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culum ejus : adorabimus bernacle: we will worship in in loco, ubi stetérunt pedes the place where his feet ejus.

have stood. Surge, Dómine, in ré- 8 Arise, O Lord, into thy quiem tuam : * tu et arca resting-place: thou and the sanctificationis tuæ.

ark of thy holiness. Sacerdotes tui induántur 9 Let thy priests be justítiam: * et sancti tui clothed with justice : and exúltent.

let thy saints rejoice. Propter David servum 10 For thy servant Da. tuum:* non avértas fáciem vid's sake : turn not away Christi tui.

the face of thine Anointed. Jurávit Dóminus David 11 The Lord hath sworn veritátem, et non frustrábie the truth unto David, and tur eam : * De fructu ven- he will not make it void : tris tui ponam super sedem Of the fruit of thy body I tuam.

will set upon thy throne. Si custodierint filii tui 12 If thy children will testamentum meum: et keep my covenant : and testimónia mea hæc, quæ these my testimonies which docébo eos:

I shall teach them: Et filii eórum usque in 13 Their children also sæculum :* sedébunt super for evermore : shall sit sedem tuam.

upon thy throne. Quóniam elégit Dóminus 14 For the Lord hath Sion : * elégit eam in habi- chosen Sion: he hath chosen tatiónem sibi.

her for his dwelling. Hæc réquies mea in sæ- 15 This is my rest for culum sæculi: * hic habitá- ever and ever : here will bo, quóniam elégi eam. I dwell, for I have chosen

her. Viduam ejus benedicens 16 With blessing I will benedicam : * pauperes ejus bless her widows: I will saturábo pánibus.

satisfy her poor with bread. Sacerdotes ejus induam 17 I will clothe her salutári ;* et sancti ejus priests with salvation : and exultatióne exultábunt. her saints shall rejoice with

exceeding joy.

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Illuc prodúcam cornu 18 There will I bring David : * parávi lucérnam forth a horn unto David : I Christo meo.

have prepared a lamp for

mine Anointed. Inimícos ejus induam 19 His enemies will I confusióne : *

super ipsum clothe with confusion : but autem efflorebit sanctificá- upon himself shall my sanctio mea.

tification flourish.



(The Common of Virgins and Holy Women, and the

Vespers for New Year's Day, are the same.) First Psalm, Dixit Dominus, as above, p. 84. Second Laudate, pueri, p. 88.

Third Psalm, Psalm cxxi. Lætatus sum. Lætátus sum in his quæ 1 I was glad at the things dicta sunt mihi :* In do- that were said unto me: mum Dómini ibimus. We will go into the house

of the Lord. Stantes erant pedes nos

2 Our feet were wont to tri :* in átriis tuis, Jerúsa- stand : in thy courts, O Jelem.

rusalem. Jerúsalem, quæ ædificá- 3 Jerusalem, which is tur ut cívitas :* cujus par- built as a city: that is at ticipátio ejus in idipsum. unity with itself.

Illuc enim ascendérunt 4 For thither did the tribus, tribus Dómini : * tribes go up, the tribes of testimonium Israel ad con- the Lord : the testimony of fiténdum nómini Dómini. Israel, to praise the name

of the Lord. Quia illic sedérunt sedes 5 For there are set the in judicio : * sedes super seats of judgment : the domum David.

sent3 over the house of

David. Rogáte quæ ad pacem 6 Pray ye for the things


sunt Jerúsalem :* et abun, that are for the peace of Jedántia diligentibus te. rusalem: and plenteousness

be to them that love thee. Fiat pax in virtúte tua :* 7 Let peace be in thy et abundántia in turribus strength : and plenteoustuis.

ness in thy towers. Propter fratres meos et 8 For my brethren and próximos meos :* loquébar companions' sake: I spake pacem de te.

peace concerning thee. Propter domum Dómini 9 Because of the house Dei nostri :* quæsivi bona of the Lord our God: I tibi.

have sought good things

for thee. Gloria, &c.

Glory, &c.

