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and unfeignedly Pray, may be long and Gid fious, wich Roval Refolutions, Inviolably to maintain che Toleration.

Deus enim ---bec Oria fecit. Uzdoubtedly if the fame had been the Liberty of those Times, our Fathers would have been far from Exchanging a most pleafane Land (dulce folum patris) for a vast and howling Wildernek ; Since for the enjoyment of fo defirable Liberty a considerable number of Learned, Worthy and Pious Persons were by a Divine Impulse and Extraordinary concurrence of Dispositions engaged io adventure their Lives Families and Estates upon the vast Ocean, * following tbe Lord into a Wilderness, o Land then not town: Wherein Innumerable difficulties staring them in the Face were outbid by Heroick Resolution, Magnanimity & confidence in the Lord alone. f Our Faibers trusted in the Lord and were delivered, they irufted in bim and were not canfounded. It was their care to be with t'be Lord, and their indulgence, * That tbe Lord was with their, to a Wonder preserving fu-purcing protecting and animating them ; dispatching and destroying the Pagan Natives by extraordinary Sickness and Mortality, that there might + beroom for his people 10 serve the Lordour God in. It was the Glory of our Fa

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thers, that they heartily professed the only Rule of their Religion from the very first to be the Holy Scripture, according whereunto, so far as they were perswaded upon diligent Inquiry, . Solicitous search and faithful Prayer conformed was their Faith, their Worship toa gether with the whole Administration of the House of Christ, and their manners, allowance being given to humane Faifures and Impera fections.

That which they were moft Solicitous about, and wherein their Liberty had been re(trained, respected the Worship of God and the Government of the Church of Christ according to his own appointment, their Faith and Profeflion of Religion being the same, which was generally received in all the Reformed Churches of Europe, and in Substance the Asemblies Confeffion, as fall be shewn anon.

It cannot be denied, that the Usage of the Christian Church whole Faith wholly refted upon the Word of God respecting Confeffions of Faith is very Ancient and that which is uni. versally, acknowledged to be most so, and of Universal acceptance and consent is commonly called the Apostles Creed, a Symbol figo or Badge of the Christian Religion, called the A poftles, not because they composed it, for then it muft have been received into the Canon of the Holy Bible, but because the inat


ter of it agreeth with the Doctrine & is cakery out of the Writings of the Apostles. Consequent hereunto, as the neceffity of the Church for the Correctiog Condemning & Supprefing of Herefy & Error required, have been emitted Ancient and Famous Confeflions of Faith composed and agreed upon by Oecumentcal Couns cils. e. g. Of Nice against Artius, of Conftantinople against Macedonius, of Ephesu against Neftorius, of Calcedon against Eutyches. And when the Light of Reformation broke forth to the difperfing of Popish darkness, the Reformed Nations agreed uponConfessionsof Faith, famous in the World & of especial service to theirs and standing Ages. And among those of latrer times Published in our Nazion most worthy of Repute and Acceptance we take to be the Confeffion of Faith, Composed by the Reverend Allembly of Divines Convened at Wifi minster, with that of the Savoy, in the substance & in expreffions for the most part the fame : the former † profeffedly assented & attefted to, by the Fathers of ourCouncry by Unanimous Voie of the Synod of Elders & Mefsengers of the Churches met at Cambridge the last of the 6th Month 1648. The latter owned and consented to by the Elders and Melfengers of the Churches Affembled ac Boston. May 12th. 1680. The fame we doubt not to profess to have been the constant Faith of the

+ See the Preface to the Platform of Church Discipline.


Churches in this Colony from the first Foundation of them. And that it may appear to the Christian World, that our Churches do not maintain differing Opinions in the Doctrine of Religion, nor are desirous for any reason to conceal the Faith we are perswaded of : The Elders and Messengers of the Churches in this Cslony of Conne Eticut in New England, by vertue of the Appointment and Encouragement of the Honourable the General Affembly, Convened by Delegation at Say Brook, Sepi. gib. 1708. Unanimously agreed, that theContesfion of Faith owned and Consented unto hy the Elders and Messengers of the Churches All mbled at Bolion in New England May 12th. 1680. Being the Second Sefion of that Synod be Recommended to the Honourable the General Afsembly of this Colony at cheir next session, for their Publick Teftimony thereto, as the Faith of the Churches of this Colony, which Confeffion together with the Heads of Union and Articles for the Administracion of Church Government here with emitted were Presented unto and approved and establifhed by the said General Allembly at New-Haven on the 14tb. of Otober 170&..

This Confession of Faith we offer as our firm Perswafion well and fully grounded upon the Holy Scripture, and Commend the same unto all and particularly to the people of our Colony to be examined accepted and con


Manely maincained. We do not assume to ourfelves, that any thing be taken upon trust from us, but commend to our people these following Counsels.

I. Tbat you be immoveably and unchangeably agreed in the only suficient, and invariable Rule of Religion, wbicb is the Holy Scripture the fixed Canon, * uncapable of addition of diminution. You ought to account nothing ancient, chat will not stand by chis Rule,t nor any thing new that will. Do not hold your felves bound to Unscriptural Rites in Religion, wherein Custom it self doth many cimes misguide. Blieve it to be the honour of Religion to rifigo aed captivate our Wisdom and Faith to Divine Revelation. #

II. Tbat You be determined by this Rule in the wbole of Religion. Ibai yehlt Faith be rightond Divine, o be Word of God must be the foundation of il.and i be Autbority oj i beWordt be reglor of it.f You may believe the most Importini Articles of Faith, with no more than an HumaneFaith; And this is overmore the cause, when the Principle Fairh is refolved into, is any other than the holy Scripture. For an Orthodox Chriflian to Tesolve bis Faith, into Education Inftru&ion and the perfwasion of others is not an higher reason, ihan a Papift, Mahometan, or Pagan can produce for his Religion.

9.20. Rev. 21,18,19. offer 6, 76. Mat 19. &. 17. Mas, 11, 27 Job 5.9. Luki 10 26.

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