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to thee, perfectly void of "sin, and shame, and, so far as thou seest fit, free from extreme pain too.

So gathering me to the remainder of thy elect, in peace and innocence, at thy own time, and after thy own way; only let it be free from guilt and from reproach,

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LET me always be mindful, that the days of darkness are many : And let this thought excite me to finish my work with diligence, before that night overtake me, wherein no man can work.

Judgment moves also towards me; grant me, good Lord, a favourable issue at that most awful and important tribunal.

I WILL lift up my hands by night in the sanctuary, and will praise the Lord.

The Lord hath commanded his loving-kindness in the day-time, and in the night season also my song shall be of him, and my prayer unto the Lord of my life.

As long as I live will I magnify thee on this manner, and lift up my hands in thy name.

O let iny prayer be set forth in thy sight as the incense, and the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice.




3 BLESSED art thou, O Lord our God, and the God of our Fathers, who hast ordained the successions of light and darkness; who makest thy Saints to rejoice upon their beds; who hast delivered me from the perils of this day, and not cut off my life like a weaver's web, nor *vasted me with pining sickness from morning until night.

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EARIED with the labours and cares of the past day, I come to thee, my God, for quiet and repose, and new supplies of strength to drooping nature.

Lighten, mine eyes, that I sleep: not in death.

Defend me from the terrors of the night, and from the pestilence that walketh in dark



O thou keeper of Israel, that neither slumberest nor sleepest, pre- : serve me this night from all manner of evil; yea, do even thou preserve i Visit me also with the favour which thou bearest unto thy chosen ; and teach me thy will in the visions of

my soul.

the night.

Or if I be not (as I confess I am not) worthy of so distinguishing a favour, yet, ( most kind and merciful Lord, let this season of rest be an entire cessation to me, as well from sin as from labour and sorrow; and suffer not any thought to surprise my unguarded mind, which is capable either of displeasing thee, or of defiling me.

Let not the follies of sensual pleasure abuse me, but my reins rather chasten me in the night season; that my sleep may be perfectly composed and pure, quiet


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