The British poets, including translations, Tom 14

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Strona 30 - Tis Hope is the most hopeless thing of all. Hope, thou bold taster of delight, Who, whilst thou should'st but taste, devour'st it quite!
Strona 197 - All arm'd in brass the richest dress of war (A dismal glorious sight), he shone afar. The sun himself started with sudden fright, To see his beams return so dismal bright.
Strona 10 - In deserts solitude. I should have then this only fear, Lest men, when they my pleasures see, Should hither throng to live like me, And so make a city here.
Strona 103 - ... influence. No matter, Cowley ; let proud Fortune see, That thou canst her despise no less than she does thee. Let all her gifts the portion be Of folly, lust, and flattery, Fraud, extortion, calumny, Murder, infidelity, Rebellion and hypocrisy. Do thou nor grieve nor blush to be, As all th' inspired tuneful men, And all thy great forefathers were, from Homer down to Ben.
Strona 96 - Queen, thy travelling throne, And bid it to put on ; For long, though cheerful, is the way, And life, alas, allows but one ill winter's day. Where never foot of man, or hoof of beast The passage prest. Where never fish did fly, And with short silver wings cut the low liquid sky.
Strona 137 - Beneath the' eternal fountain of all waves, Where their vast court the mother-waters keep, And, undisturb'd by moons, in silence sleep ; There is a place, deep, wondrous deep, below, Which genuine Night and Horror does o'erflow ; No bound controls the' unwearied space, but hell, Endless as those dire pains that in it dwell.
Strona 54 - If tall, the name of proper slays ; If fair, she's pleasant as the light ; If low, her prettiness does please ; If black, what lover loves not night? If yellow-hair'd, I love, lest it should be The' excuse to others for not loving me.
Strona 102 - And circumcis'ed my tender Soul, and thus she spake, Thou of my Church shalt be, Hate and renounce (said she) Wealth, Honor, Pleasures, all the World for Me. Thou neither great at Court, nor in the War, Nor at th' Exchange shalt be, nor at the wrangling Bar.
Strona 9 - And a few friends, and many books, both true, Both wise, and both delightful too! And since Love ne'er will from me flee, A mistress moderately fair, And good as...
Strona 139 - Nothing is there to come, and nothing past, But an eternal NOW does always last.

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