The works of... P. Doddridge [ed. by E. Williams and E. Parsons. Preceded by] Memoirs of the life, character and writings of ... P. Doddridge, by J. Orton, Tom 5

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Strona 189 - He who goes about to speak of the mystery of the Trinity, and does it by words and names of man's invention, talking of essences and existences, hypostases and personalities, priorities in co-equalities, and unity in pluralities, may amuse himself and build a tabernacle in his head, and talk something he knows not what ; but the good man, who feels the power of the Father, and to whom.
Strona 420 - He has been called the dissenting SCOTT, — but much more polite. — His language is plain, animated, and nervous ; — pretty much resembling EVANS. His matter is excellently digested. — He abounds with ideas ; — each sermon appears to be a contraction of some judicious treatise, — and often is so. — The two volumes of his sermons, and his discourses on the Four last Things, are his principal practical works, — and deserve attentive, repeated reading.
Strona 93 - INSPIRATION, the conveying of certain extraordinary and supernatural notions or motions into the soul ; or it denotes any supernatural influence of God upon the mind of a rational creature, whereby he is formed to any degree of intellectual improvement, to which he could not, or would not, in fact, have attained in his present circumstances in a natural way.
Strona 501 - God Is Our Refuge and Strength The Forty-sixth Psalm God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble. Therefore will we not fear, though the earth be removed, And though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea; Though the waters thereof roar and be troubled, Though the mountains shake with the swelling thereof. The Lord of Hosts is with us; The God of Jacob is our refuge.
Strona 381 - Among Baxterians are ranked both Watts and Doddridge. Dr. Doddridge, indeed, has this striking remark — " That a Being who is said not to tempt any one, and even swears that he desires not the death of a sinner, should irresistibly determine millions to the commission of every sinful action of their lives, and then, with all the pomp and pageantry of...
Strona 462 - I think, should be marked. — There is much to be learned in this work in a speculative, and still more in a practical way.
Strona 537 - This, with our divinity, which was a continuation of it, was by far the most valuable part of our course. Mr. Jennings had bestowed a vast deal of thought upon them, and his discourses from them in the lecture room were admirable.
Strona 253 - Adam, and independently of it, to save some and reject others ; or, in other words, that God intended to glorify his justice in the condemnation of some, as well as his mercy in the salvation of others ; and, for that purpose, decreed that Adam should necessarily fall.
Strona 94 - The other, which divines have called immediate suggestion, is the highest and most extraordinary kind of inspiration; and takes place when the use of our faculties is superseded, and God does as it were speak directly to the mind; making such discoveries to it, as it could not otherwise have obtained, and dictating the very words in which these discoveries are to be communicated to others: so that a person, in what he...
Strona 290 - Those who hold every pastor to be so a bishop or overseer of his own congregation, as that no other person or body of men, have by divine institution a power to exercise any superior or pastoral office in it, may properly speaking be called, (so far at least) congregational: and it is by a vulgar mistake, that any such are called Presbyterians...

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