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ed, for they go wickedly about O LORD, thou hast dealt to destroy me; but I will be graciously with thy servant, occupied in thy commandments. according unto thy word. 7 Let such as fear thee, and

2 O learn me true under-have known thy testimonies, be standing and knowledge ; for I turned unto me. have believed thy command- 8 O let my heart be sound in ments.

thy statutes, that I be not 3 Before I was troubled, I ashamed. went wrong ; but now have I

Defecit anima mea, kept thy word. 4 Thou art good and gra

MY soul hath longed for thy cious : 0 teach me thy statutes ! salvation, and I have a good

5 The proud have imagined hope because of thy word. a lie against me; but I will 2 Mine eyes long sore for keep thy commandments with thy word; saying, 0 when wilt my whole heart.

thou comfort me ? 6 Their heart is as fat as

3 For I am become like a brawn; but my delight hath bottle in the smoke; yet do I been in thy law.

not forget thy statutes. 7 It is good for me that I 4 How many are the days of have been in trouble ; that I thy servant? when wilt thou may learn thy statutes. be avenged of them that perse

8 The law of thy mouth is cute me? dearer unto me than thousands 5 The proud have digged of gold and silver.

pits for me, which are not after


6 All thy commandments are Manus tuæ fecerunt me.

true: they persecute me falsely; THY hands have made me, o be thou my help. and fashioned me: 0 give me 7 They had almost made an understanding, that I may learn end of me upon earth; but I thy commandments.

forsook not thy commandments. 2 They that fear thee will be 80 quicken me after thy glad when they see me; because loving kindness; and so shall I I have put my trust in thy keep the testimonies of thy word.

mouth. 3 I know, O LORD, that thy iudgments are right, and that

In æternum, Domine, thou of very faithfulness hast O LORD, thy word endureth caused me to be troubled. for ever in heaven.

4 O let thy merciful kindness 2 Thy truth also remaineth be my comfort, according to from one generation to another; thy word unto thy servant. thou hast laid the foundation

5 O let thy loving mercies of the earth, and it abideth. come unto me, that I may live; 3 They continue this day for thy law is my delight. according to thine ordinance ;

6 Let the proud be confound- for all things serve thee.


4 If my delight had not been 2 I have sworn, and am in thy law, I should have steadfastly purposed, to keep perished in my trouble. thy righteous judgments.

5 I will never forget thy 3 I am troubled above mea. commandments; for with them sure: quicken me, O LORD, thou hast quickened me. according to thy word.

6 I am thine: O save me, 4 Let the free-will offerings for I have sought thy command- of my mouth please thee, o ments.

Lord; and teach me thy judg. 7 The ungodly laid wait for ments. me, to destroy me; but I will 5 My soul is alway in my consider thy testimonies. hand ; yet do I not forget thy

8 I see that all things come law. to an end ; but thy command- 6 The ungodly have laid a ment is exceeding broad. snare for me; but yet I swerved Quomodo dilexi!

not from thy commandments. LORD, what love have I claimed as mine heritage for

7 Thy testimonies have I unto thy law! all the day long ever ; and why? they are the is my study in it.

very joy of my heart. 2 Thou, through thy com

8 I have applied my heart to mandments, hast made wiser than mine enemies; for unto the end.

fulfil thy statutes alway, even they are ever with me.

3 I have more understanding Iniquos odio habui, than my teachers; for thy testi- I HATE them that imagine monies are my study. 4 I am wiser than the aged; love.

evil things; but thy law do I because I keep thy command:

2 Thou art my defence and ments.

shield; and my trust is in thy 5 I have refrained my feet word. from every


3 Away from me, ye wicked; keep thy word.

I will keep the commandments 6 I have not shrunk from thy of my God. judgments; for thou teachest

4 0 stablish me according to

thy word, that I may live; and 7 O how sweet are thy words let me not be disappointed of unto my throat; yea, sweeter

my hope! than honey unto my mouth!

5 Hold thou me up, and I 8 Through thy command- shall be safe ; yea, my delight ments I get understanding : shall be ever in thy statutes. therefore I hate all evil ways.

6 Thou hast trodden down

all them that depart from thy THE TWENTY-SIXTH DAY. statutes; for they imagine but

deceit. Lucerna pedibus meis.

Thou puttest away all the THY word is a lantern unto my ungodly of the earth like dross; feet, and a light unto my paths. I therefore I love thy testimonies.

that I may



8 My filesh trembleth for 5 Order my steps in thy fear of thee ; and I am afraid word; and so shall no wickedof thy judgments.

ness have dominion over me. Feci judicium.

6 0 deliver me from the I DEAL with the thing that wrongful dealings of men ; and is lawful and right; give

so shall I keep thy command

ments. me not over unto mine


7 Show the light of thy counpressors ! 2 Make thou thy servant

tenance upon thy servant, and to delight in that which is

teach me thy statutes. good, that the proud do me no

8 Mine eyes gush out with

water, because men keep not wrong.

3 Mine eyes

are wasted thy law.

away with looking for thy

Justus es, Domine. health, and for the word of thy

RIGHTEOUS art thou, O righteousness. 40 deal with thy servant

LORD; and true is thy judgment.

2 The testimonies that thou according unto

thy loving hast commanded are exceeding mercy, and teach me thy sta

righteous and true. tutes. 5 I am thy servant; O grant sumed me; because mine ene

3 My zeal hath even conme understanding, that I may mies have forgotten thy words. know thy testimonies. 6 It is time for thee, LORD,

4 Thy word is tried to the to lay to thine hand; for they loveth it.

uttermost, and thy servant have destroyed thy law.

