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Daniel iii. All ye works of the Lord, things that spring up in the bless the Lord, praise and earth, bless the Lord. exalt him above all for ever. O ye fountains, bless the

O ye angels of the Lord, Lord: Oye seas and rivers, bless the Lord : O ye hea- bless the Lord. vens, bless the Lord.

O ye whales, and all that O all ye waters that are move in the waters, bless above the heavens, bless the the Lord : O all ye fowls of Lord : 0 all ye powers of the air, bless the Lord. the Lord, bless the Lord. O all ye beasts and cattle,

O ye sun and moon, bless bless the Lord : O ye sons the Lord : Oye stars of hea- of men, bless the Lord. ven, bless the Lord.

(), let Israel bless the O every shower and dew, Lord; let them praise and bless ye the Lord: O all ye exalt him above all for ever. spirits of God, bless the O ye priests of the Lord, Lord.

bless the Lord : 0 ye serO ye fire and heat, bless vants of the Lord, bless the the Lord : O ye cold and Lord. heat, bless the Lord.

O ye spirits and souls of Oyedews and hoar frosts, the just, bless the Lord: O bless the Lord : O ye frosts ye holy and humble of heart, and cold, bless the Lord. bless the Lord.

O ye ice and snow, bless O Ananias, Azarias, and the Lord: 0 ye nights and Misael, bless ye the Lord; days, bless the Lord. praise and exalt him above

Oye light and darkness, all for ever.
bless the Lord: () ye light- Let us bless the Father,
nings and clouds, bless the and the Son, with the Holy

Ghost; let us praise him and
O let the earth bless the magnify him for ever.
Lord; let it praise and exalt Bleszed art thou, O Lord,
him above all for ever. in the firmament of heaven;

Oye mountains and hills, and worthy of praise,andglobless the Lord: O all ye rious, and magnified for ever.


Psalm xciy. Come, let us praise the To-day, if you shall hear Lord with joy; let us joyful- his voice, harden not your ly sing to God our Saviour. hearts:

Let us come before his As in the provocation, acpresence with thanksgiv- cording to the day of temping, and make a joyful noise tation in the wilderness; to him with psalms. where your fathers temp.

For the Lord is a great ted me, they proved me and God, and a great King above saw my works. all gods.

Forty years long was I For in his hand are all the offended with that generends of the earth, and the ation; and I said, These alheights of the mountains ways err in heart. are his.

And these men have not For the sea is his, and he known my ways; so I sware made it; and his hands in my wrath, that they should formed the dry land. not enter into my rest.

Come, let us adore and Glory be to the Father, fall down; and weep be- and to the Son, and to the fore the Lord that made us. Holy Ghost.

For he is the Lord our As it was in the beginGod : and we are the people ning, is now, and ever shall of his pasture, and the sheep be, world without end. of his hand.


Psalm xcix. Sing joyfully to God, all the sheep of his pasture. the earth; serve the Lord Go ye into his gates with with gladness.

praise, and into his courts Come in before his pre- with hymns, and give glory sence with exceeding great to him. joy.

Praise ye his name, for Know ye that the Lord the Lord is sweet; his he is God; he made us, and mercy endureth for ever, not we ourselves.

and his truth to generation We are his people, and and generation. Glory, &c.



Psalm cii. Bless the Lord, O my ened his mercy towards soul, and let all that is them that fear him. within me bless his holy As far as the east is from

the west, so far hath he reBless the Lord, O my moved our iniquities from soul, and never forget all us. that he hath done for thee. As a father hath compas

Who forgiveth all thine sion on his children, so hath iniquities; who healeth all the Lord compassion on thy diseases.

them that fear him. Who redeemeth thy life For he knoweth our from destruction : who frame; he remembereth that crowneth thee with mercy we are dust. and compassion.

The days of man are as Who satisfieth thy desire grass; as the flower of the with good things; thy youth field, so shall he flourish. shall be renewed like the For the spirit shall pass eagle's.

in him, and he shall not be; The Lord doth mercies and he shall know his place and judgment for all that no more.

