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am in my Father, and ye in me, I know that I love the Father ; and I in you.

He that hath my and as the Father gave me commandments, and keepeth commandment, even so I do. them, he it is that loveth me; and he that loveth me, shall be

MONDAY IN WHITSUN-WEEK. loved of my Father; and I will

The Collect. love him, and will manifest myself to him.

Judas saith O GOD, who as at this time unto him, (not Iscariot,) Lord, didst teach the hearts of thy how is it that thou wilt manifest faithful people, by sending to thyself unto us, and not unto them the light of thy Holy the world? Jesus answered and SPIRIT ; grant us by the same said unto him, If a man love SPIRIT to have a right judgment me, he will keep my words ; in all things, and evermore to and my Father will love him, rejoice in his holy comfort, and we will come unto him, through the merits of CHRIST and make our abode with him. JESUS our Saviour, who liveth He that loveth me not, keepeth and reigneth with thee, in the not my sayings : and the word unity of the same Spirit, one which ye hear is not mine, but God, world without end. Amen the Father's which sent me. These things have I spoken For the Epistle. Acts x. 34. unto you, being yet present THEN Peter opened his

But the Comforter, mouth, and said, Of a truth I which is the Holy Ghost, perceive that God is whom the Father will send in respecter of persons ; but in my name, he shall teach you all every nation, he that feareth things, and bring all things to him, and worketh righteousyour remembrance, whatsoever ness, is accepted with him. I have said unto you. Peace I The word which God sent unto leave with you, my peace I give the children of Israel, preaching unto you: not as the world peace by Jesus Christ, (he is giveth, give I unto you. Let Lord of all;) that word, I say, not your heart be troubled, ye know, which was published neither let it be afraid. Ye throughout all Judea, and began have heard how I said unto from Galilee, after the baptism you, I go away, and come again which John preached : How


ye loved me, ye God anointed Jesus of Nazareth would rejoice, because I said, I with the Holy Ghost, and go unto the Father : for my with power; who went about Father is greater than I. And doing good, and healing all now I have told you before it that were oppressed of the come to pass, that when it is devil; for God was with him. come to pass, ye might believe. And we are witnesses of all Hereafter I will not talk much things which he did, both in with

you : for the prince of this the land of the Jews, and in world cometh, and hath nothing Jerusalem; whom they slew, in me. But that the world may and hanged on a tree. Him

with you.


unto you.





God raised up the third day, demned already, because he and showed him openly; not hath not believed in the name to all the people, but unto of the only begotten Son OF witnesses chosen before of God; God. And this is the condemeven to us, who did eat and nation, that light is come into drink with him after he rose the world, and men loved dark. from the dead. And he com- ness rather than light, because manded us to preach unto the their deeds were evil. For people, and to testify that it every one that doeth evil hateth is he which was ordained of the light, neither cometh to the God to be the judge of quick light, lest his deeds should be and dead. To him give all the reproved. But he that doeth prophets witness, that through truth cometh to the light, that his name, whosoever believeth his deeds may be made manifest, in him, shall receive remission that they are wrought in God. of sins. While Peter yet spake these words, the Holy Ghost fell on all them who heard the

The Collect. word. And they of the circumion who believed,

O GOD, who as at this time astonished, as many as came didst teach the hearts of thy with Peter, because that on the faithful people, by sending to Gentiles also was poured out them the light of thy Holy the gift of the Holy Ghost. Spirit ; grant us by the same For they heard them speak SPIRIT to have a right judgwith tongues, and magnify God. ment in all things, and evermore Then answered Peter, Can any to rejoice in his holy comfort, man forbid water, that these through the merits of CHRIST should not be baptized, who Jesus our Saviour, who liveth have received the Holy Ghost and reigneth with thee, in the as well as we? And he com- unity of the same SPIRIT, one manded them to be baptized in God, world without end. Amen. the name of the Lord. Then For the Epistle. Acts viii. 14. prayed they him to tarry certain days.

WHEN the Apostles, who

were at Jerusalem, heard that The Gospel. St. John iii. 16. Samaria had received the word

GOD so loved the world, that of God, they sent unto them he gave his only begotten Son, Peter and John; who, when that whosoever believeth in they were come down, prayed him should not perish, but have for them, that they might everlasting life. For God sent receive the Holy Ghost; (for not his Son into the world to as yet he was condemn the world, but that none of them; only they were the world through him might baptized in the name of the be saved. He that believeth Lord Jesus:) Then laid they on him is not condemned: but their hands on them, and they he that believeth not is con- received the Holy Ghost.

fallen upon


The Gospel. St. John X. 1. power of the divine Majesty to

VERILY, verily, I say unto worship the Unity; we beseech you, He that entereth not by thee that thou wouldest keep the door into the sheep-fold, us steadfast in this faith, and but climbeth up some other evermore defend us from all way, the same is a thief and a

adversities, who livest and robber. But he that entereth reignest, God, world in by the door, is the shepherd without end. Amen. of the sheep. To him the

For the Epistle. Rev. iv. 1. porter openeth ; and the sheep hear his voice; and he calleth

AFTER this I looked, and his own sheep by name, and behold, a door was opened in leadeth them out. And when heaven: and the first voice he putteth forth his own sheep, which I heard, was as it were he goeth before them, and the of a trumpet, talking with me; sheep follow him ; for they which said, Come up hither, know his voice : and a stranger

and I will show thee things will they not follow, but will fee which must be hereafter. And from him ; for they know not immediately I was in the the voice of strangers. This Spirit; and behold, a throne parable spake Jesus unto them; was set in heaven, and one sat but they understood not what on the throne: and he that sat things they were which he was to look upon like a jasper spake unto them. Then said and a sardine-stone: and there Jesus unto them again, Verily, was a rainbow round about the verily, I say unto you,

