpose ?

answer 1676 6 Suppose the dimensions of a bale to be 7 feet 6 inches, 3. feet 3 inches, and I foot 10 inches :. what is the solid content?

ft. in.

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44 8 3 ontwer. 44. feet 8- inches and 3 twelfth part:

2 What is the freight of a bale containing 65 feet 9 inches at. 16 dollars per ton of 40 feet / dols.cts.

decimally 15,00 for 40 ferty

20 ft. 7,50

5 ft. 1,87,5
6 in. ,18,1

3 in. ,09,3



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answer 24 dols. 654 cts. 3 A merchant imperts from London 6 bales of the follow: ing dimensions, viz. Length Height


ft. in. ft. in. No. 1 2 - 10


19 2 2 10

2 6

I 3 3 3


I 8 4 210


1 g 5 & 10

2 6

19 6 2 11


18 What are the solid contents, and how much will the freight amount to, at 20 dollars The contents are, viz.

feet. No. 1

2 8 10

20 dols. tori.
3 127
13 2

12 5
6 13 0


per ton?

ft. in


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To find Ship's Tonnage by Carpenter's Measure.

RULE. For single decked vessels, multiply the length, breadth at: the main beam, and depth of the hold together, and divide the product by 95.

EXAMPLE The length of a single decked vessel is 64 feet; breadth 22 feet, and depth 10 feet ; what is the tonnage ?

As 95: 22x10 :: 64: 1483, tons, answer.

RULE. For a double decked vessel, take half the breadth of the main beam for the depth of the hold, and work as for a sin. gle decked vessel.

E-X A M P LE: The tonnage of a double decked vessel is required, whose length is so feet, and breadth 26 feet? As 95 : 26x13=half the breadth :: 80 : 284 tons answer.


To find the Government Tonnage. 6 If the vessel be double decked, take the length thereof from the fore part of the main stem, to the after part of the stern post, above the


the breadth thereof at the broadest part above the main wales, half of which breadth shall be accounted the depth of such vessel, and then deduct from the length three-fifths of the breadth, multiply the remainder by the breadth, and the product by the depth, and divide this last product by 95, the quotient whereof shall be deemed the true contents or tonnage of such ship or vessel ; and if such ship or vessel be single decked, take the length and breadth, as above directed, deduct from the said length three-fifths of the breadth, and take the depth from the under side of the deck plank to the ceiling in the hold, then multiply and di vide as aforesaid, and the quotient shall be deemed the tone nage."





answer 20

} WAS born when B was 21 years of age ; how old

will A be when B is 47 ; and what will be the age of B when A is 60 ?

answer A 26, Bot 2 What difference is there between twice five and twentyapd twice twenty five ?

3 Two persons depart from the same place at the same iime, the one travels 30, the other 35 miles a day, how far are they distant after seven days, if they travel both the same road, and how far, if they travel in contrary directions!.

answer 35 and 455 miles. 4 To how much amounts the order, for which a factor, at the rate of 2.7 per cent. per annum, receives 221 10s?

answer goo! S A, B, C and D, are sharers in the value of a parcel of merchandize : A, B and C, have 350l. B, C and D, 9451 C, D and A, 400l. and D, A and B, 3781. query the whole sum, and each man's particular part ?

answer sum 4911. A 1461. B 911 C 113. D 1411. 6 A stationer sold quills at ios 6d. a thousand, by which he cleared of the money ; but growing scarée, raised thera to 125. a thousand : what did he clear per cent. by the lat. ter price?

answer 7ul. 8s. 6%d. 7 A person possessed of of a ship, sold of his share for 1260l. what was the value of the whole at the same rate?

answer 50401. 8 Bought a quantity of goods for 2501. and three months after sold it for 2751. how much per cent. per annum was gained by them?

answer 40l. 9 A guardian paid his ward 3500lfor 2500l. which he had in his hands 8 years : what rate of interest did be allow him?

answer 5 per centre 10 Bought a quantity of goods for 150l. ready mopey,

sold it again for 2001. payable at the end of 9 months ; what was the gain in ready money, supposing rebate to be made at 5 per cent ?

answer 421 155. 58şd. 1 A person being asked the hour of the day, said, the time past noon is equal to ths of the time till midnight : what was the time?

answer 20 min. past, s 12 A person looking on his watch, was asked what was


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