5 I am small and of no repu7 For I love thy commandments above gold and precious tation; yet do I not forget thy

commandments. stones. 8 Therefore hold I straight

6 Thy righteousness is an all thy commandments; and all everlasting righteousness, and false ways I utterly abhor.

thy law is the truth.

7 Trouble and heaviness have Mirabilia.

taken hold upon me; yet is my THY testimonies are won- delight in thy commandments. derful; therefore doth


soul 8 The righteousness of thy keep them.

testimonies is everlasting: 0 2 When thy word goeth grant me understanding, and I forth, it giveth light and under- shall live. standing unto the simple.

3 I opened my mouth, and drew in my breath; for my

Clamari in toto corde meo. delight was in thy command- I CALL with my whole heart; ments.

hear me, O LORD; I will keep 4 O look thou upon me, and thy statutes. be merciful unto me, as thou 2 Yea, even unto thee do I usest to do unto those that love call; help me, and I shall keep thy name.

thy testimonies.


3 Early in the morning do I Principes persecuti sunt. cry unto thee; for in thy word

PRINCES have persecuted is my trust.

me without a cause; but my 4 Mine eyes prevent the

heart standeth in awe of thy night watches; that I might be

word. occupied in thy words. 5 Hear my voice, O LORD,

2 I am as glad of thy word, according unto thy loving kind- as one that findeth great spoils. ness ; quicken me according as abhor them ; but thy law do I

3 As for lies, I hate and thou art wont.

love. 6 They draw nigh that of

4 Seven times a-day do I malice persecute me, and are

praise thee; because of thy far from thy law.

7 Be thou nigh at hand, o righteous judgments. LORD; for all thy command- have who love thy law; and

5 Great is the peace that they ments are true.

8 As concerning thy testimo- they are not offended at it. nies, I have known long since, thy saving health, and done

6 LORD, I have looked for that thou hast grounded them for ever.

after thy commandments.

7 My soul hath kept thy Vide humilitatem.

testimonies, and loved them O CONSIDER mine adver

exceedinglý: sity, and deliver me, for I do

8 I have kept thy command

ments and testimonies; for all not forget thy law. 2 Avenge thou my cause,

my ways are before thee. and deliver me; quicken me

Appropinquet deprecatio. according to thy word.

3 Health is far from the LET my complaint come ungodly; for they regard not before thee, O LORD; give me thy statutes.

understanding according to thy 4 Great is thy mercy, 0 word. LORD ; quicken me as thou art 2 Let my supplication come wont.

before thee; deliver me ac5 Many there are that trouble cording to thy word. me, and persecute me; yet do I 3 My lips shall speak of thy not swerve from thy testimonies.. praise, when thou hast taught

6 It grieveth me when I see me thy statutes. the transgressors; because they 4 Yea, my tongue shall sing keep not thy law.

of thy word; for all thy com7 Consider, O LORD, how I mandments are righteous. love thy commandments ; 0 5 Let thine hand help me ; quicken' me according to thy for I have chosen thy comloving kindness.

mandments. 8 Thy word is true from 6 I have longed for thy saving everlasting; all the judgments health, O LORD; and in thy law of thy righteousness endure for is my delight.

70 let my soul live, and it

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shall praise thee; and thy 5 The LORD himself is thy judgments shall help me. keeper; the LORD is thy defence

8 I have gone astray like a upon thy right hand; sheep that is lost; O seek thy 6 So that the sun shall not servant, for I do not forget thy burn thee by day, neither the commandments.

moon by night.

7 The LORD shall preserve thee from all evil; yea, it is

even he that shall keep thy TWENTY-SEVENTH DAY.' soul.

8 The LORD shall preserve Psalm 120. Ad Dominum. thy going out and thy coming

in, from this time forth for WHEN I was in trouble, I

evermore. called upon the LORD, and he heard mc.

PSALM 122. Lætatus sum. 2 Deliver my soul, O LORD,

I WAS glad when they said from lying lips, and from deceitful tongue.

unto me, We will go into the

house of the LORD. 3 What reward shall be

2 Our feet shall stand in thy given or done unto thee, thou

gates, o Jerusalem. false tongue ? even mighty and

3 Jerusalem is built as a city sharp arrows, with hot burning that is at unity in itself. coals.

4 For thither the tribes go 4 Wo is me, that I am constrained to dwell with Mesech, to testify unto Israel, to give

up, even the tribes of the LORD, and to have my habitation

thanks unto the name of the among the tents of Kedar!

LORD. 5 My soul hath long dwelt

5 For there is the seat of among them that are enemies judgment, even the seat of the unto peace.

house of David. 6 Í labour for peace but when I speak unto them thereof, Jerusalem; they shall prosper

6 O pray for the peace they make them ready to battle. that love thee. Psalm 121. Levavi oculos meos.

7 Peace be within thy walls,

and plenteousness within thy I WILL lift up mine eyes palaces. unto the hills, from whence 8. For my brethren and comcometh my help.

panions' sakes, I will wish thee 2 My help cometh even from prosperity. the Lord, who hath made hea- 9 Yea, because of the house ven and earth.

of the LORD our God, I will 3 He will not suffer thy foot seek to do thee good. to be moved; and he that keep PSALM 123. Ad te levavi oculos meos. eth thee will not sleep.

4 Behold, he that keepeth UNTO thee lift I up mine Israel shall neither slumber nor eyes, O thou that dwellest in sleep.

the heavens.


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