Music and Diplomacy from the Early Modern Era to the Present

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R. Ahrendt, M. Ferraguto, D. Mahiet
Springer, 10 gru 2014 - 291
How does music shape the exercise of diplomacy, the pursuit of power, and the conduct of international relations? Drawing together international scholars with backgrounds in musicology, ethnomusicology, political science, cultural history, and communication, this volume interweaves historical, theoretical, and practical perspectives.

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Introduction Damien Mahiet Mark Ferraguto and Rebekah Ahrendt
2Serenatas inthe Service of Diplomacy in Baroque Venice
Conflicting Dreams of Global Harmony in USPRC Silk Road
Perpetual Peace and the Idea of Concert in EighteenthCentury
Negotiation 9The Princesse des Ursins Loyal Subject of the King of France
Frédéric Ramel 7 JazzMade in Germany and the Transatlantic Beginnings of Jazz
The USDepartment of States Hip Hop Diplomacyin Morocco
Musics Powers
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Rebekah Ahrendt, Yale University, USA Melvin L. Butler, University of Chicago, USA Mario Dunkel, TU Dortmund University, Germany Mark Ferraguto, Pennsylvania State University, USA Danielle Fosler-Lussier, Ohio State University, USA Giulia Giovani, German Historical Institute, Rome, Italy Anne-Madeleine Goulet, CNRS/Center for Baroque Music, Versailles, France Harm Langenkamp, Utrecht University, The Netherlands Damien Mahiet, Independent Scholar, USA Frédéric Ramel, Sciences Po Paris, France Kendra Salois, University of Maryland, College Park, USA Arne Spohr, Bowling Green State University, USA M. Paula Survilla, Wartburg College, USA Ellen R. Welch, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA Willow F. Williamson, American University, USA Jonathan Yaeger, Juilliard School, USA

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