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schismatics with thy pow- God, whose judgments are erful grace,

righteous and counsels unThat it may please thee to searchable ; who visitest the

shew them the danger of iniquity of the fathers upon the their state, and the great children, unto the third and importance of eternal sal- fourth generation, and yet at vation,

length rememberest mercy; forThat it may please thee mer- give, we beseech ihee, the sins

cifully to look down from of our forefathers, and turn heaven on the tears of the away thy wrath from their posafflicted, and the blood of terity: deliver the ignorant so many martyrs, who have from being seduced by false spent their lives, and suf- teachers, and the learned from fered death, to convert us being abused by their passions, to thee,

and the whole nation from the Son of God,

spirit of contradiction, licenLamb of God, who takest away tiousness, and discord; that inthe sins of the world,

stead of so many divisions and Spare us, O Lord.

changes in religion, under Lamb of God, who takest away which they labour, they may the sins of the world,

be again restored to that unity Graciously hear us, o Lord. of mind, steadiness of faith, and Lamb of God, who takest away tranquillity of conscience, which the sins of the world,

is no where to be sought but in Have mercy on us.

the communion of thy Church, Christ hear us.

nor possible to be found but Christ graciously hear us. by the conduct of thy grace. Let us pray.

Through our Lord Jesus Christ. Almighty and everlasting Amen.


(From St. Bernard.) Jesus, the only thought of thee

With sweetness fills my breast;
But sweeter far it is to see,

And on thy beauty feast.
No sound, no harmony so gay,

Can art or music frame;
No thoughts can reach, no words can say,

The sweets of thy blest name.
Jesus, our hope when we repent,

Sweet source of all our grace,
Sole comfort in our banishment,-

0, what when face to face!
Jesus, that name inspires my mind

With springs of life and light;
More than I ask in thee I find,

And languish with delight.
No art or eloquence of man

Can tell the joys of love;
Only the saints can understand

What they in Jesus prove.
Thee, then, I'll seek retir'd apart,

From world and business free:
When these shall knock, I'll shut my heart,

And keep it all for thee.
Before the morning light I'll come,

With Magdalene, to find,
In sighs and tears, my Jesu's tomb,

And there refresh my mind.
My tears upon his grave shall flow,

My sighs the garden fill:

Then at his feet myself I'll throw,

And there I'll seek his will.
Jesus, in thy bless'd steps I'll tread,

And walk in all thy ways;
I'll never cease to weep and plead

Till I'm restor’d to grace.
O King of love, thy blessed fire

Does such sweet flames excite,
That first it raises the desire,

Then fills it with delight.
Thy lovely presence shines so clear

Through every sense and way,
That souls which once have seen thee near,

See all things else decay. Come, then, dear Lord, possess my heart,

Chase thence the shades of night; Come, pierce it with thy flaming dart,

And ever-shining light. Then I'll for ever Jesus sing,

And with the saints rejoice; And both my heart and tongue shall bring Their tribute to my dearest King

In never-ending joys.


1. Veni Creator. COME, Holy Ghost, Creator, come,

From thy bright heavenly throne; Come, take possession of our souls,

And make them all thy own.
Thou who art call'd the Paraclete,

Best gift of God above;
The living Spring, the living Fire,

Sweet Unction and true love.

Thou who art sevenfold in thy grace,

Finger of God's right hand; His promise teaching little ones

To speak and understand,
0! guide our minds with thy blest light,

With love our hearts inflame;
And with thy strength, which ne'er decays,

Confirm our mortal frame.
Far from us drive our hellish foe,

True peace unto us bring;
And through all perils lead us safe

Beneath thy sacred wing.
Through thee may we the Father know,

Through thee th' eternal Son,
And thee, the Spirit of them both,-

Thrice-blessed three in one.
All glory to the Father be,

With his co-equal Son,
The same tò thee, great Paraclete,

While endless ages run.


2. Veni Sancie Spiritus.
Come, Holy Ghost, send down those beams,
Which sweetly flow in silent streams

From thy bright throne above.
O, come, thou Father of the poor,
O, come, thou Source of all our store,

Come, fill our hearts with love.
O thou, of comforters the best,
O thou, the soul's delightful guest,

The pilgrim's sweet relief.
Thou art true rest in toil and sweat,
Refreshment in th' excess of heat,

And solace in our grief,

Thrice-blessed light, shoot home thy darıs,
And pierce the centres of those hearts

Whose faith aspires to thee;
Without thy Godhead nothing can
Have any price or worth in man,

Nothing can harmless be.
Lord, wash our sinful stains away,
Water from heaven our barren clay,

Our wounds and bruises heal.
To thy sweet yoke our stiff necks bow ;
Warm; with thy fire our hearts of snow,

Our wandering feet repel.
Grant to thy faithful, dearest Lord,
Whose only hope is thy sure word,

The seven gifts of thy Spirit;
Grant us in life thy helping grace,
Grant us at death to see thy face,

And endless joy inherit.


Hall, thou resplendent star

Which shinest o'er the main;
Blest Mother of our God,

And ever-virgin Queen.
Hail, happy gate of bliss,

Greeted by Gabriel's tongue ;
Negotiate our peace,

And cancel Eva's wrong.
Loosen the sinner's bands,

All evils drive away ;
Bring light unto the blind,

And for all gracés pray.

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