National Irrigation, or the various methods of watering meadows, etc

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Strona 128 - ... this can feldom be done, without throwing up the land in high ridges, with deep drains between them. A main carriage being then taken out of the river at a higher level, fo as to command the tops of thefe ridges, the water is carried by fmall trenches or carriages along the top of each ridge, and by means of moveable...
Strona 122 - Perhaps, indeed, its introduction into this diftrict is almoft co-eval with that of folding fhecp, with which it is intimately connected : but the regular mode, in which both fyftems are now conducted, is certainly not very ancient. Many old farmers, who have died within the memory of man, remembered when neither of the fyftems was conducted on any regular plan.
Strona 126 - ... it until it is caught by the next, and fo on over all the intermediate beds to the main drain at the bottom of the meadow, which receives the water, and carries it on to water another meadow below; or, if it can be fo contrived, an'other part of the fame meadow on a lower level. To draw the water out of thefe parallel trenches or carriages, and lay the intermediate beds dry, a narrow deep drain...
Strona 144 - In fpeaking of water .meadows, it has been objected that they are local ; and that there are many parts of the kingdom in which they neither can be made, nor are they neceflary if they could be made.
Strona 136 - As soon as the after-grass is eaten off as bare as can be, the manager of the mead (provincially ' the drowner') begins cleaning out the main drain, then the main carriage, and then proceeds to
Strona 131 - It has been already faid, that a water-meadow is a hot-bed for grafs i the action of the water on the land excites a fermentation ; that fermentation would certainly in time end in a putrefaction : but the moment putrefaction begins, vegetation ends. Every farmer knows the commencement of this putrefaction, by the fcum the water leaves on the land ; and if the water is not then inftantly taken off, the grafs will rot, and his meadow be fpoiled for the feafon. The very principle of water-meadows will...
Strona 141 - ... in fome meafure^ to a difcovery of the caufes of the rot in fheep *. But the circumftance itfelf is rather an advantage than a difadvantage to this...
Strona 124 - But as very little land can be entirely commanded by water, unlefs its inequalities are reduced by manual labour, it has been found convenient to adopt two different kinds of water-meadows, one for land lying on declivities, and which muft in general be watered from fprings or fmall brooks ; and the other for low land rivers, to be watered from thofe rivers. The firft kind is called in Wiltfhire, " catch-work meadows." and the latter, "flowing meadows.
Strona 139 - The hours of feeding are ufually from ten or eleven o'clock in the morning to about four or five in the evening, when the fheep are driven to fold; the fold being generally at that time of the year (as has been mentioned before) on the barley fallow.
Strona 126 - ... and flood the land below it. But as the water would foon ceafe to run equally for. any great length, and would wafh the land out in gutters, it has been found necefTary to cut fmall parallel trenches or carriages, at diftances of twenty or thirty feet, to catch the water again, and each of thefe...

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