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land, to try offenders in the disturbed degree, to the depreciation in the value counties. These Judges opened their of money and to the change of curcommission, and commenced their rency, and that many had lately been labours, in the city of Limerick on the reduced, by these causes, from afflu15th of December'; their authority ex- ence to a state of starvation. The tended to the county and city of Li- commissioners appointed by Parliamerick, the county and city of Cork, ment to inquire into all the departthe counties of Tipperary, Kerry, and ments connected with the revenue in Clare, and the Queen's county: The Ireland have closed their labours for two first persons tried before it were the present season, and adjourned to found guiliy of murder.

Westminster. The talents of the MarThe County of Clare has formed quis Wellesley were expected to proan armed association for mutual de- duce a good effect in calming the agifence. The local gentry exert them- tations of the south of Ireland, and selves with energy. Meetings of the checking the spirit of lawless violence nobility and gentlemen of the counties which was abroad. of Limerick and Tipperary have been The corporation of Dublin has voted held, at which the re-enactment of an address to his Majesty on his return the Insurrection Act has been recom- from Hanover. An address has also mended as an essential measure of been voted to Lord Talbot, the late safety. An official order has been is. Lord Lieutenant, from the Lord Mayor sued by the Lieutenancy of Ireland for and Corporation, on the termination of embodying the Yeomanry Corps. It his temperate and just administration is marked by that spirit of conciliation of the vice-regal government. Several and regard to religious differences which addresses have also been presented, on ought ever to be distinguished in a the same occasion, from the country government. It is dated

parts of the island. “ Dublin Castle, Dec. 7, 1821.

A meeting of the noblemen and gen“SIR-I am directed by the Lord Lieu- tlemen connected with Ireland was astenant to acquaint you, that his Excel- sembled on the 4th ult. at the Thatchlency has been pleased to approve of the ed House Tavern, St. James's-street, Barrack Corps of Yeomanry under your for the purpose of taking the state of command, being augmented to eight com- that country into consideration : the panies of forty men each. His Excellency Earl of Darnley in the chair. The at the same time directs me to observe, Earl of Blessinton, Mr. Rice, Mr. Bethat it is to be distinctly understood that cher, and other gentlemen, delivered no exclusion is to be made on account of their sentiments. A resolution was religion, in the persons forming the aug- carried, by a great majority, for an Admentation, loyalty and good conduct dress to the King, praying that he is not strictly maintained, the Lord Lieu- would be graciously pleased to take tenant must decline sanctioning the

into his consideration the propriety of

aug mentation.

convening Parliament with the least “A blank form of roll is inclosed, possible delay: which you will have properly filled up,

A Court of Common Council was and forwarded to this department, with held on the 7th ult. when a report of the attestations of the men ; and when the Committee of General Purposes, the same is received, the necessary let- to which was entrusted the inquiry ters of service will be issued, and the into the circumstances of the affray other official steps taken to place the between the Life Guards and the pocorps in an efficient state. I have the pulace, on the day of the funeral of bonour to be, Sir, your most obedient Honey and Frances, was given in, orhumble servant,

“ C. GRANT."

dered to be printed, and taken into An extraordinary Catholic meeting consideration on a future day. Mr. has been held in Dublin, the Earl of Alderman Brown also gave notice, that Fingal in the chair ; when a committee he should move for a committee to was appointed to move an address to inquire into the conduct of Mr. WaithMr. Grant on his quitting office. Mr. man at the inquest on Richard Honey. O'Connell stated, that it was notorious An Address having been presented that the causes of the disturbances to the King by the City of Edinburgh, were local, and attributable, in a great his Majesty made the following reply

through Lord Sidmouth, and by him at the same time, to express the joy and addressed to the Lord Provosto

the particular pleasure which we have "mitif Whitehall, Dec. 3, 1821. derived from our first visit to our beloved “ My LORD, I have the bonour of ac- German dominions. Circumstances, inquainting your Lordship, that his Majesty deed, have allowed us but a short stay has been pleased to receive, in the most

this time; and we were hindered by ingracious manner, the very loyal and duti- disposition from profiting by this short ful address of the Lord Provost, Magis- period: yet the universal fidelity and attrates, and Town Council of tbe city of tachment, and the prevailing zeal for the Edinburgh, which was transmitted to me welfare of the country, could not possibly with your Lordship's letter of the 23d ult. escape us, since, wherever we turned our

And I am commanded by his Majesty eyes, we found the confirmation of the to acqnaint your Lordsbip, that his Ma conviction we had long cherished in this jesty looks forward with the highest satis- respect. As this our first visit to our faction to an early opportunity of visitirg kingdom of Hanover will remain indelibly his loyal and faithful subjects in Scotland. impressed on our memory, so we shall at -I have the honour to be, my Lord, your all times bear in mind what may tend to Lordship’s

most obedient humble servant, the duration and increase of its welfare,

(Signed) ". SIDMOUTH." and never doubt the readiness of our A Letter has been addressed by his according to his ability, to the same end.

