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Pleni sunt coeli et terra, Heaven and earth are majestatis gloriæ tuæ. full: of the majesty of thy

glory. Te gloricbus Apostolo- The glorious choir of the rum chorus.

A postles : praise thee. Te Prophetarum lauda

'The admirable company bilis numerus.

of the Prophets : praise

thee. Te Martyrum candidatus The white-robed army of laudat exercitus.

martyrs : praise thee, Te per orbem terrarum The Holy Church sancta confitetur Ecclesia. throughont all the world :

doth acknowledge thee. Patrem immensæ majes- The Father : of an infitatis.

nite majesty Venerandum tuum verum Thy adorable, true : and et unicum Filium.

only Son. Sanctum quoque Paracli- Also the Holy Ghost : tum Spiritum.

the Comforter. Tu Rex gloriæ, Christe. Thou art the King of

Glory: O Christ. Tu Patris sempiternus es Thou art the everlasting Filius.

Son: of the Father. Tu ad liberandum suscep

When thou tookest upon turus hominem, non horru- thee to deliver man : thou isti Virginis uterum. didst not abhor the Virgin's

womb. Tu devicto mortis aculeo, When thou hadst overaperuisti credentibus regna come the sting of death: cælorum.

thou didst open the kingdom of heaven to all be.

lievers. Tu ad dexteram Dei se, Thou sittest at the right des, in gloria Patris. hand of God: in the glory

of the Father. Judex crederis esse ven- We believe that thou turus.

shalt come :

to be

Judge. * Te ergo quæsumus, tuis We pray thee, therefore,


* Here it is usual to kneel.

famulis subveni, quos pre. help thy servants : whom tioso sanguine redemisti. thou hast redeemed with

thy precious blood. Æterna fac cum Sanctis Make them to be numtuis, in gloria numerari. bered with thy Saints: in

glory everlasting. Salvum fac populum tu- oʻLord, save thy people: um, Domine, et benedic and bless thine inheritance. hæreditati tuæ.

Et rege eos, et extolle Govern them : and lift illos, usque in æternum. them up for ever.

Per singulos dies benedi- Day by day: we magcimus te.

nify thee. Et laudamus nomen tu. And we praise thy name um in sæculum, et in sæcu- for ever : yea, for ever and lum sæculi.

ever. Dignare, Domine, die Vouchsafe, O Lord, this isto, sine peccato nos cus- day: to keep us without todire.

sin. Miserere nostri, Domine, O Lord, have mercy upmiserere nostri.

on us : have mercy upon us. Fiat misericordia tua, O Lord, let thy mercy be Domine, super nos: quem- shewed upon us : as we have admodum speravimus in te. hoped in thee.

In te, Domine, speravi; O Lord, in thee have I non confundar in æternum. hoped: let me not be con

founded for ever.

BENEDICTOS. Benedictus Dominus De- 1 Blessed be the Lord us Israel : quia visitavit, et God of Israel : for he hath fecit redemptionem plebis visited and wrought the reBuæ.

demption of his people. Et erexit cornu salutis 2 And hath raised up a nobis, in domo David pueri horn of salvation to us : in sui.

the house of his servant

David. Sicut locutus est per os 3 As he spake by the sanctornm, qui a sæculo mouth of his holy prophets: Eunt Prophetarum ejus. who are from the begin.


Salutem ex inimicis nog- 4 Salvation from our enetris, et de manu omnium mies : and from the hand of qui oderunt nos.

all that hate us. Ad faciendam misericor- 5 To perform mercy to diam cum patribus nostris, our fathers : and to rememet memorari testamenti sui ber his holy testament. sancti.

