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RULE. As dollars rate from state to state, Or,-Work by the theorem in the following table, oppo

PROOF. Make other coins proportionate. site to the State of which the given sum is, and under that to

Vary the operation, or prove one of these methods by the which it is to be reduced. other.


Note. The value of a dollar in any state is found, either opposite to

that state, or under it in the table.

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EX A M P L E 5,


1 What is the value of 4201. South Carolina currency, New York ?

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2 What is the value of a bill of 750l. Pennsylvania, or 0. ther like currency, in New York, or North Carolina currency?

answer 8ool. 3 What sum of New York currency is equal to 1731 16s. in New Jersey?

answer: 1851 75. 8d. 4

Philadelphia, 28th 12mo. 1812. Exchange for 3751. Pennsylvania currency. Thirty days after sight, pay to Charles Jackson, or order, three hundred seventy-five pounds, Pennsylvania cura Tency, as per advice from thy friend,

Peter Simpson. To Benjamin Brown, Merchant, Virginia. How much Virginia currency will discharge the above bill?

answer 300! 5 B, of Massachusetts, received in Pennsylvania currena cy, the following sums, viz. 761 178.. 8d.2001.--and 1701. 108. uid. What sun is equal thereto in the state he resides in ?

answer 3571 18s rod. 6 How much South Carolina currency is equal to 15001, of New Jersey ?

answer 933/ 6s 8d. 7 A merchant in New York owes 2401 to a planter in Virginia ; how much ought lie to be charged with in the planter's books?

answer 1807.

8 New


New York, 4tit imo. 1812. Exchange for 5621. 135 8d. Twelve days after sight please to pay to David Davis, or order, five hundred and sixty-two pounds, thirteen shillings, and eight pence, value received ; and place the same to account, as per advice from thy friend,

Isaac Jones To Bradshaw Waters. What sum, Georgia currency, wil discharge this bill?

answer 3281 45 73.1 9 C, of Connecticut, draws on D. of Delaware, for 104 165 9d. what sum in the latter currency will pay this draught?

answer 1311 os uide 10 What sum, New-York currency, is equal to 1801. in Massachusetts ?

answer 240l. 11 How much South Carolina currency is equal to 360l. Massachusetts money?

answer 2801 12 A Bill of exchange for 475l. being remitted from Georgia to New Jersey, what is the value of it in Jersey currency?

answer 7637 78 iodi 13. If 4721 16s 8d. be transmitted from Georgia to North Carolina ; wliat sum is it equal to in the latter state?

answer 8101 iis 5d. 14 How much Virginia currency will purchase a bill for 2801. South Carolina currency?

answer 360. 15 What is 961 16s 9d. of Charleston, South Caro. linn, worth in New-York?

answer 1661 Os 30. 16 Reduce 367911 148 4d. of New York to New Jersey currency

facit 344921 45 8d.



Accounts are kept in England, Ireland, and the West India Islands, in pounds, shillings, pence, and farthings : though their intrinsic values, in these places, are different.



20 Sols
3 Livres


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#TABLE of different MONIES.

FRANCE. 12 Deniers

1 Sol,


I Crown,

SPAIN. 4 Marvadies Vellon, or 28 Marvadies of Plate

1 Quarta, 81 Quartas, or

1 Rial Vellon, 34 Marvadies Vellon, 16 Quartas, or

I Rial of Plate, 34 Marvadies of Plate 8 Rials of Plate

Piastre, Pezo, or Dollary 5 Piastres

Spanish Pistole, 2. Spanish Pistoles


ITALY. 12 Deniers

Sol, 20 Sols

Livre, 5 Livres

Piece of Eight at Genoa, 6 Livres

Ditto at Leghorn, 6 Solidi



i Crusadoe, 1000 Reas

1. Millrea,

HOLLAND. 8 Pennings

Groat, 2. Groats

Stiver=2d. 6 Stivers

I Shilling, 20. Stivers

Florin, or Guilders 21 Florins

Rix dollar, 6 Florins

i £. Flemish, 5 Guilders


DENMARK. 16 Shillings

Mark, 6 Marks

I Rix dollar, 32 Rustics

Copper dollar, 6 Copper dollars

Rix dollar.

RUSSIA. 18 Pennins


Florin, 3 Florins

Rix dollar, 2 Ris dollars

I Gold ducat."
K 2

24 Grosses


400 Reas





30 Gros




The various operations, in the exchanging of monies, are performed by the single Rule of Three, or by Practice. Note. The par of Exchange between the United States of America

and most other trading countries, may be ascertained by the tables in page 13

EX A M P L E s.

i Philadelphia is indebted to London 14741 165. currency'; what sterling som must be remitted, when the exchange is at 64 per cent ?

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As 164:Yøø :: 1474 16

41 25


d. 41 )36870 0(899 5 44 answees. 2 London receives a bill of exchange from Philadelphia, for 9431 175 50.5 sterling ; for how much currency was it drawn, exchange being at 64 per cent ?


943 17 54


17 63 18

17 67 answer kr 1547 18 11 Currency Jamaica is indebted to London 14701 125 8d. sterling with how much currency will London be credited at Jamaica when the exchange is at 365 per cent?

ansuer 20071 8s 3d. 4. Dublin draws upon London for 7401 145 6d. Irish, exchange at 12 per cent. how much sterling will discharge this bill?

answer 6611 75 2d.

5 London

18 8



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