The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals

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Oxford University Press, 1998 - 472
In his study of infants and children (including observations of his own baby's smiles and pouts), of the insane, of painting and sculpture, of cats and dogs and monkeys, and of the ways that people in different cultures express their feelings, Darwin's insights have not been surpassed by modern science.
This definitive edition of Darwin's masterpiece contains a substantial new Introduction and Afterword by Paul Ekman. Ekman also provides commentaries that use the latest scientific knowledge to elaborate, support, and occasionally challenge Darwin's study. For this edition, Ekman has returned to Darwin's original notes in order to produce for the first time a corrected, authoritative text illustrated by drawings and photographs positioned exactly as its author intended.
"This new edition of Darwin's extraordinary book is a major event in the human sciences."-Steven Pinker
"This new comprehensive edition of Expression will introduce a new generation of readers to Darwin's masterpiece, undiminished and intensely relevant even 125 years after publication."-Oliver Sacks
"Ekman's contribution to his edition of Darwin's 1872 monograph can count as a book in its own right."-Ian Hacking, Times Literary Supplement

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Review: The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals (Masters of Modern Science)

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In which Darwin tries to categorise and explain the evolution of facial expressions and to demonstrate the similarity between human races and between them and other species. It seems odd that he was ... Przeczytaj pełną recenzję

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Introduction to the First Edition
General Principles of Expression
General Principles of Expression continued
in General Principles of Expression concluded
Means of Expression in Animals
Suffering and Weeping
Low Spirits Anxiety Grief Dejection Despair
vin Joy High Spirits Love Tender Feelings Devotion
Hatred and Anger
Disdain Contempt Disgust Guilt Pride Etc
Surprise Astonishment Fear Horror
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Paul Ekman is Professor of Psychology at the University of California at San Francisco. He is the editor of Darwin and Facial Expression and The Nature of Emotion, and author of Telling Lies: Clues to Deceit in the Marketplace, Politics, and Marriage. He lives in San Francisco.

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