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Owned and Confented- to by the

Elders aad Messengers

■ Of theCHURC H E S
in the Colony 0f CO NNECTICUt


Asilir.bled by Delegation. at Say Brtofc
September <^tb. 1708.

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A,," Preface.

AMong the Memorable Providences relating to our Enghjh Nation in the last Century, mult be acknowledged the setting of Enghjh Colonies in the American parts of the World; Among all which this hath been Peculiar unto and to the distinguishing Glory of that Tract called NewEngland, that the Colonies there were Originally formed, not for the advantage of 'Trade anda.Worldly Interest; Rut upon the most noble Foundation, even ot. Religion, and the Liberty cf their Conscienc*£,mih-ttijpt£k unto the Ordinances of the Gospel Ad.m;inistred in the Purity and Power of themv&b' happiness then not to be enjoyed in their.Native Soil.

We joyfully Congratulate the Religious Libercy of our Brethren in the late Auspicious Reign of K. William, and Q. Mary, of Blessed Memory, & in the present Glorious Reign, and from the bottom of our Hearts bless the Lord whose Prerogative it is to reserve the Times and Seasons in his own hand, who also hath Inspired the Pious Mind of Her most Sacred Majesty, whose Reign we constantly A 2 and

I *}

&nd unseignedly Pray, may be long and GIcrious, with Rival Resolutions, Inviolably to" mdintaif. the Toleration. ;.

Deus enim ~~bec Otia fecit.

tJidoubtedfy if the fame- had been the Liberty of those Times, our Fathers would have been far from Exchanging a most pleasant Land '-(duke slum palriœ ) for a vast and howling Wilderness; hince (or the erj jyment of so desirable'Liberty a eoffsiderable number of Learned, Worthy and'Pious Persons were by a Divine Impulse and Extraordinary concurrence of Dispositions engaged so adventure their Lives Families and Estates upon the vast Ocean, * follewing the Lord into a Wilderness, a Land thin not sewn: Wherein Innumerable difsiculties staring them in the Face were outbid by Heroick Resolution, Magnanimity & considence in the Lord alone. ,f Our Fathers trusted in the Lord and were deliver ed,they trusted in him and were not confounded. It was their care to be with tie Lord,m<\ their indulgence, * That the Lord was with them, to a Wonder preserving supporting protecting and animating them; dispatching aod destroying the Pagan Natives by extraordinary Sickness and Mortality, that there might f be room for his People to serve the Lord our God in. It was the Glory of our Fa

* J«r.i.Y fPsel. 22.^,5. * *Chron. 15.2. fpsel.80.8,9; §^- thers,

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