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racher, to call the said Council, before the Church to which he belongs, proceed to Excommunication in the laid case, unless with the consent of the Church. An. 15. 2. Mabi 18. 15, 16, 17.

IX. That all the churches of the respe@ive coasociations shall chuíe, if they see caufe one ar cwo Meggbers of each church, to Represent them, in the councils of the said churches, as occafion may call for them who thail fand in that capacity, till now be chosen for the fame service unless any church fhall incline co chuse their Messengers a Dew, upon the convening of such councils. 49. 15. 2. 4. 2 Cor. 8. 23.

X. That the Minister or Minifters of the county Towns, and where there are no Minifers in such Towns, the two next Ministers to the said Town fhall as foon as convenientJy may be, appoint a time and 'place, for the Meering of the Elders and Meffengers of the Churches in the faid County, in order to their forming themselves into one or more confociations, and notify the aid time and place to the Elders and Churches of chat County who Ahall attend at the same, the Elders in their own persons, and the Churches by their Melo lengers if they fce cause to fend chem. Which Elders and Mediengers so. Aficmbled in coun

cil, as allo any other council hereby allowed of, shall have power to adjourn themselves as need lhall' be, for the space of one year, after the beginning or firft Semion of the said council, and no longer. And chal Minister who was chosen at the lant Seflion of any council, to be moderator, shall with the ad. vice and consent of two-more Elders ( or in case of the moderators death, any two Elders of the fame consociation ) call another council within the circuit, when they shall judge there is need thereofa And all councils may prescribe Rules, as eccafion may Require, and whatsoever they fall judge needful within their circuit, for the well performing, and ora derly managing the several Ads, to beattended by them or matters that come under their cognizance. Pbil. 4. 8. 1 Cor. 14. 40. Pbil. 3. 15, 16. Rom. 14. 2, 3. '

XI. That if any person or persons orderly complained of to a council, or that are Witnesses to tych complaints, (having regular Noti@cation to appear ) shall refuse, or neglect foco do, in the Place, and at the Time (pecifyed in the Warning given, except they or he give some satisfying Reason thereof to the faid council, they shall be judged guilty of Scandalous contempt. Col. 2. 5. Heb. 13. 19. i Tbef. 5. 14.

XII. That

XII, That the Teachirg Elders of cach County shall be one Affociation (or more, if . they see cause) which Association or Affociations shallAllemble cwice a Year at least at luch time aod place, as they fhall appoint, to consule the duties of their Office, and the common Intered of the Churches, who shall coufider and resolveQueftions &c cases of Importance, which fhall be offered by any among themselves, or others, who also shall have power of Examin'ing and Recommending the candidates of the Miniftry to the work thereot. Pfal. 133. I tas 20. 17,28,10 32. Mal. 2. 7. Mat. 5.14. Deut. 17. 8,9,10. 1 Tim. 5. 22. 2 Tim. 2. 15. 1 Tim. 3.'6, 10. Rom. 10. 15. 1 Tim. 4. 14.'

XIII. That the said Affeciated Paftors thall take notice of any among themselves, that may be accused of Scandal, or Heresy unto or cognizable by them,txamine the malter carefully, and if they find just occalion shall direct co the calling of the council, where such openders shall be duly preceeded against. Ley 19. 17. I Cor. 5.6. Tit. 3 10,11. Ifa. 52. 11. Mala

3. 3. Tit. 1.6,16 9. Deus. 13. 14. 340b. Perses . 9, 10. Rev. 2, 14, 15, 1 Tim. 1. 20 & 4. 44.

XIV. That the faid Affociated Paftors fall allo be confuled by Bereaved Churches, belonging to their Asociation and recommend Ce luch Churches such persons, as may be

to be called and settled in the work of the Gospel Ministry among them. And if such Bereaved Churches: llall not seasonably call and fetcle a Minister arnong them, thefaid Alfociated Paftors shall lay the ftate of such Bereaved Church before the General Asienbly of this Colony, that they may take such Order concerning them, as fhall be found neceflarý for their peace and edification. 2 Cor. ir. 28. Pbil. 2. 19, 20, 24. 2 Tini. 2. 15. Tis. 1. 6, to 10. 14. 49. 23... * XV. That it be recommended as Expedient, ebat all the Affociations of this Colony do Keee in a General Affociation by their respeclive Delegies, one or more out of each Allociation oncé a Ysar, che firft Meeting to be af Hartford, at the cime of the General Election next Ensuing the Date hereof, and fo Annually in all the Counties fucceffively, at fuch time and place, as they the said Delegates all in their Annual Meetings Appoint. Heb. 13. i.

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