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Heads of Agreement,

Aflented to by che Usited Ministers

formerly called PRESBYTERIAN

And also


For the adminiftration


.: Unanimouny . Agreed upon and consented to by the


Churches in the Colony of CONNECTICUT · in New-England, Assembled by Delegacion

at Say.Brook, September 9th. 1708. Phil. 3. 5. Let us tberefore, as many as be perfect,

be thus minded; and if in any thing be fiberwise minded, Godfall reveal even this untą.

уви. Eph. 4.3. Endeavouring to keep ibe Unity of

the Spirit in the bond of Peace. New London, rrinted by I bumas Sbort, 17100

NE W. LONDON : Re-prin.ed by TimoTHY GREEN, 1960.



THERE is no Conflitution on Eartb barb

I ever been established on fucb Jure fouxdations, nor to fully provided for its subfiftance as the Churcbef God. It being built on the Pro. phets and Apostles, Jesus Christ himself being the chief Corner Stone. Hence therefore if bath from its boly bill, bebeld th: Ruines of Ibe greatest States and most flourishing Empires, having continued in fafery, free from tbe fatal Accidences of Time, and triumpbed n08 only over the Rage of men, but also the repeated Infules of the gates of Hell. And tbol it batb been often Atraitned as to its extent, and lesened as to its number, yer hatb remain. cu firm on its own Bafis : yea, when not reduced, it beib forever made good ibat Morio, Depreffa Refurgo; and fo it fall continue to ibe end of the World : But to be mama l its Ofenders, the Churco bath suffered me from the Wounds, wbick the balb received in Ibé bouse of her Friends, from Iboje Wolves, that bave come to Her in Sbeeps Clcathing. Damnable Errors and Herefies bave arisen from within her, wherbyske karb sometimes been cost inte borrible shades of Darkness, as Rov. 9. 2.


When the bottomless pic was opened, the smoke ascending darkned the son and Air, Yet when tbus grievovly Blackned, a Comeliness remained fill : Oberwbiles Sbe is feen bleed. ing with the Wounds of Schism and contention, Offensive and burtful to Her Sacred Head and Members, for ibtUndivided bead rojogoetb in an Undivided Bodyrtis undefiled is buc one, Cant. 6. 9. As She becomes divided, She becomes defiled : And bereby also the mulual Offices of the responsive Members of this und find one are Interrupted to the prejudice of obe W bole. W bence follow great disurders, as wben the Ege will not fee for the Hand nor the Hend take care of the feet, nor our Union 10 Cbrjt be acknowledged a fufficient bond to iflablish a relation between Memners in particular i loro 12. 27.'God's Providence forever bears th: upper' band in ibefo Events, wba suffers obe corrupt Minds of Men to run into Errors and Divisions, that the approved may be made 'manitett, 1 Cor. 11 19 Sub ill minded Persons beo ing Ihreained with a Wolbat are tbe Ausbors or Promoters of fach Offences. The Acheift endeavours to overthrow the whole Conftitution of Religion : The Deilt to take away all that part of it, chat promisech finners any fafety from the Wrath in come, and retain no more chan what is enough co condemn him, and to

ke away all excuse for bis disubudience. Romi

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