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Virgo prudentissima, Virgin most prudent,
Virgo veneranda,

Virgin most venerable,
Virgo prædicanda,

Virgin most renowned, Virgo potens,

Virgin most powerful, Virgo clemens,

Virgin most merciful, Virgo fidelis,

Virgin most faithful, Speculum justitiæ, Mirror of justice, Sedes sapientiæ,

Seat of Wisdom, Causa nostræ lætitiæ, Cause of our joy, Vas spirituale,

Spiritual Vessel,
Vas honorabile,

Vessel of honour,
Vas insigne devotionis, Vessel of singular devo-

tion, Rosa mystica,

Mystical Rose, Turris Davidica,

Tower of David, Turris eburnea,

Tower of ivory, Domus aurea,

House of gold, Federis arca,

Ark of the covenant, Janua cæli,

Gate of heaven, Stella matutina,

Morning star, Salus infirmorum,

Health of the sick, Refugium peccatorum, Refuge of sinners, Consolatrix afflictorum, Comforter ofthe afflicted, Auxilium Christian- Help of Christians,

Regina Angelorum, Queen of Angels,
Regina Patriarcharum, Queen of Patriarchs,
Regina Prophetarum, Queen of Prophets,
Regina Apostolorum, Queen of Apostles,
Regina Martyrum, Queen of Martyrs,
Regina Confessorum, Queen of Confessors,
Regina Virginum,

Queen of Virgins,
Regina Sanctorum om- Queen of all Saints,

nium, Regina sine labe origi- Queen conceived without nali concepta,

original sin, Agnus Dei, qui tollis pec- Lamb of God, who takest cata mundi,

away the sins of the world,

Ora pro nobis.

Pray for us.

Parce nobis, Domine. Spare us, O Lord, Agnus Dei, qui tollis pec- Lamb of God, who takest cata inundi,

away the sins ofthe world, Exaudi nos, Domine. Graciously hear us, O Lord. Agnus Dei, qui tollis pec- Lamb of God, who takest cata mundi,

away the sins of the world, Miserere nobis.

Have mercy on us. Christe audi nos.

Christ hear us. Christe exaudi nos.

Christ graciously hear us. Ant. Sub tuum præsi- Ant. We fly to thy padium confugimus, sancta tronage, O holy Alother of Dei Genitrix, nostras de- God, despise not our petiprecationes ne despicias in tions in our necessities; but necessitatibus nostris ; sed deliver us always from all a periculis cunctis libera dangers, O glorious and nos semper, Virgo gloriosa blessed Virgin, et benedicta.

¥. Ora pro nobis, sancta Ý. Pray for us, O holy Dei Genitrix.

Mother of God. RY. Ut digni efficiamur Ry. That we may be made promissionibus Christi. worthy of the promises of

Christ. Oremus. Defende, quæsumus, Do- Defend, O Lord, we bemine, beata Maria semper seech thee, by the interces. virgine, intercedente, istam sion of blessed Mary ever ab omni adversitate fami- virgin, this thy family from liam : et toto corde tibi all adversity; and merci. prostratam ab hostium pro- fully protect us, who prospitius tuere clementer insi- trate ourselves before thee diis. Per Christum Do- with all our hearts, from the minum nostrum. Amen. snaresof the enemy.Through

Christ our Lord. Amen. Ry. Amen.

Ry. Amen. ¥. Divinum auxilium ¥. May the divine assistmaneat semper nobiscum. ance remain always with us. . Amen.

By. Amen.

Let us pray.


Kyrie eleison. Lord God the Father, have mercy upon us. Christe eleison, Lord God the Son, have mercy upon us.

Kyrie eleison. Lord God the Holy Ghost, have mercy upon us.

Christe audi nos. Christ, our anointed Priest, hear these our prayers.

Christe exaudi nos. Christ, our anointed King, hear our petition,

Pater de cælis Deus, miserere nobis. O God the Father, of heaven, have mercy on us.

Fili Redemptor mundi Deus. O God the Son, Redeemer of the world, have mercy on us.

Spiritus Sancte Deus. O God the Holy Ghost, have mercy on us.

Sancta Trinitas unus Deus. Holy Trinity, one God, have mercy on us.

Sancta Maria. Holy Mary, by thy name of sweetness, after the name of Jesus most venerable, pray for us.

