New challenges for documentary

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Manchester University Press, 13 maj 2005 - 507
The first edition of this book provided a major stimulus for teaching about documentary film and television and fresh encouragement for critical thinking about practice. This second edition brings together many new contributions both from academics and filmmakers, reflecting shifts both in documentary production itself, and in ways of discussing it. Once again, the emphasis has been on clear and provocative writing, sympathetic to the practical challenges of documentary filmmaking but making connections with a range of work in media and communications analysis.With its wide range of contributors and the international scope of its agenda, this will be essential reading for general filmmakers and documentary students both of academic and practical inclinations.

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Documentary as Genre
Film Jay Ruby
Television Documentary and the Category of
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Informacje o autorze (2005)

John Corner is Professor in the School of Politics and Communication Studies at the University of Liverpool.

Alan Rosenthal is Professor of Communications at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a documentary filmmaker.

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