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BIRMINGHAM, July 27, 1836.

Q. I. WHAT Preachers are this year admitted into FULL CONNEXION with the Conference ?

A. 1. John Rossell, 1st, James Rowden, and William Satchell, who have travelled five years.

2. William Appleby, Alfred Barrett, Henry Brown, William J. Bullivant, David Cargill, William Chambers, Henry H. Chettle, Thomas Dove, Robert Dugdale, John Gregory, William Griffith, jun., James Grose, William Henley, Peter C. Horton, Rowland Hughes, Robert Inglis, John Killick, John Knowles,jun., James Laycock, John C. Leppington, George Oyston, John Pearce, Thomas Pennington, Jesse Pilcher, Richard Prichard, John Randerson, John W. Roberts, William H. Sargent, Wright Shovelton, Samuel Simpson, Frederick Slight, William H. Taylor, Methuselah Thomas, John Tindal, John Whiteley, Robert Williams, John G. Wilson, John Yeates; and, in Ireland, Benjamin Bayly, Samuel Cowdy, Henry Gaddis, Abraham Kerr, Jeremiah Wilson.

3. Thomas Collins, and John Hodgson, jun., who have travelled four years, were not publicly admitted into full connexion, solely because they were unable to attend the Conference.

Q. II. What Preachers REMAIN ON TRIAL?

A. John G. Avery, Francis Barker, Mark B. Bird, John Bisosell, Edward Branston, Edward Brice, William A. Brooks, William Butters, John Cameron, John D. Carey, Hilton Cheesbrough, -Paul Clark, James Cook, William Culcbeth, John Dawson, WilTiam Drewett, John Hornby, Thomas Hughes, Thomas Jeffries, Thomas Jenkins, Lewis Jones, Martin Jubb, Joseph Lawton, William Lawton, Robert M. Macbrair, John Mann, James Mit

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chell, Joseph Moorhouse, Peter Parsons, Joseph Pascall, John M. Pearson, Stephen Rabone, George Ranyell, Henry Richardson, William Seccombe, James Sharracks, John Talbot, Charles B. Taylor, James Taylor, Thomas Thompson, jun., James Wallis, William T. Waymouth, John Weatherstone, John Williams, William Williams; also, William Bannister, Robert Cooney, John Matthiez, Assistant Missionaries; and, in Ireland, Thomas Beamish, John Foster, James Murdoch ;

These have travelled THREE YEARS :

James Aldis, John Allin, Nathaniel Alston, Thomas D. Baines, Philip Le Bas, Thomas Bedford, James K. Best, Joseph Binns, William Bond, Edmund Botterell, William Burnett, Thomas Capp, William T. Cardy, James Carr, Charles Clay, Donald M. R. Coghill, Robert Cooke, John Crawshaw, Benjamin Crosby, Nehemiah Curnock, Daniel J. Draper, Thomas Edwards, 2d, John Eggleston, Thomas M. Fitzgerald, Richard Giddy, James Godden, Henry Groves, Richard Harding, Samuel Healey, Thomas Heeley, William Hill, jun., George Hobill, John Hobkirk, James Hocart, Joseph Jackson, jun., Frederick J. Jobson, Hugh Jones, John Lambert, Frederick Lewis, Alexander Manzie, Joseph A. Marsden, Joseph Nicholson, John Rees, John Richards, Thomas Richardson, William Rigglesworth, John Rossell, 2d, Nathan Rouse, John Ryan, 1st, John Ryan, 2d, Henry Smallwood, Edward J. Sturges, Edward Sweetman, Charles Taylor, Samuel Taylor, William B. Thorneloe, John Tupman, Benjamin B. Waddy, John Waltere, 2d, Francis Ward, Samuel H.Wardley, Edmund B. Warters, George F. White, Henry Wilkinson, 2d, Joseph T. Wilkinson, Henry W. Williams, Thomas Wood; also, Henry Dugmore, John Guest, Samuel S. Johnson, John M‘Murray, John Rain, John L. Rostan, Peter Sleep, Thomas Smith, Assistant Missionaries ; and, in Ireland, William P. Appelbe, Edward Banks, John B. Bennett, William A. Darby, Henry Giles, Armstrong Halliday, John Liddy :

These have travelled TWO YEARS :

John B. Alexander, James Alsop, William R. B. Arthy, William Baker, jun., William Bird, jun., John Blackwell, Daniel Blamey, John Booth, Samuel Brocksop, Richard Brown, Samuel Brown, jun., Peter Budd, Thomas Buddle, Henry Castle, Philip Chapman, Samuel W. Christophers, John Connon, Abraham Cooper, John Davies, 2d, John Drake, George Driver, James Eacott, Henry Foster, Kelsham Fullager, Thomas Furze, Matthew Gallienne, William H. Garner, Henry Gaud, David Gravel, Thomas Haswell, David Hay, Joseph Heaton, Henry Hine, William Hodgson, George Hole, Samuel Hooley, Benjamin Hurst, Richard Hutchinson, Jonathan Innes, William Jackson, 2d,

