Billy Graham and the New York Crusade

Przednia okładka
Wildside Press, 26 kwi 2017 - 198

George Burnham and Lee Fisher spent many months in close association with Billy Graham, at his home, in his office, on the golf course. Here, you will meet the real Billy Graham in the book they have written together. You will visit the fabulous New York Crusade. You will be one of the thousands who sat spellbound as this modern miracle unfolded. You will stand in the crowd at the historic Wall Street meeting. You will e part of that sea of humanity which overflowed Times Square for blocks. You will be one of the over 2 million who attended the Crusade meetings during its 16 weeks of impact.

In this book, you will meet Billy the man, his family, his theology, his mission, his world vision. From the interest-packed series of pictures illustrating the text, you will gain new insight into the tremendous implications of this giant Crusade -- and the man who spearheaded this "impossible" movement.

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