A View of Society and Manners in France, Switzerland and Germany: With Anecdotes Relating to Some Eminent Characters, Tom 1

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J. Smith, 1783

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Strona 261 - When the weather is favourable, he takes an airing in his coach, with his niece, or with some of his guests, of whom there is always a sufficient number at Ferney. Sometimes he saunters in his garden ; or, if the weather does not permit him to go abroad, he employs his...
Strona 26 - ... equally purified from the awkward timidity contracted in retirement, and the difgufting arrogance infpired by univerfity honours, or church dignities. At Paris, the pedants of Moliere are to be feen on the ftage only. In this country, at prefent, there are many men diftinguifhed by their learning, •who at the fame time...
Strona 44 - Englifh nobility. When they hear of the freedom of debate in parliament, of the liberties taken in writing or fpeaking of the conduct of the king, or meafures of government, and the forms to be obferved, before thofe who venture on the moft daring abufe of either can be brought to punifhment, they feem filled with indignation, and fay with an air of triumph, C'eft bien autrement chez nous : Si le Roi de France avoit affaire a ces Meffieurs la, il leur apprendroit a vivre.
Strona 178 - Syndics, amidft the acclamations of the people. Some time after this, on the day of his feaft, a camp was formed on a plain, without the gates of the city. Here the whole forces of the republic, both horfe and foot, were aflembled, and divided into two diftinct armies.
Strona 118 - can weave hair nets and silk purses, and mend stockings. Besides, my uncle has two hundred livres of mine in his hands, and although he is brother-in-law to the Bailiff, and volontiers brutal, yet I will make him pay it every sous.
Strona 285 - I remain of opinion that no country but Great Britain is proper for the education of a British subject who proposes to pass his life in his own country. The most important point, in my mind, to be secured in the education of a young man of rank of our country is to make him an Englishman, and this can be done nowhere so effectually as in England.
Strona 118 - that we are not objects of compassion. May we not be happy, my good friend (turning to her lover with a look of exquisite tenderness), if it be not our own fault ? ' 'If you are not, ma douce amie ! ' 1 said the soldier with great warmth, 'je serai bien A plaindre.
Strona 289 - Englim, appear a kind of Frenchman all his life after. This is an inconvenience which ought to be avoided with the greateft attention.
Strona 25 - You can scarcely believe the influence which this body of men have in the gay and dissipated city of Paris. Their opinions not only determine the merit of works of taste and science, but they have considerable weight on. the manners and sentiments of people of rank, of the public in general, and consequently are not without effect on the measures of government.

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