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Isaac Jenkins, John Jenkins, Benjamin John, Thomas Jones, 3d,
John D. Julian, Wilson Lofthouse, Samuel Loxton, Peter Lucas,
Matthew T. Male, George Maunder, John Morris, Ebenezer
Moulton, John H. Norton, John Osborne, William Owens, Ho-
ratio Pearse, Thomas Pearson, jun., Thomas A. Rayner, Jabez
Rought, William Sanders, George Sanger, James Scholes, John
Sharman, Samuel Sherwell, Samuel Simons, James Smeeth, John
Spinney, Samuel Stanton, William Stephenson, Daniel Stepney,
Richard Stepney, John Sumner, 2d, James Sutch, William
Trewin, Levi Waterhouse, William Webb, 2d, Daniel West,
William West, Charles Westlake, John Wiggin, Joseph Wil-
kinson, Matthew Wilson, William Winterburn ;-also, L. d.
Bartholomeuz, Wesley Beals, John Borland, Amadi Gum, Wil-
liam Hickey, Edmund S. Ingalls, John Johnston, William Juff,
William N. Leggett, John Parys, Peter Roy, Matthew Smith,
Thomas Wellard, Assistant Missionaries; and, in Ireland,
John Farrell, George Grant, Robert Hamilton, 1st, Thomas
Hickey, John Hughes, Hugh Moore, Robinson Scott, George
Vance ;

These have travelled ONE YEAR.
Q. III. What Preachers are now RECEIVED ON TRIAL?

A. John Addy, John Anderson, jun., Samuel Beard, John Bell, jun., Thomas H. Bewley, George Bingham, John Budden, Uriah Butters, William Cattle, James Clapham, Samuel Cooke, John G. Cox, Henry Dean, Thomas Denham, William G. Duncan, Jesse Edgoose, Benjamin Elvins, Henry Elvins, Thomas Garbutt, Hender Geach, Francis Gladwin, George Green, John Hanson, Isaac Harding, John Harland, James Harris, Peter Harrop, William Heath, Benjamin Hicks, William Holden, William Hopkins, George Hughes, John Hughes, Richard Iles, John Imison, William Jessop, Zephaniah Job, John Jones, Thomas Jones, 3d, Timothy Jones, John M. Kirk, Aaron Langley, James Lees, William Limmex, Thomas Llewellyn, John Lockwood, Samuel Lucas, Richard Burdsall Lyth, James Osborn, Reuben Partridge, James Pattison, Joseph Payne, Thomas Pearson, jun., Richard Petch, Charles Rawlings, Thomas Rodham, Joseph Sanger, John Shaw, Henry W. Smith, Thomas Standring, William Sugden, Joseph Sykes, Francis Taylor, Benjamin Tonkin, Benjamin Tregaskis, John Vanes, John Vine, John Warren, Joseph Watson, Robert Willcox, William R. Williams, George Wrigley; also, Antoine Berrus, James Buckley, jun., Jesse Cheslock, John Crookes, Charles Franklin, Charles de Hoedt, Jeremiah Jost, Louis Martin, Humphrey Richard, Matthew Smith, Charles de Wolf, Assistant Missionaries; and, in Ireland, Robert Black, Robert Hamilton, 2d, Patrick Henley,

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James Kennedy, William M‘Garvey, Simpson Morrison, Robert

Q. IV. What Preachers have died since the last Conference ?
A. 1. In Great Britain, the seventeen following :-

(1.) THOMAS PINDER; who was born at West-Stockwith, near Gainsborough, September 22d, 1774; and was brought to the knowledge and enjoyment of God at Sheffield, where he then resided, in 1795. He was an upright, devout, and humble man, remarkable for his simplicity and godly sincerity. His preaching was sound, fervent, and practical. He was very zealous in the cause of Christ, and was instrumental in the conversion of many sinners. His state of mind during his last illness was most satisfactory. He fell asleep in Jesus, August 27th, 1835, in the sixty-first

year of his age, having faithfully laboured in the work of the ministry thirty-six years.

(2.) JAMES SYDSERFF; who was converted to God about the year 1796, and in the year 1803 entered upon the duties of our itinerant ministry. During the thirty-two years in which he was employed in this work, he was indefatigable and persevering; and his labours were owned of God in the conversion of


souls. In the course of his last illness he said, “ I shall soon be in glory. Of this I have every assurance that I could desire.” He died in the Lord on Sunday, September 27th, 1835, aged fifty-five years.

(3.) WILLIAM HARRISON, SEN. He was effectually turned to God in his youth. For nearly forty years he was engaged in the work of the ministry, as an Itinerant Preacher; and on becoming a Supernumerary, he determined to devote his remaining strength to the advancement of the cause of his Redeemer. vigilant, prayerful, and successful Pastor, visiting day by day, from house to house, with unwearied diligence. He died rejoicing in God his Saviour, Nov. 24th, 1835, in the sixty-fourth year of his age. Some of his last words were, “ I stand upon the Rock. The Saviour whom I have preached to others is now my support."

(4.) Thomas Rowe. He had the privilege of a religious education, and at an early period in life devoted himself to God. He was a man of deep piety, and of genuine simplicity; and the word of Christ dwelt richly in him. His views of Christian doctrine were clear and sound, and his manner of explaining and enforcing them was impressive. As a Preacher he was highly acceptable and useful; and in his walk and conversation a pattern of every good work. After having endured, with great patience and entire resignation to the divine will, a long and painful affliction, he died happy in God, Dec. 12th, 1835, aged fifty years.

(5.) John Briddon; who at an early age carnestly sought

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