World War I: A Student Encyclopedia

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ABC-CLIO, 2006 - 2454

Featuring a wealth of new information and an extraordinary gallery of images, this five-volume set is the new standard reference for introducing students to World War I.

World War I: A Student Encyclopedia captures the full scope and lasting impact of its daunting subject, and makes it coherent and relevant to today's students. With coverage that meets the needs of teachers, curriculum specialists, and school districts, and an image-rich presentation filled with superb research reinforcement, it is the new standard student-focused reference to the Great War and to the nations and people whose lives were forever changed by it.

World War I offers over 1,000 entries (over one million words and hundreds of photos and illustrations), plus a separate volume of official documents, personal correspondence, and additional essays. With this resource, students can follow the marches to the fronts and travel from the councils of military strategy to the corridors of political power to home fronts everywhere, meeting leading historic figures, soldiers in the trenches, and civilians caught up in the struggle. In addition, they can get quick, authoritative help in exploring every possible topic about the war--whether for homework, preparing for exams, or researching special projects.

* Over 1,000 A-Z entries that give students access to important, clarifying scholarship on everything from military engagements (Battle of the Somme), to famous people (Lawrence of Arabia), to the diplomatic world (Treaty of Versailles), and much, much more

* 150 contributors, including scholars from the United States, Britain, China, Japan, Australia, France, Germany, Austria, and Scandinavia, helping students understand the war from all points of view

* An inviting design incorporating 771 photographs, including contemporaneous images of individuals, scenes from the front lines, posters, and weapon technologies

* A comprehensive chronology of the war to give students a sense of time and relationship between the major events of the conflict

* 53 charts, battle maps, and locational maps provide the geographic context necessary to understand how the conflict moved and why and where the battlefield stalled

* A resource area designed especially with students in mind, featuring a general and a category index (e.g. individuals, event, country, etc.), a "How to Use" section (for working with maps, primary sources, and tables and charts), and a list of reliable, vetted websites for further research

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List of Maps
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Historiography of World War I
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The Coming of War
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Spencer C. Tucker, PhD, is senior fellow in military history for ABC-CLIO and the author or editor of more than 40 books and encyclopedias, many of which have been recognized by awards.

Priscilla Mary Roberts, Ph.D., is an associate professor of history and Honorary Director of the Centre of American Studies at the University of Hong Kong. She spent 2003 as a visiting Fulbright scholar at the Institute for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies at The George Washington University, Washington, D.C. She was the assistant editor of ABC-CLIO's Encyclopedia of the Korean War.

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