Fourth Psalm, Psalm cxxvi. Nisi Dominus.

Nisi Dóminus ædificá- 1 Unless the Lord build verit domum :* in vanum the house: they labour in laboravérunt qui ædificant vain that build it. eam,

Nisi Dóminus custodie- 2 Unless the Lord keep rit civitátem:* frustra vigi- the city : he watcheth in lat qui custódit eam. vain that keepeth it.

Vanum est vobis ante 3 In vain ye rise before lucem súrgere : * súrgite the light: rise not till ye postquam sedéritis, qui have rested, O ye that eat manducátis panem dolóris. the bread of sorrow.

Cum dederit dilectis súis 4 When he hath given somnum:* ecce hæréditas sleep to his beloved : lo, Dómini fílii, merces fructus children are an heritage ventris.

from the Lord, and the

fruit of the womb a reward. Sicut sagittæ in manu 5 Like as arrows in the poténtis :* ita filii excus- hand of the mighty one: so sórum.

are the children of those

who have been cast out. Beátus vir qui implévit 6 Ble ed is th man

desidérium suum ex ipsis:* whose desire is satisfied non confundetur, cum lo- with them : he shall not be quétur inimicis suis confounded, when he speakporta.

eth with his enemies in the

gate. Gloria, &c.

Glory, &c. Fifth Psalm, Ps. cxlvii. Lauda, Jerusalem. Lauda, Jerúsalem, Dó. 1 Praise the Lord, O minum;* lauda Deum tų. Jerusalem : praise thy God, um, Sion.

O Sion. Quóniam confortávit se- 2 For he hath strengthras portárum tuárum :* bc- ened the bars of thy gates : nedíxit filiis tuis in te. he hath blessed thy children

within thee. Qui pósuit fines tuos

3 He hath made peace pacem :* et ádipe fruménti within thy borders; and fillsátiat te.

eth thee with the fatness of

corn. Qui emíttit eloquium 4 He sendeth forth his suum terræ: * yelóciter cur- commandment on the earth: rit sermo ejus.

his word runneth very swift

ly. Qui dat nivem sicut ļa- 5. He giveth snow like nam:* nebulam sicut cine, wool: he scattereth the rem spargit.

hoar-frost like ashes. Mittit crystállum suam 6 He sendeth his ice like sicut buccéllas : * ante fá- morsels : who is able to ciem frigoris ejus quis sus- abide his frost ? tinébit ? Emíttet verbum suum,

et 7 He shall send forth liquefaciet ea :* flabit spí. his word, and melt them : ritus ejus, et fluent aquæ.

he shall blow with his wind,

and the waters shall flow. Qui annuntiat verbum 8 He maketh known his suum Jacob : * justítias et word unto Jacob : his sta. judicia sua Israel.

tutes and ordinances unto Israel.


Non fecit taliter omni 9 He hath not dealt so natióni :* et judícia sua non with any nation: neither manifestávit eis.

hath he shewed them his

judgments. Glória Patri, &c.

Glory be to the Father, &c. Psalm cxvi. Laudate Dominum. Laudáte Dóminum, om- 1 Praise the Lord, all ye nes gentes : * laudáte eum, gentiles : praise him, all ye omnes pópuli :

people ; Quóniam confirmáta est 2 For his mercy is consuper nos,

misericórdia firmed upon us : and the ejus : * et véritas Dómini truth of the Lord endureth inanet in ætérnum.

for ever.

CHRISTMAS DAY. First Vespers: last Psalm, Laudate Dominum. Second Vespers

(and through the Octave): Fourth Psalm, De profundis, p. 128. Last do. Memento, Domine, p. 98.

THE EPIPHANY. Pirs! Vespers : last Psalm, Laudate Dominum. Second Vespera:

as on Sundays.


First Vespers: last Psalm, Laudate Dominum. Second Vespecs :

as in Common of Apostles.


First Vespers : last Psalm, Laudate Dominum, Second Verpers:

last Psalm, Credidi, p. 94.

Second Vespers: lasl Psalm, Laudate Dominum.

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