But the mercy of the Lord He hath made his ways is from eternity, and unto known to Moses; his wills eternity, upon them that to the children of Israel. fear him.

The Lord is compassion- And his justice unto chilate and merciful; long-suf- dren's children, to such as fering, and plenteous in keep his covenant, and are mercy.

mindful of his command. He will not always be ments to do them. angry; nor will he threaten The Lord hath prepared for ever.

his throne in heaven : and He hath not dealt with his kingdoms shall rule over us according to our sins, all. nor rewarded us according Bless the Lord, all ye his to our iniquities.

angels; you that are mighty For according to the in strength, and execute his height of the heaven above word, hearkening to the the earth, he hath strength. voice of his orders.

suffer wrong.

Bless ihe Lord, all ye his works, in every place of his hosts; ye ministers of his dominion ; O my soul, bless that do his will.

thou the Lord. Bless the Lord, all his Glory, &c.

Psalm cxxxvii. I will praise thee, O Lord, heard all the words of thy with my whole heart; for mouth. thou hast heard the words And let them sing in the of my mouth.

ways of the Lord, for great I will sing praise to thee is the glory of the Lord. in the sight of the angels; For the Lord is high and I will worship towards thy looketh on the low; and the holy temple, and I will give high he knoweth afar off. glory to thy name.

If I shall walk in the For thy mercy and for midst of tribulation, thou thy truth ; for thou hast wilt quicken me: and thou magnified thy holy name hast stretched forth thy hand above all

against the wrath of mine In what day soever I shall enemies; thy right hand call upon thee, hear me; hath saved me. thou shalt multiply strength The Lord will repay for in my soul.

me. Thy mercy, 0 Lord, Let all the kings of the endureth for ever : 0, deearth give glory to thee, spise not the works of thy O Lord; for they have hands. Glory, &c.

Psalm cxlviii. Alleluia. Praise ye the Lord from vens praise the name of the the heavens; praise ye him Lord. in the high places.

For he spoke, and they Praise ye him, all his an- were made: he commanded, gels : praise ye him, all his and they were created. hosts.

He hath established them Praise ye him, O sun and for ever and for ages of ages: moon: praise him, all ye he hath made a decree, and stars and light.

it shall not pass away. Praise him, ye heavens of Praise the Lord from the heavens; and let all the wa- earth, ye dragons and all ters that are above the heao ye deeps.

Fire, hail, snow, ice, let the old with the younger stormy winds which fulfil praise the Lord ; for his his word.

name alone is exalted. Mountains and all hills; The praise of him is above fruitful trees and all cedars. heaven and earth; and he

Beasts and all cattle ; ser. hath exalted the horn of his pents and feathered fowls. people.

Kings of the earth, and A hymn to all his saints: all people; princes and all to the children of Israel, a judges of the earth. people approaching to him.

Young men and maidens: Glory, &c.

Psalm cl. Praise ye the Lord in his trumpet; praise him with holy places ; praise ye him psaltery and harp: in the firmament of his Praise him with timbrel power:

and choir; praise him with Praise ye him for his strings and organs. mighty acts; praise ye him Praise him on high-soundaccording to the multitude ing cymbals ; praise him on of his greatness.

cymbals of joy : Let every Praise him with sound of spirit praise the Lord.

Glory, &c.

TE DEUM. Te Deum laudamus: te We praise thee, O God: Dominum confitemur. we acknowledge thee to be

the Lord. Te æternum Patrem om- All the earth doth wornis terra veneratur.

ship thee: the Father ever

lasting. Tibi omnes angeli, tibi ce. To thee all angels cry li, et universæ potestates :

aloud : the heavens and all

the powers therein : Tibi cherubim et sera- To thee cherubim and phim, incessabili voce pro- seraphim: continually do clamant:

cry: Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus, Holy, holy, holy, Lord Dominus Deus Sabaoth. God of Sabaoth.

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