The elements of algebra, Tom 2

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Strona 4 - BLAIR'S CHRONOLOGICAL AND HISTORICAL TABLES, From the Creation to the present time : with Additions and Corrections from the most authentic Writers ; including the Computation of St. Paul, as connecting the Period from the Exode to the Temple. Under the revision of Sir HENRY ELLIS, KH, Principal Librarian of the British Museum.
Strona xxv - ... 8 days. But on the evening of the sixth day, 100 men were killed in a sally, and afterwards the mortality increased to 10 daily. Supposing the stock of provisions unconsumed at the end of the sixth day to support 6 men for 61 days ; it is required to find how long it would support the garrison, and the number of men alive when the provisions were exhausted.
Strona 9 - Ancient and Modern : with the Lines of Latitude and Longitude only, for the Pupil to fill up, and designed to accompany the above, 4to. each 4s.
Strona 1 - Howard's Latin Exercises extended. Latin Exercises Extended ; or, a Series of Latin Exercises, selected from the best Roman Writers, and adapted to the Rules of Syntax, particularly in the Eton Grammar. To which are added , English Examples to be translated into Latin , immediately under the same rule. Arranged under Models. By NATHANIEL HOWARD.
Strona 1 - Exercises, &c. on Latin Grammar. Series of Exercises and Questions ; adapted to the best Latin Grammars, and designed as a Guide to Parsing, and an Introduction to the Exercises of Valpy, Turner, Clarke, Ellis, &c. &c. By the Rev. C. BRADLEY. 4th Edition. 12mo.2s. 6d. bound. Bradley's Latin Prosody, and Key. Exercises in Latin Prosody and Versification.
Strona 6 - Institution. 8vo. 16s. bound. Professor Thomson's Elementary Algebra. An Elementary Treatise on Algebra, Theoretical and Practical. By JAMES THOMSON, LL.D. Professor of Mathematics in the University of Glasgow. 2d Edition.
Strona ii - A certain number of sovereigns, shillings, and sixpences together amount to 8/. 6s. 6d., and the amount of the shillings is a guinea less than that of the sovereigns, and a guinea and a half more than that of the sixpences : Find the numbers of each coin.
Strona 63 - If, therefore, a number is an exact power of 10, its logarithm is a whole number. If a number is not an exact power of 10, its logarithm will not be a whole number, but will be made up of an entire part plus a fractional part, which is generally expressed decimally. The entire part of the logarithm is called the characteristic ; the decimal part is called the mantissa.
Strona 10 - Lambert. 12mo. 5s. 6d. bound. Hamel's French Grammar (the Original Edition). A New Universal French Grammar ; being an accurate System of French Accidence and Syntax. By N. HAMEL. New Edit, improved.

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