faithful subjects to contribute, every one Majesty to the Duke of Cambridge, at

We wish these our most gracious sentiHanover, and to the Cabinet Minis- ments to be made known to the several ters at Hanover : eriner

authorities, and to the country in general, GEORGE the FOURTH, &c. &c. and remain with brotherly friendship and 16After ja fortunate journeys , without affectionate regard. « GEORGE R. any accident whatever, we make it our “Carlton-House, Nov. 9, 1821." first business to acquaint you of it, and,

COLONIAL. Jamaica papers state that the House Bar, and said—“I am sorry it has of Assembly ihere met on the 23d of come to this, but it is a duty I owe to October. On the 25th a motion was my country, and my King, to declare, made for continuing the salary of his that any thing done at this meeting is Grace the Duke of Manchester as go- illegal; I therefore, in the name of vernor, during his absence from the the King, adjourn the court.” The island, occasioned by the accident honourable commissaries commanded which occurred to him (see page 103, the secretary to proceed to business ; vol. iii.) This measure was opposed, but the President also, addressing the and lost by a majority of three. secretary, commanded hiin to desist.

One of those dissensions arising The commissaries ordered the Marfrom the conduct of individuals in shal to call the next cause; his Honour colonial authority, which have of late called out, " I order you to adjourn the occurred too often, took place at De- court," and again attempted to read

The Gazette of that colony the paper, but to which the commisstates “ that on the first of October saries would not listen, stating that the President entered the court-house. his Honour had no business there, and The bell rang, and the Marshal sum- positively demanding of him to retire. moned the gentlemen of the Bar. The President, addressing the secreOnly one half of the door was opened, tary and the Bar, said, " You know and on their approaching, his Honour what I have stated, and you hear my attempted to read a paper. He de- positive orders not to go on at this murred to the Bar entering the Court, meeting, until some farther orders are and violently exclaimed against it; given."" One of the commissaries, adwhilst the hon.commissaries De Groot dressing the secretary, said, “ and he and Gavin Fullarton insisted on their has our orders to go on;" the other advancing. His Honour then called also said, “and he has our orders to out to the Marshal, and ordered bim do so." The President, abashed and to adjourn the court. The honourable defeated, retired from the court, and commissaries, on the other hand, or the next cause was called.” dered him to call the next cause, A severe storm, in which several whereon the President addressed the vessels were destroyed, took place on


the oth of September at St Christo- to make olive oil, wine, hemp, and pher's, and very considerable damage dried fruits, articles of exportation. was done on shore to the canes and Sir Thomas Brisbane, the new goverthe plantations.

nor, left Rio de Janeiro in August on Sydney Gazettes bring an account his


thither. that no less then 400 new settlers The Earl of Chatham, the new Gowere to receive grants of land ; that vernor of Gibraltar, arrived there on the colony had the brightest prospects the 15th Nov. uuder a salute, and probefore it. Much new land had been ceeded to the convent, where the keys discovered in the interior, of excellent of the fortress were delivered to him quality, and the colonists hope soon by the Lieut.-governor.

FOREIGN. The French budget for 1822 was tation of 7,306,066 f. The Minister, laid before the Chambers on the 27th after stating these various charges, proof November, by the Minister of Fi- ceeded to detail his ways and means. nance, who gave in his estimates for He stated the advantages resulting to 1822 at 890 millions of francs, which the Treasury from the sale of rentes in is an excess over the last year of seven August, which would render it un. millions; but the ways were more than necessary any longer to have recourse commensurate to meet the amount. to the issue of extraordinary securities, The charge for the consolidated debt and had determined the Government was 228,864,560 fr. being a diminu- to pay the reconnoissances of liquidation tion of 188,204 f. upon that charge in money. The total of the Ways and under that head for 1821. The charge Means was stated at 890,000,033 f. exfor the civil list and Royal Family, ceeding the presumed demands by a 34,000,000 f. The Aoating annuities, sum of 458,693 f.-—On the 30th Nov. 10,400,000 f. being 400,000 f. less than the Chamber of Deputies presented an the last year. In the pension-list, address to the King, which was agreed a diminution had taken place of to after a stormy debate. The Address 1,242,925 f. The charge for the Le- was in the following terms :gion of Honour was 3,400,000 f. and 10,000,000 f. for defraying interests.

