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drinketh My Blood, hath Eternal Life.“ Ye will not come to Me, that ye might have Life.The Life which Christ gives to the soul, is the very inmost principle and possibility of Righteousness. "If there had been a law given, which could have given Life, verily Righteousness should have been by the law." Every other Righteousness then, save that only of the Life of Jesus in us, will be found to be but a figment before God. Christ is the end of the law for Righteousness, to every one that believeth."

Christ is the sum and substance of His own Religion. He is the Alpha and Omega of our Hope. Of all True Substance, He is the First and Last. We live because He lives in us.

Here, my thoughtful and enquiring readers, here is your safeguard, against all mere ThoughtReligions, against Pantheism, Rationalism, unreal Mysticism, and every species of specious Naturalism. All of which are but reflections and guesses of the human mind,-on the visible universe, -or, on the invisible, or, on the junction, ever joining ever disjoining, of both.

The world's blunder is ever to make nature, and not Christ, the standard of judgment.

(A very excusable Egyptian, or Pagan blunder ; but a very perverse blunder for Europeans, in the nineteenth century after Christ.) The consequence of which that nature continues to be a mist of darkness, to the

human intellect, and Christ a mere cipher. Let nature be judged from the Divine maturity of her Firstfruits in the Body of the Lord Jesus, and her problem is solved.

From all unreality, as well as from sin, from mere words, thoughts, philosophies, the Lord is our Deliverer. By drawing our life into Himself, He lifts us not only above all speculations about man and the universe, but above all that is known as nature, in her present mode of being. Neither the appearances of the physical, nor the subtleties and tyrannies of the spiritual universe, can any more affect the soul who is in THE ONE, and who perceives all things in Him.

Pity poor Sisyphus ! who will not accept God's solution, but toils on, from age to age, to find, or to make, another solution.

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