I throne, in sight like unto an the door of the sheep: all that emerald. And round about the ever came before me are thieves throne were four and twenty and robbers; but the sheep did seats; and upon the seats I not hear them. I am the door: saw four and twenty elders by me if any man enter in, he sitting, clothed in white raishall be saved, and shall go in ment; and they had on their and out, and find pasture. The heads crowns of gold : and out thief cometh not but for to steal, of the throne proceeded lightand to kill, and to destroy: 1 nings, and thunderings, and am come that they might have

voices. And there were seven life, and that they might have lamps of fire burning before it more abundantly.

the throne, which are the seven spirits of God.


the throne, there was a sea of The Collect.

glass, like unto crystal. And

in the midst of the throne, and . ALMIGHTY and everlasting round about the throne, were God, who hast given unto us four beasts full of eyes before thy servants grace, by the and behind: and the first beast confession of a true faith, to was like a lion, and the second acknowledge the glory of the beast like a calf, and the third eternal TRINITY, and in the beast had a face as a man, and


the fourth beast was like a is flesh; and that which is born fying eagle. And the four of the SPIRIT, is spirit. Marvel beasts had each of them six not that I said unto thee, ye wings about him; and they were must be born again. The wind full of eyes within : and they bloweth where it listeth, and rest not day and night, saying, thou hearest the sound thereof, Holy, holy, holy, LORD God but canst not tell whence it ALMIGHTY, who was, and is, cometh, and whither it goeth; and is to come. And when so is every one that is born those beasts give glory, and of the SPIRIT. Nicodemus honour, and thanks to him that answered and said unto him, sat on the throne, who liveth How can these things be? for ever and ever, the four and Jesus answered and said unto twenty elders fall down before him, Art thou a master of Israel, him that sat on the throne, and and knowest not these things? worship him that liveth for ever Verily, verily, I say unto thee, and ever, and cast their crowns we speak that we do know, and before the throne, saying, Thou testify that we have seen ; and art worthy, O LORD, to receive ye receive not our witness. If glory, and honour, and power; I have told you earthly things, for thou hast created all things, and ye believe not; how shall and for thy pleasure they are, ye believe, if I tell you of and were created.

heavenly things? And no man The Gospel. St. John iii. 1.

hath ascended up to heaven,

but he that came down from THERE was a man of the heaven, even the Son of man, Pharisees, named Nicodemus, who is in heaven. And as a ruler of the Jews : the same Moses lifted up the serpent in came to Jesus by night, and the wilderness, even so must said unto him, Rabbi, we know the Son of man be lifted up; that thou art a teacher come that whosoever believeth in from God: for no man can do him should not perish, but these miracles that thou doest, have eternal life. except God be with him. Jesus answered and said unto him,

THE FIRST SUNDAY AFTER Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

The Collect. Nicodemus saith unto him, How O GOD, the strength of all can a man be born when he is those who put their trust in old ? can he enter the second thee, mercifully accept our time into his mother's womb, prayers; and because, through and be born? Jesus answered, the weakness of our mortal Verily, verily, I say unto thee, nature, we can do no good except a man be born of water, thing without thee, grant us and of the spirit, he cannot the help of thy grace, that in enter into the kingdom of God. keeping thy commandments That which is born of the flesh, Iwe may please thee, both in



will and deed, through Jesus, We love him, because he first CHRIST our Lord, Amen.

loved us.

If a man say, I love

God, and hateth his brother, The Epistle. 1 John iv. 7.

he is a liar : for he that loveth BELOVED, let us love one not his brother, whom he hath another : for love is of God, seen, how can he love God, and every one that loveth is whom he hath not seen? And born of God, and knoweth Gop. this commandment have we He that loveth not, knoweth from him, that he who loveth not God; for God is love. In God, love his brother also. this was manifested the love of GOD towards us, because that

The Gospel. St. Luke xvi. 19. God sent his only begotten Son THERE was a certain rich into the world, that we might man, who was clothed in purple live through him. Herein is and fine linen, and fared love, not that we loved God, sumptuously every day. And but that he loved us, and sent there a certain beggar, his Son to be the propitiation named Lazarus, who was laid for our sins. Beloved, if God at his gate, full of sores ; and so loved us, we ought also to desiring to be fed with the love

one another. No man crumbs which fell from the rich hath seen God at any time. If man's table : moreover, the we love one another, God dogs came and licked his sores. dwelleth in us, and his love is And it came to pass that the perfected in us. Hereby know beggar died, and was carried we that we dwell in him, and by the angels into Abraham's he in us; because he hath given bosom : the rich man also died, us of his Spirit. And we have and was buried: and in hell he seen and do testify, that the lifted up his eyes, being in FATHER sent the Son to be the torments, and seeth Abraham Saviour of the world. Who- afar off, and Lazarus in his soever shall confess that Jesus bosom. And he cried, and said, is the SON God, God Father Abraham, have mercy dwelleth in him, and he in on me, and send Lazarus, that God. And we have known he may dip the tip of his finger and believed the love that God in water, and cool my tongue, hath to us. God is love ; and for I am tormented in this he that dwelleth in love, flame. But Abraham said, Son, dwelleth in God, and God in remember that thou in thy lifehim. Herein is our love made time receivedst thy good things, perfect, that we may have and likewise Lazarus evil things; boldness in the day of judgment; but now he is comforted, and because as he is, so are we in thou art tormented. And this world. There is no fear besides all this, between us and in love ; but perfect love you there is a great gulph fixed: casteth out fear; because fear so that they who would pass hath torment: he that feareth, from hence to you cannot ; is not made perfect in love. I neither can they pass to us that


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