"The Book!" Or, The Proceedings and Correspondence Upon the Subject of the Inquiry Into the Conduct of Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales

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Strona 214 - I shall not infringe the terms of the restriction by proposing, at any period, a connection of a more particular nature. I shall now finally close this disagreeable correspondence, trusting that, as we have completely explained ourselves to each other, the rest of our lives will be passed in uninterrupted tranquillity. " I am, madam, with great truth, Very sincerely yours, , (Signed) «
Strona 9 - Inquiry, as distinctly as on the former facts : that, .as on the one hand> the facts of pregnancy and delivery are to our minds satisfactorily disproved, so on the other hand we think, that the circumstances to which we now refer, particularly those stated to have passed between Her Royal Highness and Captain Manby, must be credited until they shall receive some decisive contradiction ; and, if true, are justly entitled to the most * serious consideration.
Strona 11 - I now look for that happy moment, when I may be allowed to appear again before your Majesty's eyes, and receive once more the assurance from your Majesty's own mouth that I have your gracious protection...
Strona 10 - I had reason to flatter myself that the lords commissioners would not have given in the report, before they had been properly informed of various circumstances, which must, for a feeling and delicate-minded woman, be very unpleasant to have spread, without having the means to exculpate herself. But...
Strona 7 - We are happy to declare to Your Majesty our perfect conviction that there is no foundation whatever for believing that the child now with the Princess is the child of Her Royal Highness, or that she was delivered of any child in the year 1802 ; nor has any thing appaared to us which would warrant the belief that she was pregnant in that year, or at any other period within the compass of our inquiries.
Strona 43 - Princess's own mouth, and partly on the personal observation of the informants, the following most important facts; viz. That her Royal Highness had been pregnant in the year 1802, in consequence of an illicit intercourse, and that she had in the same year been secretly delivered of a male child, which child had ever since that period been brought up by her Royal Highness, in her own house, and under her immediate inspection.
Strona 228 - ... have been obliged to have resort to their own invention, for the support of the charge, is the strongest demonstration that the truth, undisguised, and correctly represented, could furnish them with no handle against me. And when I consider the nature and malignity of that conspiracy, which I feel confident I have completely detected and exposed, I cannot but think of that detection with the liveliest gratitude, as the special blessing of providence, who, by confounding the machinations of my...
Strona 294 - I know not, but she chose to relate to me every private circumstance she knew relative to every part of the royal family, and also every thing relative to her own, with such strange anecdotes, and circumstantial accounts of things that never are talked of, that I again repeat, I hope I shall never hear again ; and I remember once in my lying-in-room, she gave such an account of lady Ann Windham's marriage, and all her husband said on the occasion, that Mrs.
Strona 215 - The avowal of your conversation with Lord Cholmondeley, neither surprises nor offends me. It merely confirmed what you have tacitly insinuated for this twelvemonth. But, after this, it would be a want of delicacy, or rather an unworthy meanness in me, were I to complain of those conditions which you impose upon yourself. " I should have returned no answer to your letter, if it had not been conceived in terms to make it doubtful, whether this arrangement proceeds from you or from me, and you are aware...
Strona 92 - I yet have finished my observations on Mr. Cole's credit ; but I must reserve the remainder, till I consider his evidence with respect to Mr. Lawrence ; and till I have occasion to comment upon the testimony of Fanny Lloyd. Then, indeed, I shall be under the necessity of exhibiting to your Majesty these witnesses, Fanny Lloyd and Mr. Cole, (both of whom are represented as so unbiassed, and so credible) in flat, decisive, and irreconcileable contradiction to each other.

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