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Strona 60 - But scarce again his horn he wound, When lo ! forth starting at the sound. From underneath an aged oak, That slanted from the islet rock, A Damsel guider of its way, A little skiff shot to the bay, That round the promontory steep Led its deep line in graceful sweep, Eddying, in almost viewless wave, The weeping willow twig to lave, And kiss, with whispering sound and slow The beach of pebbles bright as snow. The boat had touch'd this silver strand, Just as the Hunter left his stand, And stood concealed...
Strona 213 - ... in waste places far from danger of law, maketh his mantle his house, and under it covereth himself from the wrath of heaven, from the offence of the earth, and from the sight of men. When it raineth, it is his pent-house ; when it bloweth, it is his tent ; when it freezeth, it is his tabernacle.
Strona 68 - Along the woods, along the moorish fens, Sighs the sad Genius of the coming storm ; And up among the loose disjointed cliffs, And fractured mountains wild, the brawling brook And cave, presageful, send a hollow moan, Resounding long in listening Fancy's ear.
Strona 60 - In all her length far winding lay, With promontory, creek, and bay, And islands that, empurpled bright, Floated amid the livelier light ; And mountains, that like giants stand, To sentinel enchanted land.
Strona 177 - I have ever since, and still do wear; and a bracelet of gold, worth about £10 ; a taffety doublet, cut with and upon taffety; a pair of black velvet breeches, laced; a new MILAN fustian suit laced and cut upon taffety; two cloaks; competent linen and necessaries ; with my rapier and dagger.
Strona 136 - I will meet them to-morrow morning, and give them one blow before they besiege us ; if their number be such that it will be more folly than valour, I will make good this place which I am in. " ' I tried one of the ordnances made at the forge, and it held with a pound charge ; so that I will plant it upon the terrace over the river.
Strona 60 - And now, to issue from the glen, No pathway meets the wanderer's ken, Unless he climb, with footing nice, A far projecting precipice. The broom's tough roots his ladder made, The hazel saplings lent their aid...
Strona 213 - Iren. Because the commodity doth not countervail the discommodity; for the inconveniences which thereby do arise are much more many; for it is a fit house for an outlaw, a meet bed for a rebel, and an apt cloak for a thief.
Strona 214 - ... in his way, and when he goeth abroad in the night in free-booting, it is his best and surest friend ; for lying, as they often do, two or three nights together abroad to watch for their booty, with that they can prettily shroud themselves under...
Strona 225 - Indeed, throughout the whole chamber, the awful frolic of nature bears comparison with art:—ranges of fluted columns, that seem the production of the chisel, only much dilapidated by time, rise almost at correct distances to the arching roof; by the way, having necessarily been formed by petrifaction, drop upon drop, it is astounding to think of the incalculable number of years consumed in the process.

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