“SIRE, --Your_faithful subjects, the The expenditure under the head of Deputies of the Departments, approach “Presidency of the Council of Minis- the foot of the Throne, with the profound ters,” was fixed at 180,000 f. On the expression

of their devotion and respect';

to which they are happy to be able to add disbursements for the Ministry of Jus- that of truth, which a legitimate King is tice, which, in 1821, amounted to alone worthy of hearing. 17,879,500 f. an augmentation was ne- “ Your sorrows, Sire, have been those cessary, from the addition of a seventh of all France ; she consoles herself, with Chamber to the Tribunal of the First her King, on the sacred cradle in which Instance in Paris. The estimate for reposes the heir of our love, and that of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs was your example.-This infant will accom7,870,000 f. being 15,000 f. beyond plish the promises of his birth, and the the expenditure of 1821; and that for desires of your tenderness. He will grow the Home Department 112,085,000 f. ness; and, full of your mind, he will

up under your eyes for the public happibeing an increase of 3,145,814 f. unite all hearts. The charge in the War Department “We congratulate you, Sire, upon was 176,472,000 f. being an increase of your continued amicable relations with 1,735,400 f. The estimate for the Ma- Foreign Powers, in the just confidence rine Department was 52,980,000 f. that a peace so precious has not been being an excess of 7,020,000 f. to be purchased by sacrifices incompatible with incurred for the purpose of putting the the honour of the Nation, and the dignity navy in a complete state of_repair. of your Crown. The charge for the Finance Depart- Majesty extend to all the calamities

ii The benevolent thoughts of your ment was 138,846,880 f. being an ex

whick afflict Europe. Foreigners, as well cess of 1,975,595 f. compared with the

as Frenchmen, bless the protecting hand budget for the last year. The sum which aids them for the honour of hutotal of the estimates for 1822 was manity. Let religion, let the interests of 889,541,340 f. presenting an augmen- ubjects, weigh fully in the scale of a

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generous policy, and these calamities will “ I know the difficulties which attend find a term.

the sale of corn. Notwithstanding the “ Thanks are due, Sire, to your tute- recollection of a recent dearth, I have for lary foresight! Our menaced frontiers the first time restrained the importation invoke it in their peril ; they solicit the of foreign grain. The laws have been most effectual and rigorous measures, to executed, but no law can prevent the close every channel of introduction to the inconvenience which arises from a supercontagion.

abundant harvest; the whole of Europe The prospect of our internal situa- experiences it at this moment. tion ; the progress of industry and of the « The ameliorations, a plan of which arts; the new life promised to commerce the Chamber has traced, speak in favour by increased facilities of communication; of the acts of my Government. They can the riches of the public treasury, which only be preserved, and multiplied, by the increase our credit ; the progressive re- loyal concurrence and wisdom of the duction of taxation, which a more exten- Chambers. sive economy will still farther alleviate; “ In exile and persecution I have supthe hope of renouncing provisional mea- ported my rights, the honour of my race, sures, and the first steps made, under and that of the French name. On the your auspices, towards a regular system throne, surrounded by my people, I feel of administration; the order and disci- indignant at the bare supposition that I pline of a faithful army, which honour and can ever sacrifice the honour of the Naa love of its King have invincibly at- tion, and the dignity of my Crown. tached to its banners : all these features It is pleasing to me to believe that united, form, Sire, a picture of general the majority of those who voted this Adprosperity, well calculated to affect the dress, have not duly considered the impaternal heart of your Majesty.

port of all its expressions. If they had Organs of the gratitude and filial had time to consider them, they would piety of your subjects, we do not fear that not have hazarded a reflection that, as a we shall diminish a joy so pure, by caus- King, I ought not to characterize--as a ing to be heard at the foot of the Throne father, I wish to forget." the respectful complaints of the agricultural interests, that fruitful nurse of The King, it appeared, refused to France. Their continually increasing dis- receive the address except from a detress in the departments of the east, west, putation composed only of the Presiand south, proves the inefficacy of the dent of the Chamber and two of the tardy precautions which are opposed to Secretaries : and to be presented sealed the fatal introduction of foreign corn. « An interest not less urgent affects the followed this measure ; for it was evi

up: A change of ministers naturally first necessities of your subjects. Fall of dent that those at that period in office those generous sentiments which Majesty has known how to read in their could no longer carry any measures in hearts, they claim the completion of your the Chambers. They proposed a new gracious views. They await those ne

law relative to the press, including a cessary institutions without which the censorship for five years. The Ultras Charter cannot exist. They demand of and Liberals again united in opposition, its immortal author that the whole of our and the law could not be carried. The laws may be placed in harmony with the ministers were then compelled to resign, fundamental law. “ Then, Sire, all the wishes of your by the King.

and the following ordinance was issued Majesty will be accomplished; the passions will calm of themselves, and mis- “ Louis, by the grace of God, &c. trust will vanish.

