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His wisdom form’d great nature's mighty frame,

And rules by laws eternally the same.

Where's now thy pride, which, lately dar'd to say,

The Stars were only made to light thy way,

And all the Universe thy pleasure to obey ?

What impious madness urg'd thee on to call

Thyself the sole and sov'reign Lord of all ?

If such thou art, let some plain proof be shown,

And make thine empire o'er thy vassals known.

lies open to our sight. Dr. HERSCHEL has added to the former catalogue, thirty thousand, on which he has made particular observations. LA LANDE has, even with an imperfect telescope, ase certained the places of forty-three thousand, four hundred stars; and doubts not but, with Dr. Herschel's telescope, ninety millions may be discovered !--Nor are we, from hence, to suppose that this vast number comprizes all the fixed stars, or suns, that have been created : For, in the language of the pious HERVEY," could we soar beyond the moon, and pass through all the planetary choir ; could we wing our way to the highest apparent star, and take our stand on the loftiest pinnacle of our hemisphere we should then only find ourselves advanced to the suburbs of ereation !"


Bid the sun shine: command the winds to cease:

Make the rains fall : or chide the seas to peace.

What! are these deaf?-once more exert thy sway:

Try which of all thy subjects will obey :

Enjoin the tyger to refrain from blood,

Or bid the crocodile provide thy food.

These know their king, perhaps, and will comply.

Hail, mighty Lord what! does the monarch fly?

Unhappy prince! whose impotent command,

The meanest of thy vassals dares withstand,

And wrest the sceptre from thy feeble hand.

BEING of Beings! self-existing ONE!

Eternal First ! supreme! before thy throne

O bend my soul with adoration down!

Whilst, all amaz'd, thy wonders I survey,

Grant me to learn thy will, and what thou will'st

[obey !

Nor grievous is the task: for still we find

Man's happiness is with his duty join’d,

And for rebellion only, wretchedness assign’d.

Nor are thy laws perplext, (as some have taught,

With vanity possess’d, and void of thought,)
But plain and easy. Thou, all-wise and good,

Could'st ne'er command what can't be understood :

Like some mad tyrant, of his power proud,

Who joys to punish, and delights in blood.---

Much diff'rent are the maxims of thy reign :


one, of all thy creatures, can complain :

Almighty tho thou art, thy pow'r is showa

By infinite beneficence alone,

And mercy sits, triumphant on thy throne.

From ev'ry coast there lies a road to Heaven,

And thou to all a faithful guide hast giv'n,

A safe director pointing out the


Whom, while they follow, none can ever stray.

Hail, sacred REASON! glorious ! and divine !

Bulwark eternal of religion's shrine!

Truth's firmest friend! but superstition's foe!

To whom our whole of happiness we owe!

What thou command'st, O! let me still obey;

And joyous follow, where thou lead'st the way!

Sprung from the earth, a creature proud and vain,

Man struts his time, then sinks to earth again.

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Unwise! and thoughtless! impotent! and blind!

Can wealth, or grandeur, satisfy the mind?

Of all those pleasures mortals most admire,

Is there one joy sincere, that will not tire?

Can love itself endure? or beauty's charms

Afford that bliss we fancy in its arms?

Do thou, my soul, more glorious aims pursue :

Have thy CREATOR, and his WORKS, in view :

Be these thy study: hence thy pleasures bring :

And drink large draughts of wisdom from its spring:

That spring, whence perfect joy, and calm repose,

And blest content, and peace eternal flows.

Observe how regular the Planets run,

In stated times, their courses round the Sun,

Diff'rent their bulk, their distance, their career,

And diff'rent much the compass of their year:

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