Multilingual Multimedia: Bridging the Language Barrier with Intelligent Systems

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Masoud Yazdani
Intellect Books, 1993 - 210
Includes chapters that provide a survey of approaches to developing multimedia software and relevant multilingual issues; design considerations for a visual language and how it might be developed for maximum ease of use.

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Multilingual aspects of a multimedia
A computerbased iconic language
Generalising language tutoring systems
Dual purpose learning environments
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Strona 18 - the psychological state of an individual who has access to more than one linguistic code as a means of
Strona viii - icons” use simple animations to help the user understand the meaning of the message clearly and thus avoid the problem of ambiguity associated with static icons.
Strona 53 - separately, and whilst no controlled tests have yet been conducted, the interface has been found to be intuitively obvious. In order to cue the user's understanding of the principles of organising a room, the screen opens
Strona viii - which uses icons to allow a potential guest and hotel manager to communicate. The system is an initial attempt to create an interactive, iconic dialogue using hotel booking as
Strona 29 - Sleeman, D. and Brown, J. S. (eds) 1982 Intelligent Tutoring Systems Academic Press
Strona 147 - there would seem to be no hot line to the higher level facts of syntactic/ stylistic/textual structure that can reasonably be accessed without addressing, or registering at least, those that are in error at the ‘lower' morphosyntactic and syntactic levels
Strona 55 - offered instead of the double bed requested. The large ticks and crosses indicate to the customer what is, and is not, available and the question mark precedes the alternative which is being offered (“Is
Strona 53 - and the rooms' occupants and contents can be rearranged to suit. This method of presentation was felt to allow the
Strona 53 - dragging that clone into the room which is shown as a rectangle, these mobile icons can also be deleted. More rooms can be requested by clicking on the ‘+‘ and ‘-
Strona 55 - alternatives is intended to enhance their understandability. The cursor is about to select a ‘tick' to indicate that the second room is available as requested. The final message

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