“ We have ordered, and do order as " The Monarchical and Constitutional follows : spirit, which is the spirit of France, will attain, without effort, that unity of views

«« The Sieur Peyronnet, Member of the which your high wisdom recommends to

Chamber of Deputies, is appointed Minis. us. A governinent constant in its princi

ter Secretary of State for the department ples, and firm and sincere in its course,

of Justice, and Keeper of the Seals. will insure the glory and stability of that

“ Viscount Montmorency, Peer of throne, which has been so nobly styled by France, Minister Secretary of State for your Majesty the protector of public the Department of Foreign Affairs. liberty."

“ Marshal the Duke of Belluno, Peer To which the King replied

of France, Minister Secretary of State for

the Department of War. “I know the contents of the Address “ The Sieur Corbicre, Member of the which you present to me.

Chamber of Deputies, Minister Secretary

of State for the Department of the In- at Cadiz, where, under the pretext of atterior.

tachment to the Constitution, the rights “ The Marquess de Clermont Tonnerre, which it vests in my person have been Peer of France, Minister Secretary of defied and trampled upon. I have comState for the Department of the Marine. manded my Secretaries of State to pre

“ The Sieur de Villele, Member of the sent to the Cortes the details of so lamentChamber of Deputies, Minister Secretary able an event, in full confidence that they of State for the Department of Finance. will co-operate with energy, in concert

Our Minister Secretary of State for with my Government, to take steps that the Department of our Household, is the prerogatives of my Crown, as well as charged with the execution of the pre- public liberty, (which is one of their Bent Ordonnance.

guarantees) may be preserved inviolable. Given at Paris, from the Castle of My desires are the same as those of the the Tuileries, Dec. 14, in the year of Cortes : they have only for object the grace 1821, and the 27th of our reign. observation and consolidation of the Con(Signed)

“ Louis.

stitutional system ; but the Cortes know (By order of the King) LAURISTON." that the infractions which Ministers may

It remains to be seen whether the commit against the rights of the nation new party will not be more arbitrary are as contrary to that system, as are the than the old one in its conduct. To

excesses of those who attack the rights judge by their professions, they will do which the Constitution has reserved to much for France; but in cabinets these solemn circumstances, the Cortes will

the Throne. I hope that, under these are to be but lightly appreciated. thing they are pledged to perform, and give to our country, and to Europe, a

new proof of the spirit of conciliation that is, to establish a more reasonable which has always distingnished them; and law for the government of the press. that they will 'profit of the occasion now, Little alteration was caused in the offered, to contribute in the most effiFrench funds by these changes.

cacious manner towards the consolidaThe latest accounts from Spain men

tion of the Constitution of the Monarchy: tion the subsidence of the yellow fever, the advantages of which cannot be exwhich has so long desolated the coun- perienced, and which would even be extry. The deaths at Cadiz and at Xeres, posed to immediate ruin, if the evils where it made its latest appearance, their birth.

which we now deplore be not crushed in

(Signed) “ FERDINAND were diminishing; at Barcelona this

“ San Lorenzo, Nov. 25, 1821." pest bad entirely disappeared. The same distrust of the throne which has This message was ultimately referred appeared every where in Spain since to a commission, after a warm debate, the late changes has not diminished. in which the ministers were repeatedly The known character of Ferdinand, it attacked in the severest terms. is to be feared, gives much ground

The Greeks gain fresh successes over for this distrust; and the irritation the barbarians who have so long been reigning among different parties, will their oppressors. Tripolizza in the infallibly give rise to scenes of disturb- Morea has fallen into their hands, and ance, unless great wisdom and firmness has been made the chief seat of governare united on the part of the indivi- ment. Ali Pacha of Janina had sent duals on whom the management of them a present of 2,000,000 of seq.with the affairs of the nation may more im- a letter of congratulation. This letter mediately devolve. The reasons for was signed “ Constantine," and markthis belief have been confirmed by the ed the abandonment of the Islam faith representations addressed to the go- by this redoubted foe of the Porte. vernment. Corunna, Malaga, and

“i Above 30,000 men,” said one acXeres, are said to be in open opposi- count of the taking of Tripolizza, “petion to their rulers. Great ferment netrated into the streets; they demanded prevailed in Seville, and the inhabitants the hostages : they were no more; the of Cadiz had refused to receive the Holy, Archbishops, and the Bishops, Baron Andilla, who had been sent to had been massacred. At this news, them in the character of Commandant- the fury of the Greeks knew no bounds, General. The latter circumstance gave 8000 Turks, bearing arms, were put to rise to a cominunication from the King the sword, 12 or 13,000 others of all to the Cortes, as follows :

ages, and both sexes, suffered the same “ It is with the most profound anguish fate. In the coffers of the Vizier, 89 of heart that I have learned the late events millions in specie were found. Above

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