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noster, qui in altis hábitat: Lord our God, who dwell. et humília réspicit in eth on high : and regardeth crelo et in terra ?

the things that are lowly in

heaven and in earth? Súscitans a terra ino- 6 Who raiseth up the pem : * et de stércore éri- needy from the earth; and gens páuperem:

lifteth the poor from off the

dunghill: Ut cóllocet eum

7 That he may set him principibus : * cum princí- with the princes : even with pibus pópuli sui.

the princes of his people. Qui habitáre facit stéri. 8 Who maketh the barlem in domo: • matrem ren woman to dwell in het filiórum lætántem,

house: the joyful mother of

children. Glória Patri, &c.

Glory be to the Father,&c. Ant. Sit nomen Dómini Ant. Blessed be the nanie benedíctum in sæcula. of the Lord for ever.

Ant. Nos qui vívimus. Ant. We who live.

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Psalm cxiii. In exitu Israel.

In éxitu Israel de Ægyp- 1 When Israel came out to : * domus Jacob de pópulo of Egypt: the house of Jabárbaro.

cob from among a strange

people. Facta est Judæa sancti- 2 Judah was made his ficátio ejus: * Israel potéstas sanctuary: and Israel his ejus.

dominion. Mare vidit et fugit: Jor- 3 The sea beheld, had dánis convérsus est retrór- fled: Jordan was turned sum.

back. Montes exultavérunt ut 4 The mountains skipped aríetes : * et colles sicut agni like rams: and the little bvium.

hills like the lambs of the

flock. Quid est tibi, mare, quod 5 What aileth thee, O fugísti: * et tu, Jordánis, thou sea, that thou fleddest: quia convérsus es retrór- and thou Jordan, that thou sum ?

wast tumed back? Montes, exultástis sicut 6 Ye mountains, that ye aríetes : * et coiles, sicut skipped like rams: and ye agni óvium?

little hills like the lambs of

the flock. A fácie Dómini mota est 7 At the presence of the terra : a fácie Dei Jacob. Lord the earth was moved:

at the presence of the God

of Jacob. Qui convértit petram in

8 Who turned the rock stagna aquárum:et rupem into a standing water: and in fontes aquárum.

the stony hill into a flowing

stream. Non nobis, Dómine, non 9 Not unto us, O Lord, nobis : * sed nómini tuo da not unto us: but unto thy glóriam.

name give the glory. Super misericórdia tua, 10 For thy mercy and et veritáte tua : * nequándo for thy truth's sake: lest dicant gentes, Ubi est Deus the gentiles should say, eórum ?

Where is their God? Deus autem noster in 11 But our God is in cælo : * omnia quæcúmque heaven: he hath done whatvóluit fecit.

soever he would. Simulácra géntium ar

12 The idols of the gen. géntum et aurum: * ópera tiles are silver and gold: mánuum hóminum.

the work of the hands of

men. Os habent, et non lo- 13 They have mouths, quéntur : * Óculos habent, et and they shall not speak: non videbunt.

they have eyes, and they

shall not see. Aures habent, et non aú- 14 They have ears, and dient:* nares habent, et non they shall not hear: they odorábunt.

have noses, and they shall

not smell. Manus habent, et non 15 They have hands, and palpábunt: pedes habent, et they shall not feel; they

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non ambulábunt :*non cla- have feet, and they shall mábunt in gátture suo. not walk : neither shall they

speak through their throat. Símiles illis fiant qui fá- 16 Let those that make ciunt ea :

et omnes qui them become like unto confidunt in eis.

them: and all such as put

their trust in them. Domus Israel sperávit in 17 The house of Israel Dómino: * adjútor eórum et hath hoped in the Lord: he protéctor eórum est. is their helper and protector.

Domus Aaron sperávit in 18 The house of Aaron Dómino :* adjútor eórum et hath hoped in the Lord : he protéctor eórum est. is their helper and protec

tor. Qui timent Dóminum 19 They that fear the speravérunt in Dómino: * ' Lord have hoped in the adjútor eórum et protéctor Lord: he is their helper eorum est.

and protector. Dóminus memor fuit nos. 20 The Lord hath been tri : * et benedíxit nobis. mindful of us: and hath

blessed us. Benedíxit domui Israel :* 21 He hath blessed the benedíxit dómui Aaron, house of Israel: he hath

blessed the house of Aaron. Benedíxit ómnibus qui 22 He hath blessed all timent Dóminum : * pusil- that fear the Lord: the least lis cum majóribus. together with the greatest.

