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For every mercy which I have received; for every undertaking in which thou hast prospered me; for every good action (if any action of mine be good) which thou hast enabled me to do; for all the enjoyments of this present life, and for all thy promises, and all my hopes of a better life to come:

For the advantage of indulgent and careful parents; for the benefit of gentle teachers; for the kindness of never to be forgotten benefactors; for the pleasure of agreeable friends; for the comfort of peaceable neighbours; for the satisfaction of trusty, frugal and diligent servants :

For all who have at any time done me good; by their writings,

or by their serinons; by their discourse, or by their temper; by their prayers, or by their examples; by their advice, or by their reproofs; by their rewards, or by their punishments; nay, perhaps, even by their causeless censures of me, or unjust proceedings against me:

For all these, and for all other instances of any manner of good done to me, whether asked or unasked; whether intended or not intended; whether known or unknown; whether remembered or forgotten; whether with or against my own consent; I do, and will, praise thee; I do, and will, bless thee; I do, and will, humbly adore thee, and most heartily thank thee, this day, and every day of my life.

0! what is thy servant, or what is my

father's house, that the great and glorious God should look upon such a dead dog as I am?

What shall I render unto the Lord for all the benefits that he hath done unto me? For all that mercy which spared me when I deserved punishment; for all that patience which did not disdain to wait for my happy change; when so much goodness should at length lead me to repent


HOLY, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come; thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory, and honour, and power; for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.


Uxto thee will I cry, O Lord, and

, early shall my prayer come before thee.

BLESSED art thou, O Lord, who didst, as on this day, command the earth to bring forth the living creature after his kind; cattle, and creeping things, and beasts of the earth, after their kind; that they might be serviceable to man for food, for cloathing, and for help in his labours:

And who madest man after thy own likeness, and didst bless him, and give hiun dominion over the 6


fish of the sea, and over the fowls of the air, and over all the earth.

In which wonderful and most 110ble operation I behold, and thankfully admire, thy consultation about it, the work of thine own hand in it, thy breathing of life into him, whereby man became a living soul; the image of thy own divine mind impressed upon him; the government of creatures here below committed to him; the Paradise prepared for him; the charge given to thy Angels concerning him; the marvellous structure of his body, the several functions of his heart, his reins, his eyes, his


his hands, his feet, and indeed his every part; for in all is he fearfully and wonderfully made. N 2


ears, his

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