Sancta Dei Genitrix. Holy Mother of God, fron whose own flesh was formed God's sacred body, pray

Sancta Virgo Virginum. Holy Virgin of virgins, as the lily amongst thorns, so is my beloved among the virgin daughters ; pray for us.

Mater Christi. Mother of Christ, of the Anointed One, thou didst stand by the altar of the cross; pray

Mater divinæ gratiæ. Mother of Divine grace, by thee did grace come down from heaven; pray for us.

Mater purissima. Mother most pure, exempted from all stain of sin; pray for us.

Mater castissima. Mother most chaste, without all sting of concupiscence; pray for us.

Mater inviolata. Mother inviolate; Mother, yet ever Virgin; pray for us.

for us.

for us.

Mater intemerata. Mother undefiled by any the slightest breath of evil; pray for us.

Mater amabilis. "Mother most amiable, thou art the Mother of incarnate love; pray for us.

Mater admirabilis. Mother most admirable, for God himself could form no greater Mother than his own; pray for us.

Mater Creatoris. Mother of our Creator, at thy virgin breast he who sustains the world was nourished; pray for us.

Mater Salvatoris. Mother of our Saviour; thou of whom was formed that very blood that hath redeemed the world; pray for us.

Virgo prudentissima. Virgin most prudent, taught by heaven, the whilst thou didst keep silence and ponder in thy heart; pray for us.

Virgo veneranda. Virgin most venerable; thou whom all generations shall call blessed; pray for us. Virgo prædicanda. Virgin most renowned; thou who

l art worthy that thy glory should be extolled and celebrated through the whole world; pray for us.

Virgo potens. Virgin most powerful, by thy prayers omnipotent with God; pray for us.

Virgo clemens. Virgin most merciful; who can declare thy love for souls redeemed by Jesus' Blood ?-pray for us.

Virgo fidelis. Virgin most faithful; for thy love was strong as death, as thou didst stand by the cross of Jesus, faithful to the last; pray for us.

Speculum justitiæ. Mirror of justice; for who so per. fectly reflects the image of Jesus as his holy Mother? pray for us.

Sedes sapientiæ. Seat of wisdom, since in thy arms the Eternal Wisdom of the Father was enthroned; pray

Causa nostræ lætitiæ. Rainbow of peace, and of good tidings of great joy to a storm-tossed world; pray for us.

Vas spirituale. Spiritual vessel “ full of grace," from thee all grace hath issued forth; pray for us.

Vas honorabile. Vessel of honour and election, formed of the purest gold, fit for the service of the King of Heaven ; pray for us.

for us.

Vas insigne devotionis. Vessel of singular devotion, after whose form each vessel of election must be fashioned; pray for us.

Rosa mystica. Mystical rose, exhaling the sweet odour of all virtues, yet circled by the thorns of tribulation; pray for us.

Turris Davidica. Tower of David, built against the enemies of God, in the city of the mystical Jerusalem ; pray for us.

Turris eburnea. Tower of ivory; for in the Canticles thou art that tower of ivory whereto the fair neck of the bride is likened; through thee all graces pass from Christ the Head unto the Church his Body; pray for us.

Domus aurea. House of gold, palace adorned in every part with the symbolic gold of charity; pray for us.

Federis arca. Ark of the covenant, formed of fairest workmanship, not for the tables of the law, but for the Lord of the Law himself; pray for us.

Janua coeli. Gate of heaven, since through thee salvation came into the world, and none can enter heaven but by thee; pray for us.

Stella matutina. Morning star, thou didst appear at length above the darkness of this world, sure forerunner of the Sun of justice; pray for us.

Salus infirmorum. Health of the sick, since in thee do we behold strength in the midst of weakness; pray for us.

Refugium peccatorum. Refuge of sinners, if by sin we have again and again trampled under foot the blood of Jesus, yet in thee shall we find a gentle advocate with him; pray for us.

Consolatrix afflictorum. Comforter of the afflicted, thou hast watched beside, and suffered with the Man of Sorrows, and hast learned how to console the miserable; pray for us.

Auxilium Christianorum. Help of Christians; they who are called by Christ's own name shall ever find in thee their tenderest mother; pray for us.

Regina Angelorum. Queen of Angels, since the King of Heaven, who had the Angels for his ministering sere vants, called thee his Mother ; pray for us.

Regina Patriarcharum. Queen of Patriarchs, thou

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