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remember not my sin; deliver me from going down to the pit, for thou hast found a ransom.

O Son of David, have mercy on me; Lord Jesus, do thou help me; for even the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their master's table: Have patience with me, and what shall thy servant say? That I will pay thee all ? O no! I most truly and sorrowfully do confess, that I have nothing at all to pay; forgive me, therefore, this whole debt, I beseech thee.

Forget me not, O Lord, for ever; how long wilt thou hide thy face from me ?

How long shall I seek counsel in my soul, and be so vexed in my


heart; how long shall mine enemies triumph over me?

Consider and here me, O Lord my God, lighten my eyes, that I sleep not in death;

Lest mine enemy say, I have prevailed against him: For if I be cast down, they that trouble me will rejoice at it; but my trust is in thy mercy.

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A PRAYER for GRACE to keep

the COMMANDMENTS. Remove from me, O my God, all irreligion and profaneness, superstition and hypocrisy, enthusiasm and unworthy conceits of thee:

Image worship and idolatry:

Perjury and vanity, curses and bitter imprecations:

Neglect of public worship, irreverence in thy house, abuse of the times set apart for thy service:

Pride and disobedience, faction and schism, unnatural coldness to relations, and inordinate love of myself :

Fierceness and conteution, malice and cruelty, anger and revenge:

Unlawful lust, uncleanness in deed, word, or thought:

Idlenesss and extravagance, dishonesty and fraud :

False testimony and lying, reviling and slandering, censuring and causeless suspicion :

All corrupt and impure imaginations, all ungoverned and unbecoming desires :

And, of thy goodness, give me grace constantly to serve and please thee, in reverence and godly fear, in worthy apprehensions of, and a rational obedience to thee :

In bodily adoration, and spiritual worship, confined to thee alone:

In an awful regard to oaths, in strict truth, and cautious conversation, in blessings, intercessions, and good wishes : In diligent attendance at religious


Assemblies, in devotion and decency, and exemplary zeal, through every part of thy service; in conscientious improvement of the times set apart for religious exercises :

In dutiful demeanour and submission to superiors; in peace and unity, with regard to Church and State; in tender affection to kindred and allies :

In gentleness and meekness, in patience and forgiveness, in general good will, and an engaging conversation :

In chastity and sobriety, in modest behaviour, and unreproachable discourse, and in a moderate use of pleasures, even those that are innocent and lawful: In frugality and industry, in just


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