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of their love, nor receive the least drop of that torrent of pure delights. O Holy Spirit, grant that, having felt the fiercest pangs of love, they may taste its heavenly delights in a blessed eternity. Amen. Pater, Ave, Gloria.

THE LITANY FOR THE DEAD. Lord have mercy upon us.

of grace, wast triumhave mercy upon us. phantly assumed into Christ have mercy upon us.

the kingdom of thy Christ have mercy upon us.

Son, Lord have mercy upon us.

Blessed Angels, who ore Lord have mercy upon us.

dering aright the first Jesus receive our prayers. act of your will, were Lord Jesus grant our peti- settled in an unchangetions.

able state of felicity, O God the Father, Creator Blessed Patriarchs, whose of the world,

spirits were filled with Have meroy on the souls of joy, when the desired

the faithful departed. of all nations brought O God the Son, Redeemer redemption to your of mankind,

long captivity, Deliver the souls of the Blessed Prophets, who,

faithful departed. having patiently awaitO God the Holy Ghost, ed the coming of the

Perfecter of the elect, Messias, wert refreshAccomplish the bliss of the ed by the happy visit

souls of the faithful de- of his divine Person, parted.

O all ye blessed Saints, O sacred Trinity, Three who, after the glorious

Persons and One God, resurrection of your Give rest to the souls of the Saviour, were by him faithful departed.

translated from the Blessed Virgin Mary, who, bosom of Abraham to

by a special privilege the clear vision of God,

Pray for the souls of the faithful departed.


Blessed Apostles, who,

at the last and terrible day, shall sit on the twelve thrones, judg

ing the tribes of Israel, Blessed Disciples of our

Lord, who, following his sacred steps in the narrow path of perfection, went straight on to the heavenly Jeru

salem, Blessed Martyrs, who,

passing through the red sea of your own blood, without journeying through a tedious wilderness, entered immediately into the

land of promise, Blessed Confessors, who,

despising the vanities here below, and placing your affections entirely on the joys, above, are already arrived at the full possession of all your de

sires, Blessed Virgins, who,

watching continually with your lamps prepared, were ready at the first voice of your Spouse to enter with him into the marriage. chamber,

Pray for the souls of the faithful departed.

Be merciful, O Lord, And pardon their sins. Be merciful, O Lord, And hear our prayers. From the shades of death,

where they sit deprived of the blissful light of

thy countenance, From the evils to which

their defective mortifications in this world have exposed them in

the other, From thine anger, which


late they grieve to have provok. ed by their negli

gence and ingratitude, From the pains of Pur

gatory, justly inflicted on them as the proper

effects of their sins, From that dreadful pri

son, whence there is no release till they have paid the last far

thing, From all their torments,

incomparably greater than the sharpest pains

of this life, By the multitude of thy

mercies, which have always shown compassion to the frailties

of human nature, By the infinite merits of

Deliver them, O Lord.

Deliver them, O Lord.

thy death upon the Cross, where thou reconcilest the world to

thy Father, By thy victorious Descent into hell, to break asunder the chains of death, and free such

as were imprisoned, By thy glorious Resur

rection from the grave, when thou openedst the kingdom of heaven

to all believers, By thy triumphant Ascension into heaven, when thou ledst captivity captive, and promisedst to prepare a

place for thy servants, By thy dreadful Coming to judge the world, when the works of every one shall be tried

by fire, We sinners, Beseech thee, hear us. That it would please thee

to hasten the day of visiting thy faithful, detained in the receptacles of sorrow, and transport them to the

City of eternal peace, That it would please thee

to shorten the time of expiation of their sins,

and graciously admit them into thy holy sanctuary, where no unclean thing can en

ter, That it would please thee,

through the prayers and alms of thy Church, and especially the inestimable Sacrifice of thy holy Altar, to receive them into the tabernacle of rest, and crown their longing hopes with everlasting

fruition, That the blessed vision

of Jesus may comfort them, and the glorious light of his cross shine. upon them, That thy holy Angels

may bring them into the land of the living, and the glorious Queen of Saints present them

before thy throne, That the venerable Patriarchs may

meet them, and all the ancient Prophets rejoice

to see them, That the sacred college

of Apostles may open to them the gates of bliss, and the victorious army of Martyrs

We beseech thes, hear us.

We beseech thee, hear us.


conduct them to thy Give rest to the souls of the palace,

faithful departed. That the blessed com. O Lamb of God, at whose pany of Confessors

presence the earth shall may place them in be inoved, and the heaseats of eternal glory, vens melt away, and the chaste train of Give rest to the souls of the Virgins, with heaven- faithful departed. ly anthems, congra

O Lamb of God, in whose tulate their reception,

blessed book of life all That the whole triumph- their names are written,

ant Church may cele- Give eternal rest to the brate the jubilee of souls of the faithful detheir deliverance; and parted. all the choirs of An- Ant. Deliver us, O Lord, gels sing hymns of and all thy faithful, in that joy, for their new and day of terror, when the sun

never-ending felicity, and moon shall be darkThat the souls that are ened, and the stars fall

delivered may them down from heaven; in that selves adore the glo day of calamity and amazerious Author of their ment, when heaven itself happiness, and in their shall shake, the pillars of white robes eternally the earth be moved, and sing, Alleluia ! sal- the glorious majesty of Jevation to our God, sus come with innumerable who sitteth upon the angels to judge the world

throne, and to the by fire. . Lamb that redeemed V. Deliver us, O Lord,

us by his blood, and in that dreadful day. made us kings to reign R. And place us with with him for ever,

the Blessed at thy right Son of God,

hand for ever. We beseech thee, hear us. V. O Lord, hear my O Lamb of God, who wilt prayer.

come with glory to judge R. And let my cry come the living and the dead, to thee.

We beseech thee, hear us.

• Litany of the Holy Rame of Jesus, Kyrie eleison.

Lord have mercy. Kyrie eleison.

Lord have mercy. Christe eleison.

Christ have mercy. Christe eleison.

Christ have mercy. Kyrie eleison.

Lord have mercy. Kyrie eleison.

Lord have mercy. Christe audi nos.

Christ hear us. Christe exaudi nos.

Christ graciously hear us. Pater de cælis Deus, God the Father of heaven, Fili Redemptor mundi God the Son, Redeemer Deus,

of the world, Spiritus Sancte Deus, God the Holy Ghost, Sancta Trinitas, unus Holy Trinity, one God,

Deus, Jesu, Fili Dei vivi, Jesus, Son of the living

God, Jesu, Splendor Patris, Jesus, Splendour of the

Father, Jesu, Candor lucis æ- Jesus, Brightness of eterternæ,

nal light, Sesu, Rex gloriæ, Jesus, King of glory, Jesu, Sol justitiæ,

Jesus, the Sun of justice, Jesu, Fili Mariæ Vire Jesus, Son of the Virgin ginis,

Mary, Jesu, admirabilis,

Jesus, most admirable, Jesu, Deus fortis,

Jesus, the mighty God, Jesu, Pater futuri sæculi, Jesus, the Father of the

world to come, Jesu, magni consilii An. . Jesus, the Angel of great gele,

counsel, Jesu, potentissime, Jesus, most powerful, Jesu, patientissime, Jesus, most patient, Jesu, obedientissime, Jesus, most obedient, Jesu, mitis et humilis Jesus, meek and humble corde,

of heart, Jesu, Amator castitatis, Jesus, Lover of chastity,

Miserere nobis.

Have mercy on us.

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