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The Nature^ Mischiefs^ and Remedy of
Superstition illustrated.



Preached before the



On Sunday, Feb. 17.175-4.

By WI L LIA M Dodwell, D. D.

Rector of ShotteJ^rook, Tte R K S,

and Prebendary of Sarum.

Published at the Request of Mr. Vice-Chancellory
and the Heads of Houses.


Printed at the THEATRE for James Fletche R in the
Turl; and Sold by S. Birt in Ave-Mary Lane, and J.
« and J. R i v 1 N c T o N in St. PauPs Church-Yard, London.

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Psalm XXXI. 7.

/ have hated them that hold of superstitious Vanities: and my Truft hath been in the Lord.

IT has been the great and the successful Art of Unbelievers to misrepresent those Divine Institutions which They would bring into Contempt, and to mislead Men in the Notion of Duty in order to excuse or justify the Neglect or Violation of it. True Religion, the Christian Religion in particular, is too amiable to be opposed, whilst it appears in its native Colours: Whilst it inculcates Devotion to the supreme Being to whom We owe all the Blessings We enjoy, and all the noblest Hopes We can entertain, whilst it teaches 'Justice and Charity to those who are placed with us in this uncertain State, whilst it prescribes the Regulation of our PaJJions within those Bounds, which may make them useful to the World and to Ourselves, It carries in a very great Measure its own Evidence with it, and ex

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