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every point pF Faith contained in this Consenton doth depend, and is born1 up by, and Commend the fame to your diligent perusal, that You be established in the truth and your Faith rest upon i:s proper 3aii«, the Word of God.

(a) Follow the Example of the Noble Bereans, Search the Scripture*, Grow in Grace and the knowledge of Christ, be not Children in Understanding, but Men. Labour for a found consirmed Knowledge of these Points in the Evidence of them. See that they be deeply rooted in your Minds and Hearts, that so You be net an easy prey to secli as lie in wait to deceive, (b) For the went hereof to be condoled is the Dnhsppinefs of many ever learning; and never coming to the knowledge of, the Truth, (c)

IV. That having afplyed the Rule csHrly Scriptare to all the Articles of this Consejfion,and found the fume upon Try al the Unchangabh and Eternal lru:bs of God: (d) You remember & bsldthcta fast, contend earnestly for them as the Faith once delivered to the Saints. Value them as Your great Charter, the Instrument of Your Salvation, the Evidence of your not failing of the Grace of God, and receiving a Crown that fadeth not away, (e) Maintain them, and every of them all your days with undaunted Resolution against all opposition, whatever the erent be, and the same transmit sase and pure to Posterity; Having bought the Truth, on no hand sell it. Believe (a) tbiTruth will make yiu free: Faithful is be that hath promised: So shall none take away your Crown. . Finally,po not think it enough that yourFaiib find Order be according to the IVord of God, but livi -accordingly, (b) It is not enough to believe well, You run your selves i.ito the greatest hazzard unless you be careful to live well, and that this be, (x) All your Life and Conversation must be agreeable to the Rule cf Gods Word. This is the Rule of a Christian Conversation and Practical Reformation (d) Rest not in tie farm of Gad linefs, denying the power of it. .Stir up an holy Zial, Strengthen the things that remain that are ready to die, Be not carried away with the Corruptions, Temptations and evil Examples of the Times, but be blameless & without Retake, the Sens of God in afroinard Geaerathn,{e) They shall walk with me lit white, for they are -worthy.

(e) Acts 17.10, ii, Joh. s.39. «Pet 3. Ts. I Cor. 14,ao.

(b) Eph. 4. t 5,14 (c) 2 Tim ?. 7. (d) Rev 5 5. Judes. le). 1 Cor. iS i3. I Cor, id 1 j Pse]. 7S. j.


Remember ye our Brethren in this Colony,' That we arc a part of that Body, (f )hr whieh

(a) Joh 2-, ! 7. Job 8 -!,% Heb. lo i? Rev ; 11 (hj Tic a H 12 (c) Gal 616 Mic6 8 (A) 2 Tim? i$ Rew,3" Rev 3 z Phil x 1 5 le) Rev * 4 (1) lies 12 z j '-'-*

the Providence of God hath wrought Wonders and are obliged by and Accountable for all the Mercies dispensed from the beginning of our Fathers settling this Country until now. There he spake with «i,(£jThat the practical piety and serious Religion ot our progenitors is exemplary and for our Imitation, [a) and will irsi ct confounding shame on us, if we prove Dtgenrrate. The Lord grant that the noble design of our Fathers in coming to this Land, may not be forgotten by us, nor by our Children after us,even thelnttreft of Religion,which ■we can nevrr Exchange for a Temporal Interest, without thefowlest Degeneracy and most inexcusable Defection, (b) To Conclude the Solemn Rebukes of Providence from Time to Time in a series of Judgments, and in particu3ar, the General drought in the Summer ppftjogetber with t be grievous Disappointment cfourMililar?Undertaki*g,tbt Distress's sickness and Mortality ofourCamp cannot successfully be improved but by a self humblingConfideratioH of our ways &? a tharo' Repentance of all that is amiss. (c)So will the God of our Fathers be our God, and he ■will be a Wall of Fire round about us and the Glory in rhe midst of us in this present and all succeeding Generations. AMEN.

(%) Host J 4 (a) i Tim T <; Job 8 8 (b) i 17 Jer a zi -(c) Isa 16 9 Gen tj eJ Zich 2 j






C H A P. I.

Of tht Holy Scriptures.

ALthough the Light of Nature, and the Works of Creation and Providence, do so far manisest the Goodness, Wisdom and Power of God, as to leave men uncxcusable; a yet they are not sufficient to give that- Knowledge of God and of his Will, which is necessary unto Salvation: b Therefore it pleased the Lord at sundry times, and in diverse manners to reveal himself, and to declare that his Will unto his Church: c and afterwards for the better preserving and propagating of the Truth, and for the more sure Establishment and Comfort of the Church against thcCorruption of the Flesh, and



of Satan and of the World, to cow

iame wholly to writing: * which

the holy Scripture to b? most neces

those former ways of God's revealing

.ill unto his People now ceased. f

*Rom. 2.14., 15.Run. i.ig.zo.Psal.ig,1,2,g:

.om.i.^z. cbap. 2,1. b iCor. 1. 21. iCor.2.13.

.'4. * Heb. 1. 1,2. * Pro. 22.19,20,21. Luk. 1.

1,4: Rom. 15.4. Mat.4 47,10. 7/^.8.19,20.

IzTim. 3.15. z.Pet.i.ig. [Hub. 1.1,2.


Under the Name of Holy Scripture, or the Word of God Written, are now contained al] the Books of the Old and New Testamenr, which are these;

Of the Old Testament*

Genesis,Exidus,Leviticus,Numbers,Deutercn$my, Jojhua, Judges* Ruth, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, I Kings,zKings, t Chronicles, zCbronicles,Ezrat Nebemiab,Esther,Job, Psalms, Proverbs,EcclefiastesTheSong ef Songs, Jsai ah,Jeremiah, Lamentalons, Ezikiel, Daniel, Hosea,Joel,Amos^Obacliabi Jonah, Micah, Nabum, Habakkuk, Zephaniaht jHagga:iJ Zacbariab, Malachi.

Of the New Testament.

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, The A3s of the -Apostles. Pauls Epistle loihsRomans, 1 Corinthians\

2 Corinthians^

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