Jusjurandum quod jura- 6 The cath that he sware vit ad Abraham patrem nos- to Abraham our father : trum, daturum se nobis. that he would grant unto


Ut sine timore, de manu 7 That being delivered inimicorum nostrorum libe- from the hands of our enerati, serviamus illi.

mies: we may serve him

without fear. In sanctitate et justitia 8 In holiness and justice coram ipso, omnibus diebus before him : all the days of nostris.

our life. Et tu, puer, Propheta Al- 9 And thou, child, shalt tissimi vocaberis ; præibis be called the Prophet of the enim ante faciem Domini, Highest : for thou shalt go parare vias ejus.

before the face of the Lord

to prepare his ways. Ad dandam scientiam sa- 10 To give knowledge of lutis plebi ejus ; in remis- salvation unto his people : sionem peccatorum eorum. for the remission of their

sins. Per viscera misericordiæ 11 Through the bowels Dei nostri; in quibus visic of the mercy of our God: tavit nos oriens ex alto. whereby the orient from on

high hath visited us. Illuminare his, qui in te- 12 To enlighten them nebris et in umbra mortis that sit in darkness, and in sedent; ad dirigendos pe- the shadow of death; to des nostros in viam pacis. direct our feet into the way

of peace. Gloria, &c.

Glory, &c.

CREED OF ST. ATHANASIUS. Whosoever will be saved, As also they are not before all things it is ne- three uncreates, nor three cessary that he hold the Ca- incomprehensibles; but one tholic faith.

uncreate, and one incomWhich faith, except every prehensible. one do keep entire and in- In like manner the Fa. violate, without doubt he ther is almighty, the Son shall perish everlastingly, almighty, and the Holy

Now the Catholic faith is Ghost almighty. this, that we worship one And yet they are not God in Trinity, and Trinity three almighties, but one in Unity.

almighty. Neither confounding the So the Father is God, the Persons, nor dividing the Son God, and the Holy substance.

Ghost God. For there is one Person And yet they are not of the Father, another of three Gods, but one God. the Son, another of the So likewise the Father is Holy Ghost.

Lord, the Son is Lord, and But the Godhead of the the Holy Ghost is Lord. Father, and of the Son, and And yet they are not of the Holy Ghost, is all three Lords, but one Lord. one; the glory equal, the For like as we are commajesty co-eternal. pelled by the Christian ve

Šuch as the Father is, such rity to acknowledge every is the Son, and such is the Person by himself to be Holy Ghost.

God and Lord: The Father uncreate, the So we are forbidden by Son uncreate, the Holy the Catholic religion, to say Ghost uncreate.

there are three Gods, or 'The Father incompre- three Lords. hensible, the Son incom. The Fa:her is made of prehensible, the Holy Ghost none, neither created, nor incomprehensible.

begotten. The Father eternal, the The Son is from the Fa. Son eternal, the Holy Ghost ther alone, not made, nor eternal.

created, but begotten. And yet they are not three The Holy Ghost is from eternals, bat one eternal. the Father and the Son,


not made, nor created, nor cording to his Godhead; begotten, but proceeding. and less than the Father

So there is one Father, according to his manhood. not three Fathers;

Who, although he be both Son, not three Sons; one God and man, yet he is not Iloly Ghost, not three Holy two, but one Christ: Ghosts.

One, not by the converAnd in this Tripity, there “sion of the Godhead into is nothing before or after, Aesh, but by the taking of nothing greater or less; the manhood unto God: but the whole three Persons One altogether, not by are coeternal together and confusion of substance, but coequal.

by unity of person. so that in all things, as For as the reasonable soul is aforesaid, the Unity is to and the flesh is one man, so be worshipped in Trinity, God and man is one Christ. and the Trinity in Unity. Who suffered for our sal

He, therefore, that will vation, descended into hell, be saved, must thus think rose again the third day of the Trinity.

from the dead. Furthermore, it is neces- He ascended into heaven; sary to everlasting salva- he sitteth at the right hand tion, that he also believe of God the Father Alrightly the Incarnation of mighty; from whence he our Lord Jesus Christ. shall come to judge the

Now the right faith is, living and the dead. that we believe and confess At whose coming all men that our Lord Jesus Christ, shall rise again with their the Son of God, is both God bodies, and shall give an acand man.

count of their own works. He is God of the substance And they that have done of bis Father, begotten be- good shall go into life everfore the world ; and he is lasting; and they that have man of the substance of his done evil, into everlasting Mother, born in the world: fire.

Perfect God and perfect This is the Catholic faith, man; of reasonable soul and which except a man believe human flesh subsisting. faithfully and steadfastly, he

Equal to the Father ac- cannot be saved. Glory, &c.

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