Adjíciat Dominus super 23 May the Lord add vos :* super vos, et super blessings upon you: upon filios vestros.

you, and upon your chil

dren. Benedícti vos a Dómino:* 24 Blessed be ye of the qui fecit cælum et terram. Lord: who hath made hea

ven and earth. Cælum cæli Dómino : 25 The heaven of hea. terram autem dedit filiis hó- vens is the Lord's: but the minum,

earth hath he given to the children of men.

Non mórtui laudábunt te, 26 The dead shall not Dómine :* neque omnes qui praise thee, O Lord: neither descéndunt in infernum. all they that go down into

hell. Sed nos qui vívimus, be- 27 But we who live, bless nedícimus Dómino:* ex hoc the Lord : from this time nunc et usque in sæculum. forth for ever more. Gloria Patri, &c.

Glory be to the Father,&c. Ant. Nos qui vívimus, be- Ant. We who live, bless nedícimus Dómino. the Lord.

In Paschal time :--Ant. Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.
Then follow the Little Chapter and the Hymn;' after

which is said, with its proper Antiphon :
The Magnificat, or Canticle of the Blessed Virgin.

Magníficat: * ánima mea 1 My soul doth magnify:

the Lord. Et exultávit spíritus me- 2 And my spirit hath reus : * in Deo salutári meo. joiced : in God my Saviour.

Quia respexit humilitátem 3 For he hath regarded ancillæ suæ : * ecce enim ex the humility of his handhoc beátam me dicent omnes maid: forbehold from hencegeneratiónes.

forth all generations shall

call me blessed. Quia fecit mihi magna 4 For he that is mighty qui potens est : * et sanctum hath done great things unto nomen ejus.

me: and holy is his name. Et misericórdia ejus a pro- 5 And his mercy is from génie in progénies: * tirnén- generation to generation : tibus eum.

unto them that fear him. Fecit potentiam in brá- 6 He hath shewed strength chio suo : * dispérsit supér- with his arm : he hath scatbos mente cordis sui. tered the proud in the ima.

gination of their heart. Depósuit poténtes de 7 He hath put down the sede ; * et exaltávit humiles. mighty from their seat : and

hath exalted the humble, Hymn for Sunday Vespers, see p. 104.

Esuriéntes implevit bo- 8 He hath filled the hunnis: et dívites dimísit in- gry with good things : and ápes,

the rich he hath sent empty

away. Suscépit Israel púerum 9 He hath upholden his suum :* recordátus miseri- servant Israel : being mindcórdiæ suæ.

ful of his mercy, Sicut locutus est ad pa- 10 As he spake unto our tres nostros :* Abraham, et fathers : to Abraham and his sémini ejus in sæcula.

seed for ever. Gloria Patri, &c.

Glory be to the Father,&c. Here follow the proper Collect, and the Commemorations,

if any. V. Benedicámus

¥. Let us bless the mino.

Lord. Ry. Deo grátias.

R. Thanks be to God. Ý. Fidélium ánimæ per 7. May the souls of the misericórdiam Dei requi- faithful, through the mercy éscant in pace.

of God, rest in peace. 17. Amen.

P. Amen. If Compline does not follow : after the Pater Noster,

which is said secretly, the following Ý. is sung. Y. Dóminus det nobis . May the Lord grant suam pacem:

us his peace. R. Et vitam ætérnam. Ny. And the life eternal. Amen.

Amen. Here follows the Antiphon of the Blessed Virgin proper for

the season, if it is to be sung. See p. 116 to 120.

Common of Apostles and evangelists. First VESPERS.—Psalms as on Sundays, except the last,

which is Psalm cxvi., Laudate Dominum, p. 103. SECOND VESPERS.--1. Psalm cix. Dixit Dominus, p. 84.

2. Psalm cxii. Laudate, pueri, p. 88; and then the three following:

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