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Strona 453 - ... from the size of a pin's head to that of a pea ; scattered through a large body of sand or clay ; and in this state it is called by the Mandingoes sanoo munko,
Strona 347 - Duncan beneath a chair — his jaw dropped, his eyes staring, his head bent half under him, quite unconscious, and snoring in a most determined and alarming manner. More noise still, and much motion. And then his eyes overtook Dr. Keith's feet and legs making . valorous efforts to overturn the supper table...
Strona 347 - Keith having come to an arrangement with the table and its contents, the sederurd was resumed. Each expressed himself delighted with this new agent ; and its inhalation was repeated many times that night — one of the ladies gallantly taking her place and turn at the table — until the supply of chloroform was fairly exhausted.
Strona 354 - The Archetypal idea was manifested in the flesh, under divers modifications, upon this planet, long prior to the existence of those animal species that actually exemplify it.
Strona 103 - I carefully cut the flesh off the breast and legs of one of the birds, and gave it, together with the liver, to a fine healthy cat. She ate it with avidity, but in about half an hour she began to vomit, and vomited almost incessantly for nearly twelve hours, during the whole of which time she evidently suffered excessive pain. After this, nothing would induce her to eat any more partridge. I kept her without food for twenty-four hours, but in vain ; she resolutely refused to touch an atom more of...
Strona 194 - ... with whey in cask, so that you can make a lemonade, or rather give to the quantity of three or four ounces of their juice in whey, you will, without other assistance cure this dreadful evil.
Strona 532 - Convulsions occur almost invariably in strong plethoric young women with their first children, more especially in such as are of a coarse thick make, with short thick necks" ; and " in thirty cases which occurred during his mastership, twenty-nine were in women with their first children...
Strona 347 - This is far stronger and better than ether,' said he to himself. His second was to note that he was prostrate on the floor, and that among the friends about him there was both confusion and alarm. Hearing a noise, he turned round and saw Dr. Duncan beneath a chair; his jaw dropped, his eyes staring, his head bent half under him; quite unconscious, and snoring in a most determined and alarming manner.
Strona 354 - To what natural laws or secondary causes the orderly succession and progression of such organic phenomena may have been committed we as yet are ignorant. But if, without derogation of the divine power, we may conceive the existence of such ministers and personify them by the term 'nature,' we learn from the past history of our globe that she has advanced with slow and stately steps, guided by the archetypal light, amidst the wreck of worlds, from the first embodiment of the vertebrate idea under...
Strona 290 - ... from the decomposing hepatic tissues and fluids, or from the action of air on the oil. Chemical analysis lends no support to the opinion, at one time entertained, that the brown oil was superior, as a therapeutical agent, to the pale oil.

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