Memoirs of Alessandro Tassoni, Author of La Secchia Rapita: Or, The Rape of the Bucket...also an Appendix; Containing Biographical Sketches of Ottavio Rinuccini, -Galileo Galilei, -Gabriello Chiabrera, -Battista Guarini, -& an Inedited Poem of Torquato Tasso. With Additional Notes & the Author's Preface

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Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme & Brown, 1815 - 316
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Strona 81 - Behind him cast ; the broad circumference Hung on his shoulders like the moon, whose orb Through optic glass the Tuscan artist views, At evening, from the top of Fesole, Or in Valdarno, to descry new lands, Rivers, or mountains, in her spotty globe.
Strona lxx - Hoc erat in votis : modus agri non ita magnus, Hortus ubi et tecto viciniis jugis aquae fons Et paulum silvae super his foret.
Strona 80 - And hence th' egregious wizard shall foredoom The fate of Louis, and the fall of Rome. Then cease, bright Nymph! to mourn thy ravish'd hair, Which adds new glory to the shining sphere! Not all the tresses that fair head can boast, Shall draw such envy as the lock you lost.
Strona 280 - A Pastoral of an hundred lines may be endured ; but who will hear of sheep and goats, and myrtle bowers, and purling rivulets, through five acts? Such scenes please Barbarians in the dawn of literature, and children in the dawn of life; but will be for the most part thrown away, as men grow wise, and nations grow learned.
Strona 105 - As the Prince of Venosa imitated King James, the other musicians of Italy imitated the Prince of Venosa. " The most noble Carlo Gesualdo, the prince of musicians of our age, introduced such a style of modulation, that other musicians yielded the preference to him, and all singers and players on stringed instruments, laying aside that of others, everywhere embraced his.
Strona 16 - È Obizzo da Esti, il qual per vero Fu spento dal figliastro su nel mondo. Allor mi volsi al Poeta, e quei disse: Questi ti sia or primo, ed io secondo. Poco più oltre il Centauro s' affisse Sovra una gente che inflno alla gola Parca che di quel bulicame uscisse.
Strona 105 - It may, therefore, be conjectured that he laid the foundation of his studies in the works of the old cathedralists of this kingdom, and probably in those of the German musicians, who in his time had the pre-eminence of the Italians ; and that he had an emulation to excel even these, may be presumed from the following particular.
Strona 177 - ... better practice. His wit was so tempered, that no man had ever reason to wish it had been less ; he prevented other men's severity upon it, by his own : he never willingly recited any of his writings. None but his intimate friends ever discovered he was a great poet, by his discourse. His learning was large and profound, well composed of all ancient and modern knowledge. But it sat exceeding close and handsomely upon him : it was not embossed on his mind, but enamelled.
Strona 38 - Dialoghi di Falcidio Melampodio in risposta agli avvertimenti dati sotto nome di Crescen/ào Pepe a Giuseppe degli Aromatarj intorno alle risposte fatte da lui alle Considerazioni di Alessandro Tassoni ec.
Strona 88 - Milan, to reform and govern the ducal library of Modena. The name of Muratori will be for ever connected with the literature of his country : above sixty years of his peaceful life were consumed in the exercises of study and devotion ; his numerous writings on the subjects of history, antiquities, religion, morals, and...

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