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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1833, by
MARsh, CAPEN & Lyon, and in the Clerk's office of the District
Court of Massachusetts.

Printed by Kane & Co.
127 Washington Street.

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The following Lectures were delivered in the Universalist Church, in Portland, on Sunday evenings, in May, June, and July, 1888. In compliance with the wishes of many who heard them, they are now given to the public, without material alteration. It will be perceived that the style is that of discourses intended for the pulpit, and is therefore more free and diffusive than if designed only for the press. This it was thought best not to alter, since it is calculated to render the work more intelligible, if not more interesting, to the mass of readers.

The common—we might say orthodox—exposition of the parable has been particularly noticed, and the reasons given for dissenting from it, totally and unequivocally. The context, embracing several chapters, has been carefully examined and illustrated. This particularly increased the number of the Lectures much beyond what was originally contemplated. It gave occasion, however, to illustrate many other parables and important passages, which it is hoped will be found interesting and useful. Indeed, we had the satisfaction to observe, on their delivery, that the congregation, which was crowded through the whole course, discovered no impatience or want of attention.

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